Story of this website

Why the name “The Astro Codex”?

The Astro Codex was created by Xaos and Ordo, thanks to a shared need to make some knowledge easily available online, with the ambition to provide some sort of astrological encyclopedia that potentially interested people could use to analyze their own natal chart.
Xaos and Ordo cannot spend as much time as they would like on the website, so the articles are posted when possible and usually one at the time.
We understand that looking for each placement in browsing webpages might make the analysis less enjoyable, so we would like to provide ebooks in the future, for people who might want to build their own backup, or just for convenience (e.g.: analyzing a natal chart when offline).
Because of that, we thought that the name “The Astro Codex” perfectly fits with our activity: various astrological blog posts (or ebooks) that could be held together, and ultimately form a complete manual.

How things started and what to expect

The adventure started earlier for Xaos since the first part of his articles were available on another larger website in 2015-2016, that some of you might have visited. Unfortunately, Xaos had no control or power at all regarding this platform, and when the web hosting had to cease, his articles obviously disappeared from the internet too.
Ordo was willing to help him with her knowledge in computer science for building something from scratch again, the goal being to make his articles back online.
Both Xaos and Ordo have total control on the website this time, and both have the same determination to bring this project to completion.

Copyright policy

All blog posts available on The Astro Codex are the property of their respective authors. In other words, nobody is allowed to use the written contents available on this website for posting them elsewhere as their own. No exception allowed unless you have an interesting project that might require some excerpts of our articles, that you contact us prior using anything and that we give you our agreement.


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