Jupiter Rulership Exaltation Detriment and Fall

Jupiter is the fourth brightest celestial object after the Sun, the Moon and Venus. This gas giant is famous for being the most benefic planet, empowering any house or sign he is placed in. He is named after the Roman God, equivalent to the Greek Zeus. Astrologically, he is ruling expansion, bringing luck and prosperity. Indeed, his placements and influences can bring growth and success; yet, his influence can also easily spoil someone and give tendencies of laziness.

Jupiter is ruling spirituality and religion, fairness and abstract ideas. He is the bringer of good fortune, while also teaches us to be benevolent towards other people. He rules everything that is fun, recreational activities and can strongly influence wealth and possessions. Generally, by observing the house he is placed in, we can see which life areas he boons with expansive behaviors.

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, while is also the older ruler of Pisces. Since the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter has remained the co-ruler of the sign. In addition, Jupiter is responsible for the 9th house and makes a full circle around the zodiac in approximately 12 years. He spends about 1 year in each sign and gets into a retrograde movement for approximately 4 months every year. A full cycle around a natal chart signifies a strong and successful jump forward, as he will definitely aid the individual while making the return to his natal placement. Indeed, his first natal return signifies the beginning of puberty and triggers even a physical expansion of one’s body. His next returns, during one’s 24th and 36th year, can give success in career or can be elsehow connected with progress in one’s life. Jupiter is exalted when in the sign of Cancer, in fall and weak when in Capricorn, while operates with difficulty in Gemini and Virgo where he is in detriment.

The passage of the planet through any house, and also its transits to other planets can be experienced as pleasant periods due to the benefits that Jupiter can gift. Especially conjunctions can be wonderful, as one of the planet’s characteristics is to create series of lucky events that can bring success without a lot of effort. One of the tricky parts of such pleasant periods is that they seldom last for long, and we can easily get used to them and take them as granted. In addition, a danger that can occur is over-estimation of our own powers, procrastination, greed for more and generally sloth. The transits of Jupiter can make us feel their effect for some months, and can indeed bring a lot of joy. Yet, it is required to be wise enough to not overindulge in hedonism, and always be conscious that any type of expansion cannot continue infinitely.

Jupiter can also bring honors of all types, respect and even fame. Of course, in order to support the planet, we should exercise goodness, keeping track on our personal morality and ethics. Jupiter is more generous towards people that act exactly as him: by being generous towards others and bringing support in any possible way. He rewards kindness and fairness, and people with a strong Jupiter can often reach positions where their role will be to judge fairly between two opposite sides.

One of the problems that the planet’s tendency of expansion can bring, is some extra weight. This can more frequently happen when the planet is located near one’s Ascendant or elsehow aspecting planets that are responsible for the person’s appearance. Of course, a reason that can lead to it is also the expansion of one’s appetite and the overabundance of food, especially when Jupiter makes someone wealthy. A common pattern that the planet gives is a love for group gatherings where a lot of food and drinks are present, having, of course, some natural consequences if indulged for a long-term.

As the planet is ruling the 9th house, it also governs expansion towards foreign traditions and cultures. Long trips can frequently be his presents to an individual and benefits through other countries too. In addition, Jupiter rules spiritual and religious people, and can often bring to someone’s life another person wise who will enlighten him and become a role model. Also, the planet governs the creation of ideologies and abstract systems of a higher level. It can reveal to someone the big picture that the mass cannot easily view. Of course, expansion towards the big picture may impair the ability to concentrate on details. Furthermore, it governs higher education, while also passing wisdom towards the masses. Due to this fact, he can frequently aid an individual to become a teacher, to follow an academic career or to become a spiritual guru. In addition, he can help a lot for publishing and generally spreading information and ideas.

Many positive behaviors and characteristics are outcomes of Jupiterian influences: Faith, optimism, and loyalty are just some of them. Be wise enough to understand that Jupiter takes our own good traits and strengthens them even more. Be good towards others, and you will be rewarded even more.
Every individual should research his natal Jupiter placement in order to understand better its functions. Thus, the house where it is natally located should be examined better, so that we realize what activities will be also helped by luck. For sailing the seas of life, a good vessel is necessary. Yet, when the wind helps, we can reach our destinations with less effort and quicker.

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