Lunar Nodes in Astrology

The Lunar Nodes are the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. The Moon’s orbit is slightly different than the ecliptic, thus creating two opposite spots, called the North and the South Node. The ascending node is called the North Node, while respectively the descending one is called the South one. They are not planetary bodies but mathematical points and are of great importance in astrology as they are connected with karmic imbalance. In addition, they are responsible for the eclipse phenomenon, and they signify the area of the natal chart where one should search for his pre-natal eclipses, always of great importance.

The North Node is also called “the Dragon’s Head”, while the South one “the Dragon’s Tail”, and their positions in the houses are setting a trail of learning in the native’s life. The North Node shows where we must go to, signifying the type of experiences that we must strive to in order to develop our spirituality. The South Node, on the contrary, shows what has been over-developed in previous lives and is a natural home for us, giving us tendencies to return to same patterns. In order to break our matrix and progress, we must abolish the safety of previous experiences and march towards our destination. Strengthening the North Node through concentrating on issues ruled by the house it is located in, will blunt the malefic South Node qualities and balance unfinished issues inside of us. If the native chooses to follow the qualities of the South Node, he will experience a lot of difficulties, mostly concerning personal feelings.

The South Node rules fear and phobias, and is a point of rather strong insecurity. The key for abolishing them lays in working on the exact opposite direction. It is many times difficult to work on North Node issues, as there exists a natural resistance towards new patterns for the soul to learn. It might feel an uneasy task, and most people start their road of conscious ascend after their first Saturn return, a planet that also carries karma on him. The Saturn’s return happens when Saturn reaches the exact position he had during the native’s birth and happens at the 29th or 30th year of his life.

The astrological symbols of the Nodes are depicted on the image below, with the first one being the North one and the second one the South one:

North Node - South Node - Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes often bring unpredictable events and we are forced to learn through them. We usually do not even notice the South Node patterns, and the best way to understand this pair of opposites is to consciously make a self-assessment and understand which is the trail we must follow to evolve. When a personal planet is conjunct the North Node, its power is strengthened and it plays a very important role in the native’s life. When a personal planet is conjunct the South one, it becomes debilitated as if it is in detriment or fall. Note that if the planet in conjunction with the South Node is a malefic one, the placement is actually benefic, as the malicious energy that the planet carries is diminished.

The Nodes move backward through the zodiac, following the direction of the clock. One can imagine how much more complicated is the celestial “roulette” of astrology if he manages to create in his mind this geometrical model. A Node stays about two and a half years in a sign, before entering the previous one as we already mentioned. The Lunar Nodes are also responsible for the eclipses. Solar eclipses occur when Moon’s passage coincides with a New Moon, while lunar eclipses when with a Full Moon. This happens because both the Sun and the Moon are located at the same altitude in the sky. A Solar eclipse might happen if the New Moon occurs closer than 17°25′ to a node, while a Lunar eclipse needs at most 11°38′ of celestial longitude.

More articles on the subject of the Lunar Nodes will follow, concerning their positions in the houses and signs, as well as conjunctions and aspects with planets.

For now, you can already read about the placement of the Lunar Nodes in houses:

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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