Natal Jupiter in the 11th House

Having natal Jupiter in the 11th house is a very pleasant placement for friends and group activities. The beneficial energy of the Greater Benefic illuminates all matters connected with the house, bringing luck and prosperity for the native, through people that he regards as near and dear.

The native’s friends are rather loud and with a great sense of humor, and will often organize events of a very positive atmosphere. These may involve a lot of eating and drinking, while also deep philosophical conversations as Jupiter is the traditional ruler of the 9th house and higher meanings. Jupiter will bring quite a lot of happiness in being surrounded by people even when adversely aspected. Difficult squares or oppositions mostly signify problems of having too many acquaintances and friends, and indulging too much in group activities, which can make the individual tired or less dedicated to other matters of his life.

This natal placement of Jupiter can bring great success through working in groups, as it promotes harmony and good collaboration. The native can even become a good leader in such organizations, especially if Jupiter is well-aspected by the Sun or Pluto. Jupiter in the 11th house promotes all humanitarian causes, as the planet’s energy blends with the Aquarian nature of the house. This can bring great success in all organizations concerning aid to the humankind. In addition, other possible central interest of such groups may be education, social structure or even religion and the law.

As Jupiter also rules foreign lands, its natal placement in the eleventh house may indicate a lot of friends from abroad. Usually, conversations with them involve a mutual sharing of cultural traditions, thoughts on different religions while also an exchange of ideas concerning traveling.
The 11th house is considered a house that rules money too, but not in a constant or direct way such as the 2nd and the 8th house do. The 11th house is mostly responsible for big fortune, the wealth of your dreams that can appear in one’s reality once in a lifetime. Jupiter placed here is the best natal aspect someone can have for such a celestial gift, and there will probably be some friend’s help involved in achieving it. In case you have an eleventh house Jupiter, examine whether you have the cusps of the 2nd or 8th house placed in Sagittarius; if yes then you have even more possibilities to observe such a pattern happening in your life.

Jupiter gives quite faithful friends; a person with such a placement is lucky enough to have a lot of support during all life periods. He will literally never be alone during his trouble and there can be numerous people fighting his personal battles side by side. This is a direct influence on his own attitude towards his friends; the individual invests a lot of time and care towards people he considers important.

An individual with his Jupiter in the 11th house is a natural organizer, having strong abilities in planning large events and activities. Such people may excel in jobs connected with the masses, no matter if it is concert planning, political campaign management, demonstration organization or anything else that involves large amounts of participants.

If you have Jupiter in the 11th house, lay back and enjoy. You probably will have a lot more easy-flowing life than many other individuals, as your problems may frequently be solved by other people – without even you requesting it. Even the hard periods of your life will be of a rather soft nature, as the care and love of your friends will heal most traumas quickly. Just keep in mind not to over-expand in friend matters.

Indeed, maybe most people you meet are of the highest quality; yet it may be physically impossible to interact actively with an enormous amount of people. You can get in unwanted situations of forgetting the most important ones, just because of your tendency to always get more and more friends.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Cláudio dos Anjos

Jupiter at 19°7′ from ♓ in 11th house.

I simply loved what I’ve just read about this blessing placement !!



…….hmmmmmm Jupiter 11H Sagittarius 2H and over 60 yo – where is this large fortune ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
money <<< lack of it effected all my life from very early age even it comes tomorrow it has very limited use; already disabled all sorts of medical headaches etc etc . This prediction <<< Its a bit far fetched I am sorry to sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy