Natal Jupiter in the 2nd House

Well, wouldn’t this be the most beneficial placement for everyone? I guess most of you came to read this article out of curiosity, about how the greater benefic planet of Jupiter functions when located in the house of possessions. And yes, the answer will not disappoint you (just maybe make you jealous, in case you do not have it!)

When Jupiter resides in the 2nd house of a natal chart, it indeed grants luck with money. The native was probably born to a rather wealthy family, and from his young ages getting used to a life without financial problems. This placement favors all business affairs; from law to education, from religion to travel-connected jobs; other people can easily trust the native for working with him, and there can be great support from the government, the church or generally people in places of authority. There is a great possibility of inheriting a family business, or being born to a famous judge, lawyer, politician etc; this way the career of the native might have been already decided from their father, but who said this is too bad when it comes with an already guaranteed success and accumulated wealth?

Of course, as Jupiter adores to expand extravagantly every life area he touches, natives with such a placement are prone to spend, without caring to track down where their money go. They are used to the fact that even if they spend everything, money will somehow appear again. And in most situations, this is exactly what is happening! The person is generous and has a rather luxurious style; a famous saying states that “money is attracted to money” and this is precisely the case. The native’s whole existence smells like prosperity, and even richer people strive to hang out with them. Also, the native’s personality radiates an aristocratic positivity, which is furthermore attracting people towards them. They are born optimists, prefer to spread good words and news around them and their smile during business can be their strongest weapon of success.

As Jupiter rules the 9th house, when Jupiter is in the 2nd house, it just loves spending on higher education and travel. People with such a placement will not hesitate to get into huge expenses in these areas, which in the end expand their mind even more and have, as a natural outcome, to bring them even more money. Indeed, the 2nd house Jupiter person is not a silly spender; they have a deep and conscious approach toward what is worthy and what is not. In addition, such kind of people will invest huge amounts into their personal beliefs. This could be self-financing the publication of their own book, of their think-tank or anything else that carries their personal philosophic views.

A curious fact is that Jupiter in the 2nd house produces wealth even if someone is lazy. It is a financial guardian angel, not allowing the individual to fall into poverty. On the other hand, procrastinating while having such a placement is of the most stupid things one can do! He might be losing an enormous opportunity to reach all his personal goals… throw in the garbage a gift from heavens that other people would sign contracts with the devil to have!

An issue that natives with Jupiter in the 2nd house should guard of, is overindulging in sweets, food and gaining a lot of weight. Be keeping themselves restrained and taming their appetite, they can manage to handle their Jupiter and hold him from expanding wherever he wants. This piece of advice is not just symbolical, there are sugar-connected diseases present out there such as diabetes, and Jupiter can overdo it with whatever he likes to consume.

There are no real dangers that Jupiter in the 2nd house can bring. Having him Jupiter in the 2nd house is even better than having Venus, as Venus is more prone to spend without any apparent reason. Jupiter gives reasons and contributes towards the inner evolution of the person. Spending makes them wiser, while they many times have the role of supporting other people through charities. This can be many times done secretly, so don’t judge quickly a second house Jupiter person just because you are jealous of his position! Indeed, a lot of his wealth might be passing from his hands in order to reach people in need. He might just be the catalyst of a higher plan and don’t forget that Jupiter is the planet responsible for the 9th house and religions.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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I have Jupiter and saturn in my 2nd house and that’s confusing, which dominant between jupiter and saturn??


I would say the choice is yours, whether to make this into the best of both worlds or the worst. You could squander your Jupiter luck through Saturn fearfulness and ruin your Saturn discipline through Jupiter excess. Alternatively you could use the Saturn gifts to multiply the bounties of Jupiter