Natal Jupiter in the 3rd House

When Jupiter resides in the 3rd house of a natal chart, it illuminates the native’s communications and immediate surroundings. It is a very favorable position for one’s everyday life, giving a lot of small pleasures and making the small moments interesting. Such a native will never get bored and will experience a lot of joy coming from his siblings and neighbors.

As the 3rd house rules intellect and communications, the native has a broad mind and is capable of speaking and writing well. These talents usually are not used for a profession, and people with such a placement just have them in an idle condition. They know about their abilities but are either lazy or uninterested in pressing themselves towards such a direction. Such kind of people love to talk, and will frequently spend long hours on the phone or texting friends through social media.

With Jupiter in the 3rd house, there is a tendency to love books and read plenty of them during their lifetime, as such natives enjoy learning till their old years. Their mind is a sponge which can easily absorb all type of information; nevertheless, the third house usually brings a lot of useless data. The native should develop the correct filters to discriminate what he really needs and what he doesn’t because even if he has an enormous capacity to remember things, the brain is not a garbage bin. Random and useless knowledge should be avoided, no matter if it strongly appeals him. If you have such a placement, stop opening 10 Wikipedia tabs simultaneously and chaotically jumping from the one article to the other; it is better to concentrate on some important topic that will somehow aid you in your life.

Jupiter in the 3rd house usually gives a lot of siblings, or cousins that behave like born brothers. The siblings are likely to have very strong Jupiterian placements in their chart or to have their Sun in Sagittarius. The relations with them are very harmonious, reaching real unconditional love of the highest level. The third house also rules the neighbors; Jupiter brings a lot of kind-hearted people living near the native and can develop stable and happy friendships that make neighbors act like brothers or sisters.

The siblings, the relatives, and the neighbors can be involved in religion, law or higher education, and the time spent with them usually is full of interesting intellectual conversations where both people learn from. People love hanging around with you and there is always a pleasant atmosphere in your social circles. You prefer to be with people that smile and laugh a lot, and this definitely mirrors back from you.

Another thing that the Greater Benefic influences while positioned in the third house is nearby travels. The native with Jupiter in the 3rd house will frequently escape to short journeys, weekend trips or a country-house not far from his home, while also get involved in interesting activities and hobbies that he might have.
The childhood and school years of the native are sure to have been rather pleasant unless Jupiter is very adversely aspected by a lot of planets. This position usually gives a love for school and all the activities involved in it; the child adores learning, socializing and playing in the school. He is rather popular among other children, respected by teachers and gets good grades without struggling to learn. He might even put minimum effort, as his mind can drink the pieces of information provided in the lessons, without having to study at home. This can give them a lot of free time, which is used for playing and hanging out in the neighborhood.

There are no real disadvantages that can be created from Jupiter in the 3rd house; the only thing that the native should be careful of is overdoing in third house matters. As Jupiter is the planet of expansion, he literally can have no limitations in how much he can expand the areas ruled by the house he resides in. It is great to have good neighbors, but you do not need your entire neighborhood present in your house every day! It is amazing to socialize and speak all day with people, but do not forget to feed the cat!

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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but what about retrograde jupiter in the 3rd house?

how the interpretation could change/be affected?


I have read Juipiter in the third before, and related to it totally . But my Juipiter is in the 4th natally.
I recently cast a chart using the state I moved to at 2 years of age.
Yep Juipiter now in the 3 rd house.
Part of a grand trine to Saturn which moved in the relocation chart to the 11 the.. ( phew ) and Neptune to the 7 the, so dreamed of boys that we’re totally wrong or not interested in me that way.
I realise , my natal chart is still my birth map , but the relocation chart , especially Juipiter in the 3 rd makes so much more sense to me.
Thanks for an insightful article.


Just curious. Why did you cast a relocation chart? How does that affect someone? My parents also moved me at age 2 from a “state” to another.


As a person born with autism (high-functioning kind), the Jupiter in 3rd placement explains my ability to speak, express emotions and communicate fairly well…and looking further in my natal chart, Any planet opposite Mercury (also Jupiter conjunct Mars and Saturn) indicates transportation problems and issues getting around, I’m age 39 and still doesn’t drive a car, by irony, in So CA USA +