Natal Mars in Aquarius

With a natal Mars in Aquarius, this winter Air sign will give to the individual a strong urge for freedom, and will create a personality that fights for social rights. The fiery traits of Mars do not find real problems operating in Aquarius, a liberating sign that allows rapid decisions and movements. Mars is known to have very dynamic attributes, while Aquarius is known as a rather extrovert and even eccentric sign; the result of this mixture is a wild and progressive spirit, always on the move and with a thirst for pioneering actions.

Mars is generally governing activity and our drive, what we fight for and what we conquer too. The red planet rules our actions and where we place our energy to receive results, yet also can show life areas where fighting for our goals receives resistance from other people (or life itself). Naturally, this planet is also connected to any types of violence and anger, as it is rather abrupt, impatient and explosive. Since the ancient times, the fiery planet has taken the name of the Greek god of war, Ares, and his Roman equivalent Mars. His energy is extremely masculine, symbolizing (together of course with the Sun, one side of the Sun-Moon dual axis) the archetype of the male. His opposite counterpart is of course Venus, creating with him the Mars/Venus axis as another archetypical Yin/Yang. An interesting fact is that even the ancient ones were being careful while handling the powers that god Ares (Mars) represented. There were very few temples of Ares, compared to all the other gods of the Greek Pantheon, and they were not invoking him. Of course, he was naturally receiving his share of respect, yet without specialized priests and cults of worshippers – as war and violence was always undesired. By analyzing this through a psychological filter, the sole fact of not making a lot of festivities in his name made him difficult to reach in the subconscious and unconscious of the masses and individuals. This way, he was in a rather idle mode, being invoked only when war had already erupted in order to raise the spirits and create a holy frenzy to the warriors.

In the sign of Aquarius, Mars is in peregrine condition. Peregrine is a rather neutral condition, where a celestial body does not function very potently (as it does when in domicile or in exaltation), nor is very weak (as it does when in detriment or fall). Yet, we can mention that Mars placed here does not feel restricted and suppressed – which is what he cannot easily stand. On the contrary, Aquarius grants him the ability to act upon will. This freedom may eventually make the chart bearer have a rather weird character, as he tends to develop unusual patterns of actions which eventually blend with his cosmotheory and become a stable – and vital – part of his existence. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and has Uranus as his ruling celestial body. Before the discovery of Uranus, planet Saturn was considered to be its ruler. Even now, many astrologers consider him as the sign’s co-ruler, and especially the first decan of Aquarius still holds Saturnian traits due to its bordering Capricorn. Aquarius is also the natural ruler sign of the eleventh house, which governs groups and organizations, friends and interactions with the social system. We should also note that Mars needs around two months to move to a next sign, while travelling through the skies. Once every two years Mars has a period of retrograde motion, where it appears to move backwards on the celestial canvas for apparently two months. Additional information about Mars’ potency in each sign can be read in the article about Mars’ Essential Dignities.

An Aquarius Mars person dedicates a lot of his time and power towards social activities. He is an active member of the community, usually being a member in more than one social groups. Usually, those groups have some type of reformist agenda, battling against the established social rules. Mars in Aquarius makes the native rebel against social injustice, which may easily lead him towards organizations that fight for the rights of minorities or generally against discrimination of individuals and groups. This planetary combination can make the chart owner quite rebellious, and he will frequently join demonstrations or perform other actions of social or political activism. Such a person will always enjoy confrontation with the authorities, so in case you have this placement always question whether you indeed fight for the rights of others, or just have a need to get an adrenaline rush through revolting.

Individuals with their Mars in Aquarius are very inspired through teamwork. They do not like working alone, and usually get bored when they do not have a bunch of people around them. An ideal surrounding for them to feel happy is a group of people working for some special cause, yet without some type of strict hierarchy that structures the group into a pyramid. Auto-organised and de-centralized groups are for them a second home, where they can spend endless hours and put tremendous effort. Many times, such groups can be of a totally voluntary nature, and the Mars in Aquarius individual should be careful to not sacrifice too much of his time and energy so that he does not complicate other parts of his life – especially those areas that are guaranteeing his material wealth or general well-being.

This natal placement will definitely make the Mars in Aquarius native rather eccentric, and quite unpredictable when a situation needs an immediate action or response. Aquarian energy always tends to distort decisions, making them be more based on intuition rather than logic; Mars also is a planet widely known to give rapid reactions and even hasty decisions. Thus, by having this placement you should try to stall a little bit when some decision you should make is important. On the other hand, this placement can indeed make someone find genious ideas and solutions, that other people would not be able to foresee as correct – or even as possible options! Such solutions may come as thunderbolts, sudden intuitive blasts of ideas, and are usually uncontrolled. Thus, in case you feel that some of your next actions is “dictated” by something out of your own self, you may give it a try and you will probably be positively surprised. Of course, the condition of Mars concerning its aspects to other natal planets is always very important; you should examine them in detail in order to understand whether it is indeed good to risk or it is better to have at least one foot on the ground.

Mars in Aquarius will make the chart bearer very interested in new technologies, and can be a very useful placement for scientists – or generally professions connected to mechanics, electronics and electricity. If Mars happens to be well-aspected with Jupiter, Mercury or especially Uranus, this person can become a huge innovator, an inventor of new technologies and a pioneer in this field. In case of challenging aspects to Mars, and if he is near the Ascendant or elsehow governing his body, the individual should guard against accidents – particularly those concerning machinery and electricity. Generally, an adversely aspected Mars signifies the need to slow down and to be extra careful when operating tools, as it can indicate clumsiness.

A person with his Mars in Aquarius will not allow being controlled by other individuals, revolting whenever such attempts happen. In addition, he will also disobey governmental rules, especially those that he feels unfair. In general, whenever he sees injustice, he will get triggered and even retaliate in unpredictable ways. The feeling of personal freedom is a core trait of his existence, and any possible threat to it is rapidly considered as a hostile movement. Of course, in case he manages to tame his Mars and analyze with cold-blood such situations, he will usually reach better results than fighting back without a strategy. In addition, he should guard against false alarms; he is always ready to strike back rapidly and there can always be misunderstandings because of hasty decisions. The more such a person waits and uses logic, the more effective will be his actions.

This natal placement can make the native have an unusual, pioneering or elsehow unique approach towards his sexuality. This can be particularly noticed in men, who generally as a gender have Mars expressing their sexual drive more than other planets. People with this placement will usually have a more liberal view concerning their intimate life, not necessarily connected with their sexual orientation but mostly through their theory of love, passion and even relationships in general. For example, such a natal aspect will probably emphasise on the word “friend” at first and “lover” secondarily. In addition, Mars in Aquarius may make them attracted to people who share common ideas and fight for the same social cause. Also, it will bring the tendency to be attracted to other eccentric people. Also, new technologies may play a vital part as a mean for enhancing their sexuality – no matter if it is a computer screen or some toy that runs on electricity!

When an Aquarius Mars is well aspected in a natal chart, the native will be very active in the life area that the sign of Aquarius rules, winning his battles concerning those house matters. He will tirelessly dedicate his energy, confronting any possible difficulties and problems successfully and enjoying the conquest of the desired goals. The victories in those areas will gift him the drunk-like feeling of the warrior who raises his sword and yells when the battle is finished and the opponent defeated. On the contrary, bad aspects to Mars can bring quite a lot of problems mostly connected with anger and putting too much efforts in vain. Also, when the darker traits of Mars are awakened by difficult natal aspects, the Mars in Aquarius person may experience war-like situations from rivals, too much turmoil and even defeats.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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