Natal Mars in Scorpio

With your natal Mars in Scorpio, the sign of control will blend wonderfully with the planet of action, gifting it with extremely dynamic attributes and affecting everything that Mars represents in your natal chart. Mars is considered to be the old ruler of the sign, before planet Pluto was discovered. Still, many astrologers are using Mars as a co-ruler, and the red planet definitely feels at home. This placement will give a strong desire to dominate and control, a thirst for power and a very strong sexual drive.

Mars is generally governing activity and our drive, what we fight for and what we conquer too. The red planet rules our actions and where we place our energy to receive results, yet also can show life areas where fighting for our goals receives resistance from other people (or life itself). Naturally, this planet is also connected to any types of violence and anger, as it is rather abrupt, impatient and explosive. Since the ancient times, the fiery planet has taken the name of the Greek god of war, Ares, and his Roman equivalent Mars. His energy is extremely masculine, symbolizing (together of course with the Sun, one side of the Sun-Moon dual axis) the archetype of the male. His opposite counterpart is of course Venus, creating with him the Mars/Venus axis as another archetypical Yin/Yang. An interesting fact is that even the ancient ones were being careful while handling the powers that god Ares (Mars) represented. There were very few temples of Ares, compared to all the other gods of the Greek Pantheon, and they were not invoking him. Of course, he was naturally receiving his share of respect, yet without specialized priests and cults of worshippers – as war and violence was always undesired. By analyzing this through a psychological filter, the sole fact of not making a lot of festivities in his name made him difficult to reach in the subconscious and unconscious of the masses and individuals. This way, he was in a rather idle mode, being invoked only when war had already erupted in order to raise the spirits and create a holy frenzy to the warriors.

In the sign of Scorpio, Mars is considered in domicile and thus having its highest potency. We should note that Mars needs around two months to move to a next sign. Once every two years Mars has a period of retrograde motion, where it appears to move backwards on the celestial canvas for apparently two months. Additional information about Mars’ potency in each sign can be read in the article about Mars’ Essential Dignities.

This is a very powerful placement to have in a natal chart, as the fiery planet is operating with extreme power and can become an endless source of energy. Yet, its nature is a little bit different than how it functions in the other sign that it rules – Aries. While in Aries it mostly influences visible physical activity, Mars in Scorpio dives into the hidden parts of the individual’s life. As a result, it mostly operates covertly, preferring to stay unnoticed and the native will always prefer to push his agenda in indirect ways. Of course, this natal placement can lead the individual to toxic behaviors, and should be carefully monitored by his own self. A conscious approach to his Martian functions may help him channel all that abundance towards healthy and productive actions, diminishing any possibilities of obsessive behaviors, uncontrolled jealousy, envy and tendencies for vengeance.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and has planet Pluto as its ruling celestial body, yet as we have already mentioned Mars still holds a part of its rulership. Scorpio is also the natural ruler of the eighth house, which rules death and rebirth (both on a symbolic and literal level), while also sex, the occult, and other people’s money. When Mars is placed here, the person’s character becomes really intense, frequently oozing sexuality. Mars in Scorpio people are great at uncovering the truth – they are natural born detectives and can be very active in secretly searching information. The impulsive nature of Mars will not make them hesitate to break rules and use illegal ways, to find out what they want. Naturally, they can become fierce enemies and rather difficult ones to defeat. Common morals and ethics are usually not followed by them when they engage in some sort of battle, and they always keep backup plans and hidden agendas. A Scorpio Mars person tends to be always suspicious and alert even towards close people, creating this way an automatic self-defence system so that it never happens to be unprepared for some hostile activity.

Sexuality is for a Mars in Scorpio person the strongest way to fill their batteries. Their mind is constantly sexually active, and their body usually follows similar patterns. Sex is for them pure life-force, and they have a strong need to engage in sexual actions in order to feel alive. For them, sex is a necessary tool for death/rebirth simulation, and this can even lead to obsession towards obtaining such experiences. They are rather attracted to affairs that stay away from the eyes of the public, while can be also aroused by illegal relationships and the risk that they bring. When attracted to someone, they may do everything to conquer him, and later may become very possessive. If you have this placement, it is necessary for you to hold back jealousy and suspicion, because many times such feelings can poison the relationship without any concrete reason. Betrayal is for them a lethal crime someone can commit, and will not tolerate it but rather show ruthless vengeance.

Scorpio is one of the signs mostly connected to the occult, and Mars in Scorpio means that such an individual may indulge in entering such realms. Yet, they should handle such subjects very carefully, especially if their natal Mars is adversely afflicted. Such aspects show careless decisions, and the possibility to create enemies in these fields. As Scorpio is connected with strong Plutonic archetypes and people of power, it is not the wisest decision to start such battles when not necessary. The same thing we could advise concerning another Scorpio field, which is governmental services and people of power who dwell in them. It is better to tame your Mars, because you indeed do not want confrontations with either the tax inspection, or – even worse – with the police or other clandestine governmental services.

Natal Mars in Scorpio can be very good for rising up the hierarchy in organizations, and dominating individuals and groups of people. The individual may receive pleasure from feeling that others submit to his will, giving orders and exploiting. He is a natural born artist of manipulation, even if he never uses it. His sexual energy can also be a strong weapon of manipulation, especially if the native is a woman. She can literally get whatever she wants, just by sexually shining and hypnotizing another subject, while in the end not giving him anything in return.

A wonderful gift of Mars in Scorpio, is the ability to set goals and eventually reach them. Such individuals can tactically organize themselves very well, and when they really want something there is no way to not get it, as they can even become obsessed with obtaining the desired result. As we already mentioned, the sole act of reaching their goal is for them the most important; not the way and means that they will use. Thus, this placement is great for any occupation that involves risk, as such people are rather fearless and can even enjoy following their own rules and not the society’s or the government’s ones. It is quite obvious though, that a Mars with difficult aspects (or current transits) may make their actions be uncovered, which can result not only in operational failure but also in receiving the deserved punishment from the law or from life itself.
Such people cannot be easily tricked, yet on the other hand can easily do that to others. They have the ability to become successful conmen, especially if their Mars is furthermore empowered by Mercury. Sometimes, the risk itself and the feeling of success in something illegal are the real factors that prompt such individuals to deceive, and not some special need to do it.

Due to the fact that Scorpio is a sign that tends to hold energy inside rather than expelling it, Mars in Scorpio natives may have problems with repressed anger. It is necessary to learn to channel it outwards, or else it could lead to psychosomatic problems. As Mars is a planet connected with steel and sharp objects, dysfunctions of its energy can lead to health problems that need operations (such as cysts). In addition, other health problems that can occur can be connected to the native’s genitals, which are ruled by Scorpio.
Overall, natal Mars in Scorpio is so intense that it can become a double-edged knife. It gives the power and freedom to operate on more levels than the average person, yet this can also hold more dangers too. In case you have this aspect, be very careful to structure your own moral system, and try to find one that is fair both for you and other individuals too. In case you allow yourself to use some specific method or approach to a situation, be sure you would be willing to accept similar behaviors from others. Life is known to use balance for teaching us, and what we do to others will karmically manifest back towards us.

When Mars in Scorpio is well aspected in a natal chart, the native will be very active in the life area that the sign of Scorpio rules, winning his battles concerning those house matters. He will tirelessly dedicate his energy, confronting any possible difficulties and problems successfully and enjoying the conquest of the desired goals. The victories in those areas will gift him the drunk-like feeling of the warrior who raises his sword and yells when the battle is finished and the opponent defeated. On the contrary, bad aspects to Mars can bring quite a lot of problems mostly connected with anger and putting too much efforts in vain. Also, when the darker traits of Mars are awakened by difficult natal aspects, the Scorpio Mars person may experience war-like situations from rivals, too much turmoil and even defeats.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Ram Bharti

What is the role and effect of Scorpio mars in Venus mahadasha cancer lagna. Would Venus Mahadasha be fruitful. It started on 12 May 2012. How the pending time of Venus Mahadasha would go?


How is this Mars in a diurnal chart? A.k.a. when it’s “out-of-sect”.


Any advice on consistently defeating problematic individuals with this placement?


don’t succumb to their irrational bullshit. also be unpredictable, as nothing pisses a scorpio off more than someone whose moves they aren’t able to anticipate, making them harder to manipulate (joke’s on them)