Natal Mars in the 11th House

When Mars is in the 11th house, the house of friendships, groups and organizations, the native dedicates a lot of energy and effort towards empowering and maintaining his position in society. His public image is of great importance, and he strives to become a center of attention.
Mars in the 11th house can be a double-sided knife; when well aspected it can grant great leadership abilities. On the contrary, when hard aspects apply on the planet, his friendships and unions with groups can be quite competitive and destructive, becoming a thorn in the native’s soul instead of being a road of self-development.

The native usually strives to form groups so that he achieves his personal goals, and enlarges his cycle frequently without caring to nurture previous friendships. His approach towards obtaining new friends is rather aggressive and competitive, often battling with them on Alpha Male roles. He might join sports organizations or military-centered clubs, seek friends through hobbies that involve physical activity or that have something to do with weapons. When natal Mars has a difficult aspect (square, opposition and sometimes conjunction) with Jupiter, the amount of friends and acquaintances tends to get out of control, creating problems of sentimental instability to the native. Everyone seems to be a friend, but the real ones are either none or just a few. Even in the latter, he most probably does not recognize them, as he mostly dedicates time to the most physically active friends than to the ones who have him more dearly in their hearts.

Even if the native enjoys groups, he cannot be called a team-player, and diminishing his egoism would be one of the best ways for self-development and spiritual progress. When the native understands that cooperation is necessary for the fulfillment of his own ambitions, the positive traits of Mars will be triggered and the planet will start to function more harmonically. Also, fanaticism should be by all means avoided; Mars in the 11th house can frequently drive the native to become part of groups that are hatred-based and which will furthermore debilitate the functions of Mars in his natal chart.

Becoming a part of such groups might be an outcome of a difficult childhood, where the native was frequently bullied by other children and tries to regain confidence and meaning in friendships. Unfortunately, sometimes he tends to react the same way that he was treated, spreading the same pattern to other people. Bullying and physical molest in childhood are mostly present in people that have Pluto, Uranus or Saturn square natal Mars. In case that Mars is positioned in Scorpio, there could be sexual abuse of some type too.

Generally, people with Mars in the 11th house are very passionate, searching for active people as friends and trying to dedicate a lot of time in activities that involve some type of movement. They get bored quite easily, and if the friend does not have the spark of action inside him, they quite easily abandon him. They are definitely not submissive types, which actually makes a lot of friendships pass awkward phases of competitiveness, as they are not attracted to passive types of people. There exist frequent power games with friends, and being the center of the group really matters to them. They can only allow people that they genuinely admire, to be center of their groups instead of them. If they do not like the person that is at the center of the group, they either leave or try to gain their position, sometimes using mischievous means to obtain it.

Their friends usually have strong Aries/Mars characteristics in their natal chart, and quarreling with them is rather frequent – even if it is lighthearted and for fun. They tend to be impatient and receive great satisfaction in being admired and in leading. When they are lost in the crowd, though, they get frustrated and can easily erupt. They do not like governmental rules, nor being patient in situations as standing in lines. If Mars is aspecting Uranus, they tend to join anarchistic or other revolutionary groups, and generally get involved in riots and other types of actions that bring disorder.

In case that Mars is only positively aspected by other planets, the native will rise in power in his group and become a head of it. The nature of the group is usually determined by the sign where the 11th house cusp is located, and if it is Aquarius it usually involves some kind of political agitation towards revolt. If in Scorpio, then there is a high probability of being part of a secret society, often having either money, magic or sex involved. If the cusp falls in Aries, then the organization is either of military or of athletic purposes, while when the cusp lies in Leo or Pisces, theatre and artistic performances could be the concept.

Another thing that the native with such a placement should be careful of, is possible oppositions of Mars in the 11th house to planets in the 5th house. If such an opposition exists, then there is a high possibility for difficulties between love and friendships. They either tend to fall in love with friends or to lose their loved ones because of friends. It is quite likely that some friend of them gets in an affair with his significant other, which of course afterward makes Mars in the 11th house explode its aggression with all the consequences that this could have. A third issue that could appear is to have to choose between love and friends, as there might exist situations where these two sections of life cannot function together at the same time.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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I really appreciate these articles but do wish they were written with non gendered pronouns. Half way through the article the author switches to “them” but then back to “him/he”, wondering if there was a purpose for that.