Natal Mars in the 1st House

Mars is the traditional ruling planet of the first house, because the house is associated with the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. Representing life-force, activity and the struggle to survive and conquer, Mars is creating a highly energetic and dynamic personality when located in the house of self. This is a great position for the red planet to reside in, even if the abundance of energy can lead to aggressive behaviors and other trouble caused by rash.

The native with Mars in the 1st house yearns for independence and is quite straightforward. Life is always a battle, and for planet Mars, there is no other outcome than victory. Individuals with such an aspect are spontaneous, which can lead to difficulties due to inconsideration of all the parameters of situations that appear. It is a common phenomenon for such natives to get into fights due to their explosive temperament; yet, they usually are the ones to win because Mars tends to give an athletic and strong body. It is also very common that the native is into martial arts or other sports activities that furthermore empower his carnal self. The best advice for handling this powerful planet well is to tame these eruptive energies and channel them into healthy activities to get the best out of Mars’s force.

The first house rules the head and the face, so there is a possibility of having cuts or burns on it that might leave a scar. It is many times easy to distinguish a person that has Mars in the first, from marks on his face. Such types of people are also prominent to high fevers when they are sick, especially if Mars has some adverse aspects to other planets with an effect on the body such as the Sun. Also, a first house Mars person must guard against accidents, especially those that can happen because of his impulsiveness and enormous self-confidence. Daring without taking precautions and considering the risks might usually end up in lucky results, but it is the one time when luck will not work that is enough for a catastrophic situation to happen. Be careful when using machinery, weapons, knives, tools, and everything that is somehow connected to Mars and Aries.

Boredom is maybe the worse feeling that a person with Mars in the 1st house can experience; if the surroundings are not interesting enough to fill them with enthusiasm, such a native will end up a boiling casserole- and the best thing, of course, is to change surroundings. Feelings of frustration will frequently appear when they do not have something to do; Mars needs to keep himself occupied with something and laziness is not an option. Even when they are procrastinating with their obligations, they don’t just spend some lazy time but rather invest their time in other activities they indeed find interesting. For sure, they can accomplish in one day a lot more than the rest of the people. Nevertheless, they must consciously choose to not become overly dominating towards other people, if they wish to be in harmony with the rest of the world. This is because most other individuals have a slower pace, and it should definitely be respected; the world cannot just adapt to their hasty approach of reality.

Even if Mars in the 1st house might make the native prone to surgeries, their recuperative powers are very strong and they heal very quickly. They have a higher chance of fracturing their bones and other injuries than any other placement could give; a reason for this happening is also that they are physically more active than anyone. A couch potato has definitely fewer possibilities to suffer an accident than a person who is involved in extreme sports. Usually, their athletic abilities and strong body last long years, granting them an active old age.

Mars in the 1st house gives a pioneer; there is a strong urge to discover life and people who have this natal position ignore the wisdom and advice of elder people. If Mars is aspected with square, opposition or sometimes conjunction by Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, the native will develop self-destructive behaviors, many times because they even feel that even their own self is a jail for their freedom. Women with Mars positioned there can have quite a lot of male characteristics and succeed in traditionally masculine jobs. If their Mars is afflicting Venus or/and Uranus, their masculine traits might also affect their sexuality, either by preferring women or by being the dominant person in their relationships with men. Similar sexual preferences can occur with men having Mars afflicted in the first house, but no matter which gender they prefer, they like to keep the power of dominance for themselves.

Overall, Mars situated in the house of the self is quite a positive natal placement. In case that the planet is only positively aspected, there is absolutely nothing to worry about; other natives would envy you for this gift as you will be able to accomplish a lot more things both in your everyday reality and in your life as a whole. The only enemy you have with Mars in the 1st house is your own self and your heightened self-confidence that might lead you acting without thinking. Taming your Mars is not the easiest thing, as the planet actually does not allow to be tamed. Nevertheless, channeling its energy can easily make it co-operate with you, and physical activity (with all precautions of safety) is the best option. A last hint that might change the functionality of the planet in your chart: do not try to be the Alpha male, even if this would naturally happen in case of personality combats. You might easily end up being an Alpha male, but there would not be any other males left in the pack. And then, starts boredom, which is a worse enemy for a first house Mars than sharing power with others.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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