Natal Mars in the 5th House

Those born with natal Mars in the 5th house are blessed to live a life full of activity. As the fifth house rules everything that is recreational, fun and promotes self-expression, Mars makes the native dedicate his energy towards affairs ruled by this placement. With the 5th house traditionally ruled by Leo, Mars finds a positive fiery surrounding to express itself and feels quite at home. This placement is rather positive and, if supported by beneficial aspects, can lead to a very vivid and joyful life.

The 5th house involves everything linked to playing, should it be flirting, being involved in physical recreational activities, gaming or even gambling. The red planet placed there influences all types of pleasure and indulgence, offering to the native a playful reality. Fun is something very important in their lives, and they strive to engage in activities with friends, usually being the one in the center of attention. The strong competitive spirit usually makes such natives bad loser, but even then the procedure of the game is what matters for them the most. Such kind of people are great for becoming sports coaches and for working with children athletics, they can easily become a role model for them. Leading an active lifestyle is something very important for people with Mars in the 5th house, and outdoor activities in nature are pretty common. These people just cannot enclose themselves within four walls; Mars needs freedom and does not accept being captured in a stable reality.

As the fifth house is also connected with love, Mars placed there would make the native approach his sympathy without shame. Indeed, they tend to make the first step, and numerous love affairs is a common pattern to be observed. Mars loves to conquer, and he does not easily accept losing in this particular game. Multiple partners, sudden attachments, and breakdowns are frequent to appear, and this could lead to the natural outcome of breaking lover’s hearts and emotions. Mars needs to socialize, to conquer more and more, and does not feel well when everything is programmed and stable. Such kind of people enjoy the struggle of obtaining something new; they see that as a game and sometimes cannot even realize that this could lead dear people around them to disappointment.

Mars in the 5th house is beneficial for having children, and it is likely that the first child will be a boy. If not, then it will either have a lot of Aries/Martian characteristics or will be hyperactive and behave like a male. In any situation, the child will copy the parent’s approach towards life, fun and physical activities, and become a very active person itself. The native should be very careful to be soft and tender in his approach towards the child. Mars usually brings strict discipline, and the parent should always keep in mind not to exercise physical or psychological violence on the child. Both the child and the parent should exercise sports or hobbies, to channel the possible aggressive behaviors into constructive activities.

This placement makes the person highly creative, investing a lot of his energy in his hobbies. Hobbies tend to become their personal way of meditation and of expelling superfluous energy. Taking risks makes their adrenaline and serotonins flow strong, even if this can also lead to the natural consequences of losing. Gambling is a beloved activity for a 5th house Martian, but in case there are negative aspects with “malefics”, big losses are indicated. Having a difficult aspect with Neptune can make the native combine gambling with alcohol or other substances; of course, the most possible outcomes in such situations are disappointments both for them and people around them. Nevertheless, if there exists a trine with Jupiter or Venus, the native has high possibilities of earning through such games. The same applies when Uranus is in positive aspects with Mars in the 5th house but, in such a case, the gain would come unexpectedly and not through regular gambling.

People with Mars in the 5th house can excel in theatre; most times this will not be something professional but rather exercised as a hobby. They can join amateur artistic clubs, but usually, their need for competition brings tensions and they can frequently change groups. They tend to also use melodrama in their personal life, which can sometimes be funny but also turn hurtful for their dear people. They like to show off their abilities and adore getting attention; of course, this could even ridicule them if their abilities have not reached a respectable level.

A person with this placement should be careful not to explode his suppressed anger onto dear people, especially in situations when he feels losing in some competitive action, or that control is out of his hands. Softening can occur when the positive qualities of Mars are used for channeling the aggression. The person must realize that egoism is his primal enemy and that in controlling it, he can actually enhance the quality of his recreational time. The people around him would feel fair-treated, and would enjoy such activities; else it is probable that the native will not be followed by them into games and fun.

If natal Mars is very close to the 5th house cusp, and in very difficult aspects to Uranus or Pluto, the native can have suffered child abuse. In such a situation he should be very cautious that this pattern does not occur towards his own child because it is deeply hidden in his subconscious and can appear as an uncontrolled motive. The native will strive to give love to his child, but will not understand that his eruptions can create an unhealthy environment. When the aspects involve Neptune, the native cannot even remember his acts or words of violence. This can happen both by being under influence of alcohol and other substances, or by neurotic subconscious outbursts that will be buried in the depths of the mind quickly afterward.

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