Natal Mars in the 6th House

In case that a person’s natal Mars is located in the 6th house of his chart, his job will constantly devour the biggest part of his energy. Mars is not joking in this placement; the 6th house doesn’t only rule one’s work, but his health too. Unless the red planet is very well-aspected, the native should be very careful not to over-work and not to put his health in danger.

Mars in the 6th house brings all kinds of jobs connected with physical strength and the enforcement of power. It also rules uniforms, so when placed here it can create the military, the policeman, the athlete, while also the surgeon. In addition, it gives jobs connected to operating tools and instruments that cut, different types of machinery and everything involving weapons. Thus, there is a wide range of occupations that he gives; even if the rule is that the job will be a rather active one, there are still possibilities of just being employed in a shop that sells knives, guns or tools. Also, all categories of metallurgy fall under this rulership; this is the natal placement of the blacksmith and common occupations.

Such a native is never lazy and can become very frustrated when he sees others procrastinating. His patterns are rather structured, even of a militaristic type. He will wake up very early, spend a lot of hours working and most probably will impose to himself a very strict routine. In addition, he will eat and sleep at the same time every day, follow special diets for a long time, and will prefer clothes of a certain style and will stick to it. These people know how to make things done and can accomplish a lot more in a work day than nearly anyone else. Indeed, Mars in the 6th house can give superpowers at work. It will also strengthen the leadership abilities of the native; what he says will be done by the ones under his authority. Quickly and correctly, because if they do not do it as they should, the native will explode towards them. The type of leadership the native develops usually isn’t the one that inspires, but the one that induces fear. Extremely pushy and very authoritarian, the native will not be liked by many; nevertheless, his methods bring results.

Mars in the 6th house can indicate inflammatory disorders and high fevers; the native’s health is easily afflicted by sudden rushes, migraines and all types of diseases that make the body temperature rise. Curiously enough, the native’s health issues are strongly connected to anger and conflicts in his work and will follow similar patterns. If Mars is adversely afflicted then there will be frequent quarrels and competition in his job surroundings, which will furthermore create health issues, usually of a quick nature. If the native is of a very violent and argumentative nature and has chronic tendencies to clash with co-workers or people under his authority, then the anger will definitely manifest as a disease that will need a surgery. Furthermore, difficult aspects to Mars indicate accidents in his job surroundings, mostly connected with machinery, weapons and sharp objects. One thing is sure when Mars is challenged: it brings blood.

If you have a difficult Mars and want to soften his functions consider calming yourself down and seeing your work less seriously. Fanaticism should be abandoned and the Martian energy challenged to more recreative activities such as sports. You should definitely become softer towards people around you; it is not the planet Mars who is to be blamed, it is you, projecting his most violent traits. Thus, the only way to change the possible health difficulties is changing your own perception of your occupation.

Natal Mars in the 6th house brings a love for aggressive animals. People with this placement will prefer to have an angry Doberman than a friendly puddle, a badass Bulldog than a lazy cat. They usually train it to become violent, which can be a huge mistake as they, in the end, copy its behavior and become aggressive too. In case that Mars is afflicted, the animal owner will get in some kind of trouble with his pet, and there is even a chance of being attacked by it some day. With this placement, we definitely advise against obtaining such a pet and against training it in a way that will furthermore release the violent energy of Mars. Of course, as you sow so shall you reap; thus do not complain if such a pet as a company will make you more vicious.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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