Natal Mars in the 7th House

Having natal Mars in the 7th house can be a rather difficult placement for marital affairs. As the house is traditionally ruled by Libra and Venus, the powerful red planet can bring disturbances if located here; nevertheless, there are a lot of other factors to be observed before reaching such conclusions.

Mars might be considered a malefic planet, and indeed is of a rather aggressive nature. When he is ill-aspected, he will always cause tensions to whatever he touches. This could also seem the case when he is located in the house of marriage, but it is not always like that. The definite outcome is that the native’s spouse will be of a competitive and eruptive nature, no matter what kind of aspects Mars has with other planets. And indeed, the native will himself seek such a personality for a partner, as he cannot get attached to passive people. What happens after is a different story though, one that we will try to explain by dividing the situations into categories. Of course, this is only a rough template; every person is different and there is a lot more than black and white in one’s marriage. Well, in this case, we are talking about red. The red of passion, which in other situations can even be the red of blood.

Mars in the 7th house tends to bring a marriage partner with a heavy Aries/Mars emphasis in his natal chart. He will frequently have Mars in his first house, and may be of a military background. There is a possibility of him doing any type of work connected with uniform: an officer, a soldier, a policeman, a firefighter, an athlete or a surgeon. His character will be rather touchy and eruptive, while his body will be robust, well-shaped and athletic.
Many times, the body will be a huge reason for attraction towards the partner; the sexual energy created between the two natives will be of the strongest nature, even blinding the natal chart owner. Generally, if you are seeking a harmonic marriage and you have this aspect, rethink about it. But probably, having this aspect will make you seek the opposite, and ignore this piece of advice.

In case that Mars is well placed by sign and well aspected, it will bring a person fond of sports and action. The couple can be engaged together in extreme activities, and find their own type of balance through expelling the Martian energy in constructive ways. They can travel together a lot, do extreme sports, both be military or policemen and so on. There will be a lot of competitiveness between them, but in the end, they will both progress through it.

Here, we should again mention that engaging in activities that release the natural aggression of Mars is obligatory. In case they stay too much at home and try to enforce routines, at least one of them will revolt against the other. Mars is in a strong need of releasing the adrenaline that cumulates. If this is not done systematically and in a controlled environment, it eventually reaches the point of explosion. This is quite easy to understand. When you re-cooking in a casserole, you do not close the lid and just leave it there. An explosion is the natural outcome.

On the other hand, an adversely aspected Mars in the 7th house might be more than catastrophic. Watch out, especially for squares, conjunctions and oppositions to Pluto and Saturn. These aspects can make the marriage partner violent, and can even bring physical abuse. The least they will bring is a marital life full of quarrels, with a lot of nerves and high voices. The most possible ending of such a marriage is a divorce, after many troubles; especially for the native that has his Mars in the 7th house.

In business matters, Mars placed in the 7th house can give competitive partners with disputes too. Roughly the same rules apply here as in the matters of marriage; both partners will want to exercise power on each other and this will lead to power struggles. With good natal aspects, this will actually lead to a good team with an aggressive approach towards the market and can make them excel in sales.

Adverse aspects will not only bring failures in business, but also lawsuits that will eventually harm both in some way. Generally, Mars in the 7th house does not favor dealings with the law, and the native might even lose his cases due to aggressive behavior in the court. The judges will tend to be prejudiced against him, and even if he is the right one, he might seem like the wrongdoer. This natal aspect can bring unpopularity after such a trial, and even public disgrace. In addition, as the 7th house rules one’s open enemies, such people will exist during the entire native’s life and frequently show their teeth in various ways.

Generally, be very careful if you have your Mars placed there. The red planet in the 7th house does not function by itself alone; it always takes two to tango. You are probably a similar strong source of aggression towards your partner, and what you receive mirrors what you radiate. Indeed, maybe you receive it in a harsher and multiplied way, but be wise enough to cut the source and redirect the explosive energy elsewhere; those would be some first steps for reaching a necessary balance.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Heidi Sanchez

I never comment, but now I feel I must. You just told the story of my life!!!! This was too correct. I have Mars in the 7th house… my ex husband of 26 years was an Aries Sun, Aries Moon & Aries Mercury, ( talk about Mars energy)👊🏽w/ an Aquarius rising & he kept me on my toes & always worried. He put me through hell the whole time.. don’t know why I stayed so long. It was a constant rollercoaster ride on his bumpy road of fluctuating emotions. Chaos, Chaos, chaos!!!!!!!! He thrived on chaos & I don’t. I’m a Sun, Mercury, Venus & Pluto Virgo💃🏿👩🏻‍🎨 w/ a Scorpio rising & a Capricorn moon. He spent 3 & then 4 of those 26 years in Prison,( while I raised our 2 sons alone) for selling Marijuana & I got in trouble with him the first time because he pressured me into doing a pot deal for him saying he couldn’t make it home in time due to business, when really it was because he was with his “secret” girlfriend in their “secret” apartment. ( I didn’t find out for some time). And I had just had a serious miscarriage 3 days before the initial arrest @ 4 months pregnant. ( he didn’t care). I didn’t serve time because the authorities knew It was his scene, not mine. ( they had been looking for him)..I received 2 years of special probation.. I became pregnant again, but didn’t realize until the cold winter night he left to serve his 1st 3 years in Federal prison, leaving me alone w/ no car, phone or drinking water in our unfinished cabin in the woods. Ugggggg.. memories. I was sure I was losing this baby too as I was bleeding & had to work… Read more »


Congratulations. Reading this wore me out. I too had some hard experience with men. I have learnt my lessons now. I am happy alone.


What if im a male? Im a Sun/ Mercury/ Saturn & Pluto Scorpio with Mars Capricorn in 7th house
Moon sextile Mars
Mars sextile Saturn
Mercury sextile Mars


Mine is tough I have Mars Pisces 7th
Square Pluto and Saturn
Opposite rising
Trine Jupiter
Sextile Mercury