Natal Mars in the 9th House

Mars in the 9th house is probably one of the best natal positions it can have, at least concerning the native himself. Mars will activate all the 9th house matters, which involve things that the masses do not usually reach; a lot of distant travels, a good education as well as relocation to a place where the native would prefer to live.

The native will be able to channel tremendous amounts of energy towards higher education and learning. In addition, as the ninth house rules publishing, he will most probably write something that will be read by the masses. This might be connected with religion, travel, sports or even military matters. People with this natal placement can become accomplished in teaching, usually on the subjects mentioned above. Mars in the 9th house creates the sports trainer, the geopolitics writer, while also may make the person write about machinery and martial arts. A usual phenomenon is that he develops a circle of fan readers, whom he may easily manipulate and use for his causes.

Mars in the 9th house gives a strong interest in religion, making the native dedicate a lot of time in reading various books and writings. This placement creates the preacher and the missionary, and the person may indulge in attempts of converting others to his religion through proselytism. In cases that Mars is negatively aspected, he will be a religious fanatic or a zealot, trying to push his beliefs on other people. Of course, in such occasions, he will meet resistance and his aggressive perceptions will have an adverse effect on himself. People who have their natal Mars in the 9th house are so sure about the correctness of their opinion, that they become narrow-minded and offensive towards alternative views. On the other hand, they have a quite honest approach to these matters: they firmly believe in what they say and are ready to defend it by any means. Mars here gives a love of debating, and of course, makes the native enjoy victories.

This natal placement will make the person travel a lot to distant places, and his activities there can also be connected with some kind of sport. In case that Mars is adversely aspected by “malefics”, the native might suffer some kind of incidents in his distant travels. Tensions could arise with locals due to religious, cultural or racial differences, while it can also happen that he arrives in the country during political turmoil and destabilization. In such chaotic circumstances, he can be attacked or survive other types of dangerous situations; in the most extreme form, he could witness some kind of war. Of course, if Mars is well-aspected only good things can come from foreign places, always depending on which planets form sextiles and trines, while also the houses the planets are located in.

The 9th house is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, and the presence of Mars will make the (otherwise harsh) red planet have a rather humoristic approach on reality. The native will have a great sense of humor and will like good jokes. Also, people with his placement tend to laugh a lot, having a zest for life and expansion. Their enthusiasm can move mountains, and their restless heart will not hesitate to do risky steps forward. Such people can easily switch on “YOLO” mood, which, if Mars is well-aspected, will reward them in a way that no other mortal can experience. Yes, they are the ones that will break their borders of fear and try parachutes, bungee-jumping or other activities that require balls.

This natal placement of Mars may give to the native permanent relocation to some distant land, while actually, that foreign place is where he will find his spiritual road. Mars in the 9th house can make the native relocate due to embracing a new religion, and can even literally mean fighting for it. Mars will fill the native’s heart with fire for this sacred pilgrimage, making it a very important part of his life.

Getting actively involved in a spiritual path is a wonderful thing. Such an individual can discover his personal truths, which will, in turn, brighten his existence. The only thing he should be careful of is pressing other people to receive his own truths as theirs. In order to ascend to higher spiritual levels, one should understand that an absolute and universal truth does not exist and that every person has the right to follow his own path. Provided that the native respects this spiritual rule, he will evolve towards a higher soul and reach inner balances. Becoming a zealot though, will only quench his egoistic thirst of acceptance. Choose wisely.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Love this. Thank you. Would be nice to hear some examples of positive planets conjunct Mars in the 9th house, such as Jupiter. There seems to be an accent on malefic ones. Also, in the last paragraph it says “Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on…” TYPO – Each planet, not “planets”.

Pauline Degos

But what if I have Mars in retrogade? Does everything they talk about for the 9th house are going to be complicated to achieve?