Natal Mercury in Capricorn

When a person has his natal Mercury in Capricorn, the sign will grant a big part of its attributes to everything that Mercury represents in his chart. As Mercury is generally governing our intellect and communication, Capricorn energy will make the native’s expression quite stable and focused. This placement makes the natal chart owner patient when speaking, while also very much concentrated on talking about his career. The public opinion always matters for them, and they will gradually invest in building a good profile because they like it when people speak positively about them, especially at work.

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and has planet Saturn as its ruling celestial body. Capricorn is also the natural ruler of the tenth house, which rules our occupation, positions of authority while also our public image. This will make Mercury in Capricorn people cautious in whatever they say, while also quite serious. They will not make a lot of jokes, preferring realism in words and will be rather laconic. They are often using formal language, or even older and archaic types of expressions. They will frequently use words from previous eras, and can also be quite conservative towards all types of language innovations or slangs.

In the sign of Capricorn, Mercury is in peregrine condition. Peregrine is a rather neutral condition, where a celestial body does not function very potently (as it does when in domicile or in exaltation), nor is very weak (as it does when in detriment or fall). Mercury feels a little bit suppressed when in Capricorn, as it is the sign mostly impersonating restriction. The planet usually functions better when free to express itself. Placed in this winter sign, it can face a lot of limitations in communication or Mercury in Capricorn can make the communication colder between this individual and other people. On the other hand, this placement is one of the best to have for climbing the stairs of a social system, and anything that requires seriousness. A clear mind and cold blood will make this person able to control others through his words, giving orders and governing. More information about Mercury’s potency in the signs can be read in the article about Mercury’s Essential Dignities.

We should note that Mercury needs less than a month to move to a next sign, and is the quickest moving planet, as it is located very near to the Sun. Also, it cannot be more than one sign away from the sign where the Sun is. It has three times per year a period of retrograde motion, where it moves backwards in the heavens for apparently 20 days. Mercury is impersonated by the ancient Greek god Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods and protector of commerce. The planet governs intellect and trade, data and communication, while also transportation. In addition, the darker traits of Mercury include rulership of lies, swindling and theft, which are also definitely an archetypical part of commerce. Mercury is a hermaphrodite planet, with a balance between its masculine and feminine side. For this reason, it is rather well-received in most signs, as it can adapt quite easily to any possible surroundings.

Saturn, the planet ruling the sign of Capricorn has always been considered to have a phlegmatic and rather pessimistic influence. Individuals with their Mercury in Capricorn will not rush into enthusiastic speech, will keep the expression of happiness or hope at moderate levels, and will many times see the glass half-empty. The inflow of information towards their mind passes through filters of realism, which makes them excel in logical thought. They do not allow emotions influence any decisions or ideas, and will thoroughly think before they speak their mind. Such people are difficult to trick, as they usually are quite alert, and do not rush in responding, they need to process all information that they receive. In addition, their natural defense against positively emotional speech will guard them against manipulation, scams, or even undercover marketing. Sheer facts and data are what they need, while also space and time to analyze them.

This natal placement is wonderful for building long-term tactics, scheduling and organizing. It can be very useful for people that use their communicative skills in big projects, as it gifts them perseverance. Such minds will follow concrete methods, which they will not change unless they prove to be unsuccessful many times. As we already mentioned, Capricorn is not quite an innovative sign, preferring to stick to the beaten track. They like to establish repetitive patterns, and will usually use those that have proven in the past to work well. Their mind likes to be in control over communication, so as long as they dictate the rhythm of data exchange they will feel powerful and secure. This is why they will always feel awkward when communicating with people who are rather erratic and unstable. In addition, they will keep a distance from whoever talks too much, is extremely optimist, or wants to keep the control of data flow to himself. A Capricorn Mercury can easily become a loner, so for them keeping distances from people will never impose a problem; on the contrary, it may make them feel keeping burdens away from their shoulders.

During the childhood, such a chart owner may have had problems concerning his expression. He was feeling some type of border connected to communication. He may have started speaking at a later period than the average baby, or was not encouraged to do so by his parents. As Capricorn and his ruler Saturn rule people of old age, his expression may have been blocked because of the old age of his parents, or spending a lot of time with his grandparents. They may have imposed old-fashioned rules of speech to him, or been overly strict in such ways that he does not feel secure to express his childish and goofy sides. Instead of that, he is obliged to be serious when speaking to them, which many times results in not speaking at all; a remedy for any possible problems that him expressing his real thoughts might cause. Of course, such patterns usually repeat in the native’s mature life, contributing to the overall cautious attitude that he develops.

Mercury in Capricorn people can enjoy waiting before taking a decision, and usually, this complacency can make them choose the right path. They also like to feel that others depend on what they say, which is another part of their controlling nature. Their natural stubbornness may make them stick to what they believe, enjoying getting in conflicts and winning them. They feel powerful when their opinion is rock-steady and unchangeable, even when they consciously know they are not right.

The native with such a placement may have a cold and abrupt voice, and the natural ruler of Capricorn may make his verbal or written expression direct and containing orders that need to be followed. Such people use the minimum amount of words necessary to transfer their message. This placement grants the ability of self-discipline; the native will never speak more than he should – especially about his tactics. When his natal Mercury in Capricorn is provoked, his responses will frequently involve cynicism and irony.

Naturally, natives with Mercury in Capricorn will talk a lot about their profession, while also about the system and authority in general. The reason behind it is, of course, the connection of Capricorn with the tenth house, responsible for the mentioned subjects. This is a very good placement for people who are responsible for the good functioning of a hierarchical system, as they excel in putting order and giving directions. It can help in people who work in big multinational corporate companies, or even for creating an own empire in business. Alternatively, this is a very good natal position for people who are in politics, governmental offices or other responsibilities and even public seats that have authority. It is quite logical that such roles don’t allow sentimentality; the native will not hesitate to be hard in his words and decisions towards others. It can induce fear to the people that are under him, and in case that Mercury is afflicted by malefic planets, his speech may even reach cruelty in his expression.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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