Natal Mercury in Pisces

When a person has his natal Mercury in Pisces, it is considered in detriment and thus at its lowest potency. Pisces is located on the opposite side of the sign of Virgo, where Mercury is in domicile. The other sign where the planet is also in detriment is Sagittarius. Yet, in Pisces, Mercury is also in fall. This is a rather impractical placement to have in a natal chart, as Mercury is severely obstructed in his manifestation. On the other hand, this placement can give great poetic abilities, and generally draw the individual’s expression towards the arts.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and has Neptune as its ruling planet. Pisces is also the natural ruler of the twelfth house, which governs the collective subconscious, places of imprisonment and self-undoing. In addition, it rules one’s fears, hidden enemies while also selfless sacrifice. Mercury in Pisces is in a rather awkward position, totally unable to function properly. His wittiness is being dissolved in the Neptunian mist, turning expression towards too abstract channels that are far from able to connect with the stable reality. The exact point of Mercury’s fall is at the 15th degree of Pisces, and naturally, it is where the planet hits its lowest. More information about Mercury’s potency in the signs can be read in the article about Mercury’s Essential Dignities.

We should note that Mercury needs less than a month to move to a next sign, and is the quickest moving planet, as it is located very close to the Sun. Also, it cannot be more than one sign away from the Sun sign, and has three times per year a period of retrograde motion, where it moves backwards in the natal chart for apparently 20 days. Mercury is impersonated by the ancient Greek god Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods and protector of commerce. The planet governs intellect and trade, data and communication, while also transportation. In addition, the darker traits of Mercury include rulership of lies, swindling and theft, which are also definitely an archetypical part of commerce. Mercury is a hermaphrodite planet, with a balance between its masculine and feminine side. For this reason, it is rather well-received in most signs, as it can adapt quite easily to any possible surroundings.

Natal Mercury in Pisces creates daydreamers, gentle people who are frequently lost in their thoughts and in visions of fantasy worlds. This happens from their early childhood, when the child might be rather shy to express itself, preferring to let his mind flow elsewhere than the common reality. As Pisces is ruling the 12th house, the native’s speech may be restricted by many factors. Pisces is a rather passive sign, preferring to follow than lead. Thus, the child is not taking initiatives to speak his mind, but rather (unwillingly) responding when asked. The young individual may not be at all interested in receiving information from the world outside him. On the contrary, he is becoming a demiurge of whole fantasy worlds inside him. We should not forget that the old ruler of Pisces (before Neptune’s discovery) was Jupiter. Thus, he gives totally opposite traits to Pisces than to Sagittarius, acting in an introversive way and expanding on the inside, while Mercury in Sagittarius would expand on the outside.

The native with Mercury in Pisces is drawn to read fairytales and fantasy novels, poetry and romance. Pisces are strongly connected to all those delicate subjects that promote the purest forms of love and light. We should also mention that the ruler of the sign, Neptune, is considered to be the highest octave of planet Venus. Thus, his energy is an even more refined version of the artistic affection that Venus can offer. More particularly, such a native will also be drawn towards stories that describe selfless dedication and even sacrifice, platonic and/or intellectual love. The passive nature of Pisces will also make him very interested in readings that involve tragedy, despair and inability to control situations.

In his personal life, an individual with a Pisces Mercury is rather impractical. He cannot organize himself, neither put concrete borders between reality and his thoughts. He might frequently forget obligations, plans, and will generally not pay attention to daily patterns. His mind usually functions better in the dark. Curiously enough, people with their Mercury in Pisces have such a dual mind that they seem different when involved with the arts, compared to when involved in their everyday reality. We cannot recognize that the same soul is residing in one body. They can literally excel in all arts, yet they will frequently hide it from others. Performing in front of the public is something that doesn’t attract them, so the easiest way of artistic expression is when their art is detached from their presence. To separate those two even more, such people might even use nicknames, keeping their artistic profile incognito.

The mind of a person with Mercury in Pisces is very intuitive, yet very susceptible to external influences and manipulation. They should always guard to not be proselytized by others, who may even force their opinions and ideas on them. Such an individual must try his best to create solid borders against his surroundings, or else he will become a vessel where every random person will dispose his ideas. The outcome will be having a soup created from all those, with the strongest ones flavoring it. Do not allow others to choose the ingredients of that soup, or else do not complain about its taste.

Needless to say that a natal Mercury in Pisces should definitely be guarded against any type of Neptunian extremes. No drugs, no alcohol, and no unnecessary medication. Such individuals must empower their grounding to the real world, and not push themselves deeper in the foggy and abstract realms of Pisces. Quite a lot of dangers can lurk in the depths of that abyss, even if the shore might seem calm, magical and alluring. Adverse mixing of Mercurian and Neptunian energies may bring all types of psychological disorders and illnesses of the mind. Shield that Mercury, for it is the voice of your logic, and give him some stable ground to step on. You will definitely not regret it. A necessary technique you should follow in case you have this placement, is to learn to organize a little bit your mind. Of course, this may be quite difficult for you; the easiest way is by organizing first what is outside you. Empower the exact opposite sign, which is the one of Virgo. Establish daily routines and do not forget to repeat them. Watch your body and its functions more. Be more analytical, and write things down. If you do not do it, your thoughts will eventually become a blob. No matter how amazing your ideas might be, they will be scattered in an absurd mass of words, dreams, hopes and fog, thus becoming rather unusable. In case you do organize them, or at least let them flow instead of just keeping them inside you, you may become an amazing artist. We should not forget that Pisces is the realm where our collective subconscious dwells, so Mercury can establish a connection to it and download universal truths.

With Mercury in Pisces, the native’s voice will usually be soft and harmonious, never reaching high tones. Of course, sometimes his voice may not be heard at all. Not only because of the weak sounds it chooses to produce, but also because many times it will choose to remain silent. Their eyes, too, may not express what they have in their mind. Frequently, they may appear lost in some kind of trance, gazing and focusing on some other, nonexistent spot and not on the person who is communicating with them. Sometimes, they may be literally not seeing anything while having their eyes open. Their inside world is so strong that can block all the senses that connect their body to the material reality. Such people appear to be here with us, while their mind is in some other universe, existent or nonexistent.
Of course, it is necessary to state that these individuals should stay away from all type of cults (even religions), while also from people that practice hypnosis or other types of mind-altering techniques. They are susceptible to receive subconscious orders, and can easily fall into the hands of some charlatan who can take advantage of them. Avoid such groups and such people especially if your Mercury is adversely afflicted by malefic planets, as it will definitely have an impact on other areas of your life, depending on which house those planets (and Mercury of course) reside in.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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An Aries sun and a mercury in Pisces. Hilarious!


Same!!!! Aries sun and mercury in Pisces. I feel scammed in some sort of way. But also I have to except there is a gift that is within that as well. It gets tough and annoying though for sure.


Thank you for this article


Very precise about the quiet voice, and the eyes. Having the Moon in Virgo helps my Mercury in Pisces, i guess?


My moon in Virgo definitely feels like it balances this out!