Natal Mercury in the 2nd House

When a native has planet Mercury placed in the second house, his intellect is a great tool for any kind of financial enterprise. Their mind is structured in such a way that they simply know how to make money, and can easily find windows in the system to grab and get some.

Usually, this ability is developed through reading a lot; such individuals will spend a lot of time and money on books, software, tutorials, and education. They are able to thoroughly analyze the data they receive and are excellent in anything that has to do with numbers. They can become great accountants; if Mercury is afflicted, then there are possibilities of them using their powers in a mischievous way. A Mercurian mind can find how to use the system for their benefit, and will not hesitate to indulge into economic fraud if the chances of being caught are low. After all, the Greek God Hermes (Latin: Mercury) was also the god-protector of thieves.

People with Mercury in the house of possessions can gain a lot of money through stocks, as they have great intuition about when to buy and when to sell. In case that Mercury is somehow connected to the 5th house by sign rulership or by a trine aspect to some planets, then he will have success in any kind of speculative profession. This aspect brings dangers of becoming a sheer materialist, and the native is strongly advised to invest his time on spiritual pursuits also, otherwise his whole life will not have any higher purpose than material success.

As Mercury is the planet of communications, people who have the planet placed in the 2nd house are very good in making money through the phone, the internet or generally through their written or spoken words. They have a great memory, which helps them organize the amassed knowledge and experience in their minds. Their brain is a well-working computer which becomes better and better, through upgrading its software and algorithms during the passage of time. In many situations, the answers to problems in their business are already inside their head and they do not need the help of others. For them, business is an interesting puzzle waiting to be resolved, and a great amount of time will be invested for this purpose. Even when they are adults, they feel happy like children when finding the right way to solve their career riddles. They must always be careful not to become egoistic, spoiled adults, that care only about these riddles.

People with Mercury in the 2nd house are part of those that suffer the least from unemployment. Their rapid mind can always find a solution about what to do to earn money and create a safety net for their income. Apart from having a regular job, such natives will often have one or more minor jobs, to support their monthly paycheck and to have a small income during transitional periods between careers. When someone has Mercury in the 2nd house, it is quite likely that he will own one or more websites on the internet and generally be involved in e-commerce; even if this will just be for receiving money from advertisements.

Mercury in the 2nd house creates a mathematic mind, able to structure words and music into beautiful formations. There might be tendencies of writing music or poetry; their arts follow the fractal rules of nature and do not like asymmetry. Self-identification and self-esteem are tightly bonded to their thoughts; they are what they think. Their most precious second house asset is not the money that they can earn, but actually the system the they develop for earning some. Such natives will be utterly proud of this and may be constantly talking and showing off about it.
If there exists a trine to planets located in the 9th house, the individual might teach others his ways of working. This could be either through writing books or through seminars. Of course, if this happens, then the aspect triggers the second house Mercury even more, bringing even bigger income to the native.

Even if their Mercury is poorly aspected, they still can be great in what they do. The effort they put might be the same, but they will be not assisted by luck, making them need more time to accomplish their goals. They should also be very careful with legal contracts and business partnerships, as an afflicted Mercury can bring a lot of problems with whatever is written on paper. It will be a pity to succeed financially, yet to lose what they earned due to wrong papers or being swindled by a business partner. In any situation, if you have Mercury in the 2nd house, try not to over focus on money. They will eventually come to your life, probably be constantly coming, but there are a lot more things out there to focus on. The world also exists outside of your head, your room, your computer and your bank account! Experience it before it is too late.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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