Natal Mercury in the 9th House

When a person has his natal Mercury in the 9th house of the chart, the placement makes him be of a rather high intellect, being capable of viewing the big picture. His mind is very broad; on the other hand, he can lack the ability to see the details thoroughly.

The 9th house rules everything that is foreign, and Mercury placed here will definitely make the native learn foreign languages and have a rather different mentality and philosophy than the rest of people residing in his homeland. He will also be influenced by foreign cultures and religions, mixing them with the ones that he learned as a child and creating his personal one. His fascination with foreign traditions and people will lead him to many distant travels, especially if the Sun or Venus are also present near his natal Mercury.

This placement is the best for writing and publishing, and the individual may be involved in writing about philosophy or religion. Such a person adores researching and is a life long student, mostly of abstract subjects as the ones already mentioned. This helps him develop a higher view on these matters, and his observations can be later transformed into texts of a rather good quality. Curiously enough, one of the reasons that urge him to study is a strong dislike of routine, boredom and shallow meanings; thus his mind is pressing him to open his horizons through learning in order not to fall into depression. People with natal Mercury in the 9th house can be information junkies, love to research encyclopedias and will frequently open 20 tabs of Wikipedia in their browser. The native’s sense of curiosity is very strong and can lead to profound discoveries.

Of course, Mercury in the 9th house also has its negative traits concerning learning; the native does not concentrate on one particular subject and is multitasking while learning. Due to this fact, he will know a lot, probably on nearly every subject that exists, but does not have the time or the will to become deeply specialized in something. Nevertheless, this is usually a conscious choice; becoming specialized in a certain subject will make him bored and he will most probably quit such type of attempts.

As the 9th house rules higher education, Mercury here can indicate becoming a teacher. The native has quite a lot of possibilities in progressing as an academic professor; on the other hand, even religious preachers and gurus can also have this placement. Mercury in the 9th house gives a tendency to try to inspire other people, and if afflicted by planets in the 1st or the 12th house may signify an over-inflated ego that needs to mentor people in order to feel pride. An other personal trait to guard against is being a smart-aleck; people who have such a natal Mercury are susceptible to showing off and all types of Luciferian attitudes. Exercising modesty is a great tool of progressing; through such practices, the native understands even better his own value.

These patterns usually start with a rebellion towards the native’s teachers and parents during childhood. The youngster observes the broadness of his own mind and discovers that he can learn information that elder people are unaware of. He then uses it as a weapon to counter the knowledge that the elders have, usually without understanding that knowledge dwells in experience and not in the details. With heavy afflictions of Mercury, the young child will frequently hassle his teachers and parents, in an attempt to show that he is smarter than them. These, of course, usually fail; yet such failures become a motivation for further learning as the individual does not like losing and will want to revenge and prove his right. Even this wrong and negative procedure can have a great outcome in his life, as the native gradually self-educates, without understanding how much he invests in his future.

If Mercury is adversely afflicted by Mars or Pluto, the native should be careful not to become dogmatic. This placement can make him enforce his own ideas to other people, and even if these ideas are correct and precious he can become highly disliked from others. In case you have such afflictions to your Mercury, understand that your ideas might be correct for yourself but not necessarily apply in the same way for other people. Be a little bit more open towards understanding other points of view and accepting what seems more right than what you first thought or said; you will be later rewarded by upgrading and structuring an even better philosophic model of thoughts than the one you had previously.

Mercury in the 9th house is also a very good position for people who study and exercise the law. It can create lawyers and judges, while also religious people or priests that may have authority positions in certain countries or cultures. Do not forget that even in our days, there are places on Earth where the priest is exercising justice on the people. In case that you have this placement and will be somehow involved in religion, investigate thoroughly the personal reasons hiding behind that choice. If they still contain egoistic traits and the need to have an authority, you are not ready. You will be eventually, but better try later.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Hello! I wonder if in this case even a trine with Pluto in 1st house would be considered afflicted??


Hello Christelle,

I wouldn’t say that Mercury is afflicted when in trine with Pluto, however it’s true that some astrologers consider that even a trine between a personal planet and Pluto should be watched.
I can understand why… Pluto is a very powerful planet generating intense effects. The effects are usually easier to deal with in case of trines and sextiles, but I would say that it mainly depends on how strong Pluto is in the chart holder, and if it’s rather strong, then how well the person manages to “let go”.
Pluto is exigent (even with harmonious aspects) and doesn’t really like compromising (especially when in difficult aspects). Some compromises are necessary sometimes though!
You said that you have Pluto in the first house. Is it conjunct your Ascendant? That would make it rather dominant in your chart actually.

Anyway, I am going to inform Xaos about your comment because I am not sure whether he saw it.


I have this placement, after my Saturn return ( Saturn in the 1st house in Sagittarius) I decided to study law. I took my time and took the LSAT and then changed jobs, then started law school. It’s been difficult but the correct challenge for me. I have Moon and Uranus in my 1st house as well aspecting an empty 7th house. I am in a relationship but not married and no children.


Wow.. I have never read anything so accurate before in my life. It hits right into the centre, 100% accurate and true. I never understood. I thank you so much for writing this, It made it clearer to me that I am already on the right track with what I am doing


IAM trying for government exam born 7th sep 1995 4:30pm Hyderabad Telangana India want to know about the job getting in upcoming years