Natal Mercury in Virgo

When a person has his natal Mercury in Virgo, it is considered in domicile and thus in its highest potency. In addition, in the sign of Virgo, it is the point of Mercury’s exaltation, and more precisely at its 15th degree. Mercury is at home, functioning at full speed, and the only other sign where he can be as powerful is in Gemini, which is also ruled by him. This is a perfect placement to have in a natal chart, as all his powers can flow without any blocking or any influences from other (and maybe contradictory) energies and planets. Of course, this can be a double-edged knife, as it may appear quite difficult to tame such a powerful Mercury. As Mercury is generally governing our intellect and communication, Virgo influences will make the native’s information flow very fast and detailed.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and has nocturnal Mercury as its ruling planet. The diurnal rulership of Mercury is over the sign of Gemini. Virgo is also the natural ruler of the sixth house, which rules our daily patterns and habits, health, while also our occupation and service towards other people. Here Mercury is in its own realm, and the middle decan of the sign is considered to have the most hyped degrees, as the planet is being exalted. Yet, it is definite that Mercury is extremely powerful anywhere in the sign. For more information about the planet’s potency in the signs you can read the article about Mercury’s Essential Dignities.

We should note that Mercury needs less than a month to move to a next sign, and is the quickest moving planet, as it is located very near to the Sun. Also, it cannot be more than one sign away from the sign where the natal Sun is placed, and has three times per year a period of retrograde motion, where it moves backwards in the natal chart for apparently 20 days. Mercury is impersonated by the ancient Greek god Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods and protector of commerce. The planet governs intellect and trade, data and communication, while also transportation. In addition, the darker traits of Mercury include rulership of lies, swindling and theft, which are also definitely an archetypical part of commerce. Mercury is a hermaphrodite planet, with a balance between its masculine and feminine side. For this reason, it is rather well-received in most signs, as it can adapt quite easily to any possible surroundings.

Natal Mercury in Virgo makes the mind of the native a good and detailed processor of information. Such a person can excel in research, and usually has very good organizational skills. Yet, Virgo Mercury people do not think as fast as Gemini Mercury ones. They will prefer waiting a little bit in between, absorbing information, processing it, and expelling new data based on it. Even though they lack a little bit in speed compared to Gemini Mercury people, they will not so easily slip into mistakes due to rushing. They are more analytical concerning details, which definitely makes them prefer to specialize in certain subjects rather than gain a widespread but trivial spectrum of information. They will dig deeper, yet narrower holes, with their intelligence.

As characters, their mind is usually critical towards other and they can frequently be rather suspicious. When meeting new people, they tend to have a strong prejudice. They analyze the first impression the new person creates on them, and compare to people’s archetypes that they already have in their mind. Thus, they can quickly form an opinion about the other person, without really knowing him. In many situations this is a good filter, as indeed some negative people can be quickly blocked; but sometimes suspiciousness can create a wall between them and people they would normally want to have in their lives. They will frequently raise criticism and complain about other people, and may easily mumble or be grumpy. This can easily happen when people are changing their order of organization, or disturb the biorhythms that a person with Mercury in Virgo has established. They also apply criticism to themselves, not only to other individuals. They can be especially blaming themselves concerning their daily routines, health issues, while also for problems that can arise in their work surroundings. Sometimes such a natal Mercury in Virgo can make them workaholics and/or perfectionists, just so that they do not suffer a failure connected with their career that would give them later inner confrontations with their own self.

One of the characteristics that this natal placement gives is a great ability to work with databases. These people have a natural urge to categorize things, so for them it is very easy to become librarians, create dictionaries, encyclopedias, detailed presentations, or write instructions. In addition, they can be very much attracted to reading or creating maps, and in their personal lives, they will be trying to observe mundane patterns. Such individuals are very interested in observing the weather and predictions about it. In addition, when in nature, they will frequently observe and touch the terrain (ground, water – anything else) and also the plants. They have a natural curiosity about shapes of things. This is probably an outcome of the earth-y traits of Virgo.

As we already mentioned, Virgo is responsible for daily routines. A Mercury in Virgo person may be really interested in understanding how they work, and Mercury helps them absorb quite a big amount of information about it. Thus, such people can become very good nutritionists, or have other occupations connected with daily patterns. Even if they have not studied this subject and don’t do it professionally, they can still give good advice about repeatable structures. In case their Mercury in Virgo is well aspected, especially from a planet connected with his physical body, then he may implement this knowledge for his own sake and create healthy routines for his own body.

Mercury placed in the sign of Virgo can make a person cynical, or even sarcastic. Most of the times, this is combined with humor so usually other people appreciate it, even when the humor is black. Yet when the humor fades away for some reason, they can be really hurtful with words to other people. Because of their ability to notice the details, they can also easily spot the Achille’s foot on other people. So, in case they end up confronting someone, they will usually use that spot too.

As children, they could have the tendency to organize things, and might like to play with puzzles, Lego, or other similar games. They are usually strongly drawn towards books, television and other sources of information. They do not like being bored and will always find something interesting to invest their time. Opposite to their fellow Gemini Mercury children that like to be around a lot of people, natives with Mercury in Virgo will also enjoy their loneliness. When they grow up, this can be seen in Mercurial things that they do. Especially when they are dedicating their time in reading, writing or processing information, they will prefer being by themselves, in their own world of calmness where they can think and write without any external disturbance.

In addition, they may like to make collections of things, which they will periodically observe. Their ability for good categorization makes them like comparing things, finding differences and keeping track of changes. This can lead them to hobbies like gardening, or at least simply make them interested in seeing how things grow. We should not forget that Virgo is connected with the ancient Greek goddess Demeter (Latin version Ceres), that is ruling the grains, the growth of the plants, while also the harvest.

As we already mentioned, this natal placement is wonderful for any sort of data processing. Thus, people who have it can be very good with computers, numbers and at analyzing information. We should yet state that they are better in dealing with small amounts of data that need detailed analysis, while the exact opposite happens to people who have their Mercury in Gemini – they mostly concentrate on big amounts and smaller processes of proceeding. A difference that appears is that Gemini Mercury individuals are faster in this process but sloppier, while Mercury in Virgo ones are a little bit slower yet pay attention to what they do.

This placement is ideal for people that are involved in occupations that require alertness of mind, and because they cannot stand boredom they will always be happy to have certain things to do. This is a blessing, as such people can really love their job. No matter if it is teaching others or working on a PC, doing public relations or mining some sort of data, time will pass happily for them during their tasks.

When Mercury in Virgo is adversely aspected by malefic planets, such people can experience nervous breakdowns, or other types of neural/mental disorders. An individual with such a placement should frequently give his mind a rest from the world of information. In addition, such people have a tendency to act more like computers than real human beings. They will choose logic over emotion, which in many situations can be very beneficial. On the other hand, this slightly lowers their ability to be emotionally attached to other individuals.

A negative trait of Mercury placed here is that the native can use his high communication skills to become a good liar. He knows well how to use the power of words, as he has used it a million times before. Thus, he can create certain patterns of talking, which he can later reproduce without them being filtered by his emotions. This can make him good in bluffing, as his real face and intentions will be well hidden under the story he speaks. Of course, this can be very good for sales of any type – and we should not forget that in the ancient Greek tradition god Hermes was ruling both tradesmen, liars and thieves.

If you have this placement, giving your mind days off where you don’t think about anything important will guarantee you a healthy neural system. Virgo Mercury people are prone to stress, which is often created by overthinking. Thus, a necessary technique to stabilize your mental balance is to try the opposite. Concentrating on more trivial things, becoming more simple, less analytical. Let your day be unplanned, let life itself decide the structure of your reality, let things go out of your hands. People with this natal placement usually like to have control over their daily routines. This can be a factor of stress. By letting it go out of control, even symbolically once in a while, you will take a deep breath of chaos and freedom from “must” and “need”.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Ed Conolly

Thank you Xaos, this was excellent reading and very informative.! Although, with Mercury in Virgo, I’ll need to read it more than a few times to process it all


Gemini moon with a Virgo mercury in the 8th house.

My mind is a living madness.


I just loved it!!! It is really like me. You text is amazing and your perception is very accurate. Congratulations! (sorry my poor english).