Natal Moon in Libra

When a person has his natal Moon in Libra, the sign will grant a big part of its attributes to everything that the Moon represents in his chart. As the Moon is generally governing our emotional traits, Libran energy will make the native’s emotions rather balanced. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and has planet Venus as its ruling celestial body. It belongs to the cardinal signs along with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, and is an Air sign. Libra rules the 7th house, and all the matters connected with it – the most important ones being marriage and partnerships.

In the sign of Libra, the Moon is in peregrine condition. Peregrine is a rather neutral condition, where a celestial body does not function very potently (as it does when in domicile or in exaltation), nor is very weak (as it does when in detriment or fall). The Earth’s satellite can have some difficulties while placed in the last decan of the sign, as the next sign Scorpio is where the Moon is in fall. More particularly, the 3rd degree of Scorpio is considered to be the most devastating, which also can be felt in the last 5 degrees of Libra. We should here notice that the last degrees of Libra and the first of Scorpio are called the Via Combusta, where both luminaries are debilitated. It is no wonder that when the Sun is located in that area at the end of October, many nations worldwide celebrate the day of the dead and Halloween, in an attempt to balance the symbolic darkness that those degrees unleash.

For more information about the Moon’s potency in the signs you can read the article about the Moon’s Essential Dignities.
We also should note that the Moon changes sign about every two and a half days, as it is the quickest moving celestial body. This means that, for calculating the exact placement and sign of our natal Moon, we should be as exact as we can with our time of birth. In some occasions, where the Moon is near the cusp of a new sign, even a mistake of a couple of hours can give us a different Moon sign result.
The Moon is the second brightest object in the sky, our planet’s satellite which influences the biorhythms of life with its orbit. The Moon is impersonated by the ancient Greek goddesses Selene and Artemis (Latin Diana). The Moon governs all liquids on earth, even on a physical level. The Moon’s movement has a direct effect on the tides of the sea, while also on the body liquids of plants and live organisms. It is connected with the divine feminine, and in our charts represents our own mother, other mother figures from people of our lives, while also our relations to the female gender.

Thus, when the Moon is in Libra, it will give a Libran type of mother. There is a high possibility that the mother is bearing quite a lot of Venusian feminine energy, making her romantic, emotional and sweet. She is probably a person who radiates positivity and tenderness and has love and affection as primary priorities in her life. She usually has her marriage above everything, dedicating herself to her spouse. This natal placement gives a diplomatic mother who is a good negotiator, calm and eager to smooth anything sharp in her relations with the native, while also in the family in general. The mother has good manners, and teaches them to the chart owner. All these traits are passing to the native as stereotypes when he is a child; these later manifest in his own life through his sentiments, while also in all the life areas which the Moon rules in his chart.
If the native’s Moon is well aspected, he will perceive his mother as a peaceful and charming person, who tries to solve situations through good will. His mother can frequently be of the sign of Libra. Alternatively, his mother may have a lot of planets in Libra, or her Venus strong by placement and aspects. An adversely aspected Moon in Libra may indicate that the mother has problems in her marriage, usually being the one that got hurt through any difficult situations. Bad aspects may make both the native and his mother experience their quest for harmony as a vain battle. Their natural diplomatic abilities may stumble upon bad luck, even if they try their best with people around them.

If the Moon is badly aspected and conjunct the malefic star Vindemiatrix at 9.56 degrees of Libra, the native will tend to worry a lot and have bad luck with contracts and the law. This placement brings a lot of insecurity, which can create a domino effect, having an impact both on the native’s career, health, and private life.
A Libra Moon person is usually in love with love. The energy of the Moon blends with that of the sign’s ruler – Venus. This makes the native get inspired by everything connected to romanticism and love in its purest forms. For such individuals, love is art, and usually, art is love too. This placement can awaken a lot of artistic abilities, and if other aspects support and empower it he can have good artistic abilities. Nevertheless, such a person will always appreciate all forms of art, even making interaction with them an everyday hobby.

Curiously enough, natal Moon in Libra can make a person excel in creating bonds between people. Whoever has this placement will frequently set up meetings between his friends and make them know each other. Of course, this can also create new couples, as some of such meetings will bring dates as a next step. This ability is somehow included in the negotiator traits, and the chart owner will enjoy bringing others together.

Individuals with their Natal Moon in Libra will enjoy everything that is luxurious, the same way as Taurus Moon people do. Yet, they do not need to possess that object. On the contrary, they will prefer to admire its beauty and even promote it to others, rather than feel the urge to make it their own. Naturally, a Libra Moon person may become a great decorator or elsehow become connected with any type of design.

Another strong trait of having the natal Moon in Libra is the love of air. People with such a placement may have hobbies connected with it, such as paragliding or parachutes, while also will enjoy flying with airplanes. It might create pilots, and when in a female’s chart it can bring a very strong urge to become a stewardess – a totally Libran job as it combines beauty and charm along with flying in the air. Also, we shouldn’t forget that the Moon is responsible for feeding and nurturing others, so the chances of following such a career are rather high – especially when this placement happens in the 6th or 10th house.

Finally, such Moon in Libra may make the person a good wife or husband, as Libra traditionally governs marriage through its natural home, the 7th house. Such people are destined to search their other half because their emotions prompt them to merge in a partnership. Of course, this natal placement can also trigger business partnerships that look like marriage, and emotions can develop also towards the job partners. Of course, these feelings are not necessarily sexual – we could even state the opposite. They are more about the need to create a positive environment for progress, a family in one’s working surroundings, and a balanced atmosphere of collaboration.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Please consider changing this:

It might create pilots, and when in a female’s chart it can bring a very strong urge to become a stewardess – a totally Libran job as it combines beauty and charm along with flying in the air”

should instead say:

“It might inspire pilots or a very strong urge to become a stewardess, combining beauty and charm along with flying in the air.”

Please don’t say “it might create pilots” and then differentiate when relating to a “female” chart, as if females can only become stewardesses as opposed to pilots.


very sexist