Natal Moon in the 10th House

When a native has natal Moon in the 10th house, he is feeling rather emotional about his public image and is overly concerned about how other people perceive him. This placement can be quite good for all female type jobs, while can also bring fame, even temporarily.

The Moon is in detriment in the 10th house, because the house’s ruler is Capricorn; the sign that opposes Cancer, the natural realm of the Moon. Thus, even a well-aspected Moon will function in weakened ways. Nevertheless, it is still a good placement, and can even bring fame and a good public image. As the Moon is the quickest celestial object, the benefits it grants to the house matters are of a fluctuating nature and do not last long. The positive thing is that the quick movement of the Moon may make them easily reappear; of course to wane away again, exactly as the phases of the Moon.

The 10th house is ruling the dominant parent of the native, and the presence of the Moon in the 10th house indicates that his mother is a rather strong character, frequently absent from home due to career-related issues. In addition, she may have some attributes of a public figure and somehow deal with masses. This placement can indicate a general high position of the family in the social system and the native is being taught from his young years that prestige and recognition are very important. The dominant parent may be a Cancer sign person or elsehow have the Moon strongly emphasized in the natal chart.

The Moon in the 10th house can act exceedingly well in charts of people that interconnect with masses and audiences. It is very positive for politicians, spokespersons while also artists who perform on stage. Generally, the Moon is rather unstable and can bring a lot of changes into the native’s career. He may change many of his activities, and even when he decides to do something permanently, they will go through many transformations. There will not exist a steady pattern of business growth and both the income and the success will be of a mutable nature. The profession will not be so dependent on the individual’s efforts but rather on external currents and trends that are highly uncontrolled. More efforts will not mean more success, and less efforts will not mean failure. His occupation will just be like fishing; no matter how much dedicated or good the fisherman is, there are other factors that decide if there will be a good catch.

As the Moon is ruling the 4th house and the family’s roots, when located in the 10th house it can grant a family business which the native is called to continue as a tradition. Due to the Moon’s rulership of food and cooking, this placement gives a high possibility for the family business to be a traditional restaurant passing through the kin’s generations. In addition, the Moon can bring an occupation connected with women; another alternative explanation is that the native will have women as co-workers or bosses and that he will generally be aided a lot by females in structuring his career.

The Moon is the celestial body ruling one’s emotions, and when configured in the 10th house it will definitely make the native be sentimentally connected to his work. His successes are received with great pleasure, while any possible failures can easily hurt his feelings. Such a placement gives a quite strong charisma, even in front of cameras. On the other hand, an afflicted Moon by Mars, Saturn or Pluto can give many worries concerning the native’s work and public image, which in turn can even lead towards hysterical outbursts. Another issue that might occur is hasty business decisions, mostly based on emotional insights than sheer logic and strategy. These can be of a quite detrimental nature for the job progress, and such a person should always have a more stable advisor who can have a different perspective and halt the native before acting carelessly.

The Moon in the 10th house is also good for occupations that have to do with nurturing. Especially in female natal charts, the Moon will create a good caretaker. People who have the Moon here may become good nurses, hotel managers, stewards and generally anything that involves offering and serving others.

The Moon in the 10th house is very vulnerable to negative criticism, and the individual’s emotions are easily hurt. Such people can hold grudges towards others that make negative comments, while an adverse aspect with Pluto or Mars can give a quite revengeful character. There can be traumas concerning insecurity about work, and even the slightest negative comment can be felt as being poked on the wound. The native is too much concerned about what the others say about him, which can quite a lot drain his energy. The best advice for a tenth house Moon person is to ignore others’ opinions, no matter if they are good or bad, and to concentrate on what he really does. Dealing with your emotions during your working hours will simply devour a great amount of time which could be used for working and progressing.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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How true, to the extent, I am a 10th house moon in leo, so sensitive to words among the other concepts of being a leo moon. You ate so on it.


Kylie Jenner has this aspect and describes her to the T! Wow Xaos.