Natal Moon in the 11th House

When an individual has his natal Moon in the 11th house, his self-esteem and emotions are strongly linked to his friends and activities that he experiences with them. A well-aspected Moon is great for socializing, while difficult aspects may create quite a lot of issues concerning oversensitivity.

When the Moon is located in the house of groups, it will bring a lot of females as friends. The feminine energy will be prevailing in organizations that the native is a part of, and the overall atmosphere of group activities will be rather sentimental. The friends and the native have an intense emotional need of belonging to a group, and social gatherings nourish them. As the Moon and sign Cancer are traditionally ruling the 4th house which represents one’s home, the groups will frequently gather at the members’ apartments so that the atmosphere is cozy.

If the Moon is adversely aspected, too much emotion may create disturbances in such groups. There are possibilities of quarrels between the native and female friends, or being a witness of tension between female participants of these groups. When the Moon is afflicted, it can lead to hysterical reactions and other mental outbursts towards and from friends. Usually, such reactions are quickly forgotten; the Moon is the quickest celestial body and the results of its movements do not last for long.

Due to the same reason, the native will probably experience some changes in his friendships; the Moon is constantly bringing new acquaintances. The old ones tend to fade exactly as the Moon wanes before completing its monthly cycle. An eleventh house Moon signifies a rather quick appearance of enthusiasm towards new friends, without previously knowing the other person well. Friendships are mostly built through intuition but seldom last for long; the wave of emotions will eventually disappear. On the other hand, this placement gives a high possibility for the rebirth of old friendships. This might follow very strange patterns; the native may even forget a person for some years and suddenly start hanging out every day, as if time has not passed since their previous common experiences.

An individual with the Moon in the 11th house does not like loneliness; if the Moon is not fed by indulging in group activities the native will eventually slide towards depression. There is a constant need for being around lots of people, and in some situations when the native’s Moon is in Scorpio or conjunct Pluto, he might even be vampirizing on the group’s energy. This may be done unconsciously and is not necessarily unethical: the native might only feel that he has a strong need to be around others and is not always able to understand that his presence is draining them.

Generally, the Moon in the 11th house gives an unstable social life which also has influences in the inner sentimental condition of the individual. He can be quite moody and does not actually know what to seek from his friendships. His friends might be the best ones for killing time; on the other hand, unless the Moon is supported by more stable planets, the friendships remain rather shallow.
In case that the Moon is well-aspected, the native may be part of groups of an altruistic direction and benevolent causes. Such a placement can lead to voluntary work connected to caretaking and is especially linked to offering food to the homeless and poor, while also nursing. A woman with natal Moon in the 11th house may join the Red Cross or some similar organizations that aid people in need or refugees.

As the 11th house also means help from friends, any individual with a well-aspected Moon in this house will often be aided by females. In the initial stages of the native’s life, the mother is more regarded as a friend than as a parent, which eventually creates a friendly pattern towards all people with prevailing feminine energy. Thus, female friends may help them very much, both financially and with career issues.

If you have the Moon placed here, you should always remember that the best thing is not to depend too much on other people, as in the end, you start to dissolve your personality and receive traits that are not yours. With such a placement, the best is to find the golden balance between yourself and others, as in the end, this will enhance your dealings with them.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Quite insignificant things about such an important planet in astrology. Very superficial article. I’m disappointed.

Larry Thackwell

I’m sorry for you


What if I don’t want any female friends (only fuck buddies of said gender)?


Classy….”I have NO interest in you as a person, I only want to use your vagina (or mouth) like a toilet, instead of my own hand” — WHO can resist that??

In your case, I would guess that other planets in your chart are influencing you away from the GENERAL interpretation in this article – it clearly says “probably”, “may be”, “generally”, etc, and is only one SMALL part of your whole chart.

Siya Herstelle Xaquelina Shilla

This describes me alot most of my friends are female. My dominant energy is female and I also I have the occasional tendency to have a bit of a co dependant persona