Natal Moon in the 6th House

When the Moon is located in the 6th house of a natal chart, its swift motion can bring frequent changes in jobs that the native follows. This placement creates the workaholic and the person that sticks to a daily routine, while is also probably the best for a cook.

The Moon is the celestial body responsible for food and its preparation; thus a native with the Earth’s satellite in the house of work will probably choose such an occupation. This placement does not have to do with cooking only though. It can bring jobs connected with packaging food, grocery stores, hotels, catering, fast food, etc. The Moon does not provide a lot of stability, and this individual will experience a lot of changes in workplaces. In a woman’s chart, this could also signify other kinds of domestic work like cleaning other people’s houses, while also not working and being a housewife at home. The sixth house is also responsible for service towards others, and the Moon in the 6th house can mean that the native, as a nurturing parent, will sacrifice his work in order to serve his children at home. Such people usually love cleaning and do not consider it boring.

As the 6th house is ruling one’s health, the Moon’s presence can make the native’s stomach weak. He may have problems with digestions, while with hard aspects there might be problems with ulcers. Generally, the native’s digestive system is directly linked to his emotions, ruled by the Moon, thus stress and worries can have a direct effect on it. The best remedy is something simple, yet often difficult to achieve: the native needs to relax and take his problems less seriously. In case that the Moon has an adverse aspect with Mars, there may be possibilities of having an operation connected to the stomach; people with this placement should check their health frequently.

The Moon in the 6th house can make a person hypochondriac, and with harsh aspects to Mercury or Uranus, the native will have delusions of being sick and will constantly complain to others just to gain their attention. There is a quite big risk that his hysteric approach towards health issues will, in the end, create some, probably of a different type than the ones he thinks he has. This situation can get even worse if the native uses the problems that appear in order to justify himself towards his surroundings. In the end, the whole thing might end up as a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the native vampirizing the other’s sympathy and even their ability to show affection towards his sickness. An adversely aspected Moon can even become affectionate to such kind of problems.

The sixth house is ruling one’s routines, and this natal placement indicates a person who is very fond of his own habits. These natives have their own daily rituals and follow them. They usually wake up at the same time in the morning and also sleep at the same time at night. They like building nutrition schedules and will probably follow some special diets. There are even big possibilities that their job will be dietician for example. In their job, they are workaholics, and this might be an archetype they caught from their mother. The 6th house indicates a mother who was a great housekeeper, making the native’s home functioning as a clock and who was always busy doing something. This is copied by the young child and is used subconsciously later in his life.

Some issues that a native with such a 6th house Moon should be careful about is his depressive tendencies. The Moon in the 6th house does not indicate chronic depression, but there will definitely be some days per month when the native will feel low. These days are connected with the phases of the Moon, and if the native searches about possible patterns that reappear, he will then understand how it functions, while even be able to battle it. In case that the Moon has difficult aspects with Saturn, Mars or Uranus, the native should be more careful about his mental health as these can be indicators of bipolar disorder or other types of mental problems.

In addition, when someone has the Moon in the 6th house, there can be proneness to be used by his co-workers. The native is very hard-working, which is observed by others and so they tend to procrastinate and let the biggest amount of work fall on his shoulders. In case you have this natal placement and understand that you are being used, stop feeling so affectionate about your job and become a little bit fairer towards yourself. It is not only the co-worker’s fault, it is also yours since you allow him to do that. Worry a little bit more about your own health; it is more important than the prosperity of your employer. It is your stomach that will have problems, not your employers’ if you are in constant stress!

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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this may be another thing to say about the moon in the 6th, or it may be an aspect with my moon here but I do not like to talk about my personal life, I keep work and that seperate. I will always be the one listening to others discuss their problems and help them sort them out but I won’t truly talk about my own. For me it’s safer just to help them sort their life together.

also I am a vegetarian/vegan and I do play close attention to what I eat and am sympathetic so if anything the first thing people will find out about me at work is how I do not eat animals. This they will find out because I won’t be able to eat certain things they serve at parties or w/e. Lol my health in that regard does seem to be on display.

also I will quit any job that doesn’t truly treat me as much as I give, I have learned from my first experience that I demand more respect for all that I truly give. I was always given more responsibility. I was the only translator they trusted, I organized things well, etc and because I don’t talk at my job I was always efficient. I worked at several departments around the work place as well.


Hey, moon in 6th here also and vegan. I kinda relate to what you’re saying with the first paragraph as well. I kinda like to compartmentalize certain aspects of my life, but honestly that privacy-oriented mindset could just be my Scorpio Asc working.

Wanna chat? lol. DM @ren_xotwod (throwaway acc) and we can take it from there. Peace!


Good evening sir very nice research sir …..I’m having Venus in 6 the house with the conjunction of moon in aries …..
I’m aries rasi, virutchiga lugna ,baranistar sir how I’m get my job and marriage sir…
Thank you