Natal Moon in the 8th House

When a person has his natal Moon in the 8th house, his mind can transcend to the outer realms quite easily, making it possible to manipulate energy for magical use. There will be a constant battle between darkness and light in the native’s mind, as the Moon here will many times express its dark side.

The Moon is the quickest celestial body, and its placement in the 8th house indicates quite a lot of sexual partners. This does not mean that the native will have a lot of casual sex; quite the contrary is what happens. The native desires emotional security, and its placement in the eighth house will make him yearn for deep feelings. There can be some sort of insecurity concerning sex, and the native may quickly rush into relationships, in order to feel nurtured. The Moon can bring very romantic relations, but the quick nature of the Earth’s satellite may make romances end rather soon and bring new ones.

The native with the Moon in the 8th house will frequently feel sexual unrest; his mind will always be yearning for something more, for something deeper. This can be a reason for him abandoning, or being abandoned by partners; feelings fluctuate really fast. A person with such a placement will be fascinated rather quickly by something new, especially if it is forbidden or secret. The Moon is capable of bringing intense feelings, yet they can fade away in the same way easily. As the 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, the Moon inherits a lot of their traits. The Moon does not feel comfortable in the realm of Scorpio and tends to show its cruel face, expressing jealousy, suspicion, and obsession.

Having the Moon in the house of secrets will make curiosity an important trait of one’s personality. He will be interested in the mysteries of life and death, while also about anything taboo. If the natal Moon in the 8th house is in a water sign, the person will have quite a lot of psychic abilities, being even capable of psychic vampirism. In case that the Moon is in Scorpio, the native can become a sexual vampire, and with adverse aspects from other planets, he may frequently use such powers in order to absorb the energy of his partners. This can be done unconsciously, and seem to the native as a thirst for deep feelings. In case you have such aspects, try getting into introspection and analyze your relationships. You might understand that many problems have appeared in your relations, and if you are true to yourself you will observe that you are a big source of them. Stop vampirizing on others, as the difficult aspects of this placement will have an adverse effect on your own life, and more particularly in the life areas represented by the houses where the planets aspecting the Moon are located.

As the native’s gates to the other realms are widely opened, there can be a danger of being vampirized too. This will frequently happen if the Moon is located in some passive sign, such as Pisces, Cancer or Libra. With these placements, the native will generally be very emotional, and very sensitive to vibes from other people. His intuition is strongly developed and can receive a lot of information through dreams, oracles or other types of insight. These abilities are inherited from the native’s mother and generally, pass through the female line of ancestors. With the Moon in the 8th house, there are even possibilities of communication with the deceased. In some cases, such an aspect can indicate an early loss of the mother or some other important female figure in the native’s life.

The 8th house represents the finances coming from the individual’s marriage partner. With the Moon placed in this house, the spouse’s finances will be of a fluctuating nature, following the phases of the Moon. This placement does not indicate someone rich unless supported by other benefics. On the other hand, it is neither an indicator of poverty; the Moon tends to create an average wealth which does not cumulate.

The 8th house is ruling legacies, and the presence of the Moon will bring an inheritance, usually from a female person. The financial value of the legacy might not be very big but will definitely have a large impact on the person’s sentiments.

If you have this natal placement, you should be very careful of any occult powers that you possess. The dark side of the Moon is easily awakened in you, and you will be frequently tempted to do malice instead of good. This placement is frequent in people (especially females) that are into sorcery and witchcraft. There might be a tradition in your family of following such dark roads, and it is in your hands now to break it. Do not forget that you have the ability to choose your own destiny in this incarnation, and dissolve any poisonous attributes that have passed to you from previous lives or your ancestral lineage. Be good, and the Moon will reward you with its shining side.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Moon in Virgo. This is the best describction I have seen! Love your site!


ive looked for thid combo forever, have you found a way to explain this mix?


Why is “sorcery and witchcraft” a dark road, of bad ancestrial karma, that one must break?
Unless it means, doing malice or evil or bad spells or manipulative dark things with sorcery and withccraft — that I can understand.

But if someone (or their family passed down) studies things like wicca, alchemy or even practices spells but only “good” ones, no evil or bad… Just controlling energy, energy work.. Healing ones and prayers too… Is that still bad ancestrial karma, and a wrong path that one must break free of?

Genuine question, I am braced for impact and open to digesting whatever feedback is given to me on this! Thank you for your consideration, Kind regards.


One thing that has always turned me off to Wicca is exactly what you said: CONTROLLING energy. I feel like people who need to do spells are control freaks. They cannot just allow life to unfold as it will. And that will tend to seep into other areas of life like trying to control people. Even a “white witch” spell to get someone to love you is unethical, in my opinion. I don’t believe we should ever try to manipulate others in a covert way of any kind.


I’m a 8th house moon 29 degrees cancer!! When my grandmother died transit Mercury was conjunct my natal moon and when my auntie passed away the sun was conjunct my moon coincidence??


I have heard the 29 degree is a fated degree. There are articles online about 29, and 00 degree placements you might want to look for.