Natal Neptune in the 10th House

When an individual has Natal Neptune in the 10th house, his career matters are strongly dependent on the condition of the planet. A well aspected Neptune will have an astonishing effect, while an adversely aspected can act as a totally passive malefic, which the native has absolutely no control over.

Nevertheless, the 10th house is a rather good placement for this dreamy yet erratic planet. It is far better to have it present here than in a house that directly affects the native’s life. After all, the traditional rulers of the 10th house (Capricorn and Saturn) are giving some of their serious traits to the otherwise borderless nature of Neptune. This restriction of the liquid Neptunian energy may be more easily channeled into some special career goal; provided of course that it is somehow connected with Neptunian jobs.

To make it clearer, Neptune is not helpful for any job that has a concrete structure and that needs organization. No matter how hard the individual tries, he will not be able to put himself in a routine to do some serious business involving details. Thus, the preferable jobs are of an artistic or elsehow flexible nature, which allow freedom of movements. A reason behind these patterns frequently is the character of the native’s most dominant parent. He actually was not dominant and misplaced himself as a parental figure, showing a lot of weakness towards the young native and confusing him about principles of discipline and authority. Also, one of the parents might have been absent or indulge in substance abuse; the individual does not observe someone working hard and successful enough to develop a role model regarding how a career should be structured. In some extreme cases, the individual’s parent may have serious mental illness and even be restricted, at least in his own fantasy world if not in a real institution.

A person with natal Neptune in the 10th house will definitely not understand early in his life the direction that he wants to follow. It usually takes quite a lot of time to clear out what he really loves to do, but from his early years, he understands it is something rather unconventional. A very common pattern is that such people will tend to be involved in unstable jobs until their thirties, and curiously enough Neptune will rather produce a lot of temporary bartenders as he rules alcohol. With harder aspects, especially with malefic planets in the 12th house, the person can be involved in substance selling, having of course quite a lot of risks of being caught and to end up in restriction places. We firmly advise all people who have such an aspect to prefer doing a legal job instead of risking passing their young years in jail.

Except for artistic careers, the native with Neptune in the 10th house can also make religion or spiritualism his life-path. A well aspected Neptune will definitely bring some Guru-type person in the native’s life, from whom he will learn a lot and later implement this knowledge into his work. Such types of natives are easily received in the embrace of a church or other religious groups, but one should be very careful if his natal Neptune is ill-aspected. This could signify being guided by people with false pretenses, charlatans, and swindlers.

Natal Neptune in the 10th house can also signify becoming a charlatan yourself, through using the occult or spiritual knowledge that you have developed in a wrong way. Generally, the secretive nature of Neptune may lead to wrong career paths such as this even if the native does not understand it. He might firmly believe that his services are of the best quality, while the truth may be that he is just vampirizing on his victims’ minds and pockets. This can be particularly observed when Neptune forms bad aspects with Mars or Mercury.

As Neptune does not only rule the depths of the mind but also the depths of the sea, an alternate career direction that could be very successful for someone with Neptune in the 10th house is everything connected with water. This could be fishing or working in a ship, oceanography, marine life protection and everything else similar.
When Neptune is aspecting Venus, the native has exquisite abilities in performing the arts. His body is very sensitive to currents and vibrations, making him have the liquidity needed for becoming a wonderful dancer or actor. If also supported positively by the Sun or the Moon, there are very big possibilities of becoming famous through his art.

Generally, Neptune in the house of fame is throwing a veil of secrecy over these matters. This will create a lot of rumors, most of them not having any connection to reality. The nature of these rumors will highly depend on other planets involved in this aspect. Scandals and disgrace are not something uncommon, especially with an ill-aspected Neptune. The native should be aware that he is very vulnerable to such rumors, and even the positive ones might have a very strong influence on him. This is not necessarily good; a positive rumor might have an adverse effect on his productivity; he might indulge a lot in experiencing grandiose pride inside his mind instead of continuing to invest in his work. On the other hand, negative rumors will do the exact opposite, and the person may lose a lot of time by worrying and getting depressed because of them.

Generally, a tenth house Neptune person should always have someone more practical to aid him with his work. A manager, a friend or a relative should be constantly throwing a look on what the native does, as he lacks the clear view of the big picture. They must take care that he is not used or underpaid, as he tends to undervalue his work and also lacks understanding of how the system works concerning financial matters. This ignorance can bring a loss of income, which ends up in the pocket of someone else.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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