Natal Neptune in the 11th House

With natal Neptune in the 11th house, the native’s friendships are surrounded by the planet’s mist, making them either fantastic or deceptive. The sign in which Neptune is located, and especially the aspects of other planets play a very important role in defining whether this natal placement is good or bad.
In any case, the individual with such a placement will attract quite a lot of people who will be of a rather weird nature. The 11th house is traditionally ruled by Aquarius and planet Uranus, and the presence of Neptune will bring friends who are mysterious and artistic. As Neptune rules substances, the native’s friends may frequently indulge in alcohol or drug abuse, which will make them rather unreliable and passive as characters. The native should be rather cautious, because such people may influence him a lot; hard aspects of Neptune to Mars or other “malefics” indicate that he may also enter their fake world of addictions.

Neptune is dissolving the barriers of the house in which it is located, so when in the eleventh house, it blurs the borders between the native and his friends. The groups in which he is a member may operate as a collective organism and the individual traits of each participant are dissolving in the mass; this might be a wonderful experience of unification, of course, provided that each person has good intentions. The danger is always present since some of the members with darker intentions might manipulate the group and deny any responsibility for their actions. They will cover it up under the collective responsibility, or even try to blame others (and the native too) for anything that can go wrong.

If you have Neptune in the 11th house, be always sure that you build the right boundaries. In addition, as your perception might be idealizing your friends, have a family member, or someone else whom you have trusted for a long time, telling you their opinion about people you hang out with. A different (and maybe even more conservative) point of view can save you from unwanted situations. Always be alert when your friends try to get much from you, and consider your life and belongings as something that they can influence or take as if it was normal. Guard against psychic vampires, their masks can be fascinating but it is what is behind that counts. Neptune in the 11th house tends to bring people that will abandon you when your finances decline, and this will definitely happen if natal Neptune is squaring some planet in the second house or its ruler.

On the other hand, the groups of people to which the native is attracted can be of a very spiritual nature, and when good aspects are present, they will altogether indulge in activities that will expand their consciousness. Such groups might be of humanitarian purpose, promoting beneficial ideas and altruism.

Natal Neptune in the eleventh house is great for being part of musical or artistic organizations. The native will probably join at least one amateur artistic group, while it can also indicate singing in choirs as Neptune rules spirituality and is connected with both singing and church. In any case, music and the fine arts will definitely be present in the gatherings of such groups – at least as a background of their functions if not as a central cause.

An adversely aspected Neptune will make the possibility of receiving help from friends when in difficulties, highly doubtful. The most probable reaction would be that they will passively observe the native, and just show some compassion but not indulge in material or practical support. On the contrary, the individual himself might always aid his acquaintances, even if they seldom show some signs of gratitude.

Neptune in the 11th house can be a great blessing if used correctly, as it can lead to becoming part of pioneering hyper-organisms of people who unite. The native definitely strives to create such a fantastic union, a utopian community where the individual souls blend and merge into a collective one. Nevertheless, he should always exercise wisdom concerning such matters. Even if such ideas will lead towards a better society, he must be sure that the rest of the group members share common visions. Thus, they should hang on their individuality as much as possible, and not allow a loss of personal Ego to happen unless they are totally sure about it.

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