Natal Neptune in the 12th House

When Neptune is in the 12th house of a natal chart, it feels at home. The 12th house is the archetypal house of Pisces, and Neptune who is their ruler can only function well when is in his own domain. Even adverse aspects to the planet have their own meaning of existence, and this is awakening him through lessons and allowing him to shine his Neptunian light into the depths of the natives subconscious and unconscious.

The 12th house is the house responsible for all the things that are laying beyond the native’s conscious mind, and the ethereal presence of Neptune awakens abilities that are connected with his own deeper layers, but also with the collective unconscious of mankind. This placement can make someone a great psychologist, even if he does not follow this as a career. For a career in psychology, more indicators are needed, connected with the tenth or sixth house. Otherwise, the abilities will remain in his personal life, making the native the compassionate friend that will always be there for other people, ready to solve their internal dilemmas and problems.

Neptune in the 12th house goes beyond the realms of reality as we observe it. A person with such a placement can develop clairvoyance and other psychic abilities, his dreams might be prophetic or include symbolisms that can be later decoded. The reason for that is that his gates are open to the world of archetypes and symbols more than anyone else’s, but an adverse effect is that when a gate is open, things from the other side can enter back. This, combined with the passiveness that Neptune tends to give, can make them very sensitive, and their ability to absorb everything through osmosis can make them a shell attracting the sufferings of others. Their natural empathy makes them easily receive other people’s thoughts and the general atmosphere of the environment, even having effects on their own body. Of course, when instincts and conscious thoughts reach high development, such kind of people start avoiding whatever is negative and manage to protect themselves from their surroundings.

The 12th house is also responsible for institutions, thus giving a great possibility for either working in one, or being part of one. Again, the whole chart must be examined to see which of the two (or none) will happen. Being in an institution does not necessarily mean imprisonment by force, and only those with very destructive aspects would reach an asylum. There is a higher probability for a conscious entrance, and as Pisces and Neptune are closely tied up with spirituality and religion, one with such a placement could either try some kind of monasticism or hermeticism, or just spend some time as a loner, walking his personal path of understanding his own depths.

Something that a 12th house Neptunian should always be careful is feelings of guilt that can appear without apparent reason. Their inclination to help all people around them will probably fail to become a reality, as there is neither time nor a way to aid everyone. Whenever someone around them experiences a personal catastrophe, the native tends to feel blamed by himself, which is negatively affecting his everyday reality. The lesson to be always remembered is that by allowing guilt creep in his mind, he actually turns towards being the person who is in need of help, instead of being a person who can help others. If one genuinely wants to assist others, he must first learn to stand firm in his own existence. A doctor must be cold-blooded if he wants his job done well. This is the best form of compassion that he can show.

Another issue that an individual with Neptune in the 12th house should be careful of, is addictions to substances. In case that there exist squares or oppositions with Mars, or even the benefics Jupiter and Venus, he has tendencies to overindulge in whatever alters his reality. Neptune chooses such kind of roads to feed itself, without caring what this can create to the body. We should not forget that our physical shell is ruled by the Ascendant, and if the presence of Neptune is too close to it, the effects of substances can even be harsher.

Neptune in the 12th house is also wonderful for all people involved in any kind of art; they are capable of receiving the waves and trends flowing in the collective dreams. The images that they catch with their super-sensitive antennas can create massive déjà-vu when presented to the audience, giving them a very quick rise in their career. Also, in case that other planets strengthen this position, one can handle mass hypnosis phenomena. This does not have to do with hypnotism as a psychiatric technique; the native could simply be a music composer whose music can be so catchy as a vibration that large masses receive it as an “earworm” reproducing it unconsciously, many times during a day.

Whoever has Neptune in the 12th house should find ways of building protective barriers towards all what is outside them. The reason is simple: too many information. When a barrier does not exist, the data and the collective feelings keep streaming to his conscious mind without something to stop them, leading to a tiring reality where no privacy of thoughts is present. The best way, of course, is constructive. Whether this will be a dedication to art or to some other hobby, the native must find a pattern that will channel this flow towards a certain direction. When the channel is built, it is easier to create protective taps for the flow.

Currently, Neptune is slowly transiting through Pisces and will be swimming inside its own home until 2025. This will be a strong generational phenomenon, as all the children born during these years will have very strong Neptunian characteristics. If we also consider that roughly one out of twelve will have a Pisces Neptune in the 12th house, we will probably see these children become the most spiritual generation of the last centuries. Perhaps a different, better world awaits us, where collective traumas are healed and peace is a vital goal of humanity.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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thank you!!! as someone with moon and neptune in the 12th house this is some great insight


Just curious, have you ever had a drug dependency? I have moon conjunct Uranus in Scorpio in the 12 house I had had drug issues in the past.

Sag in the hizouse

I also have a moon neptune conjunction in the 12th house!

lola in CA

I don’t understand this. My MIL is bright, educated, but has always been utterly batshit crazy-bitch about me being in her sons world. She has done everything in her power to destroy my character, wedding, marriage, literally EVERYTHING. She is scary-mean. And it defies logic. She’s brow-beaten her husband and kids to serve her needs 100% so you can imagine how this might have negatively affected my marriage. She has mastered the art of triangulation to a sick art form.

She has Sun Gemini, Moon in Virgo conjunct Asc in First House, and Neptune on degree off her Ascendant in Virgo in 12 House. She has an almost psychotic hatred for me. It defies the imagination. I’m looking into her chart to figure out what the Hell her problem is. She’s competitive, mean, insanely manipulative , frankly textbook Narcissist, too.

Your description of neptune make the individual sound sensitive kind. Well, she is — to herself and her core family. She is not kind to those outside that circle or who she feels won’t applaud her every action.

What am I missing or what in her chart should I look for for someone wired so oddly they scream, throw things, make up lies about others and would ruin the joy of their only son in order to punish the woman he chose to marry.

Your thoughts?

Louise Sergaki

Thank you a very interesting read with my first journey into my own reading.