Natal Neptune in the 2nd House

Neptune is probably the most passive planet, and having it in the house of wealth and possessions is definitely not the best placement for finances. Nevertheless, that might not have an adverse effect on the native’s life, as it is very frequent that people with Neptune placed there do not care about material gains.

People with Neptune in the 2nd house are very impractical in everything that concerns money. They do not pay attention to their expenses, and definitely do not have their financial life programming as a priority in their daily routine. Even if they are wealthy, they just don’t care what is happening in their wallet and how their assets are being spent. They can be easily swindled, especially if Neptune is forming a tough aspect with Mars or/and Mercury. Second house Neptune people must also be very careful not to become financially vampirized by religious cults and spiritual charlatans.
Books, theatre, music concerts and other forms of art and entertainment are often one of their biggest expenses; Neptune desires to be fed through the second house and this can be rather expensive, as he likes luxury and prestige connected with the fine arts. The native with Neptune in the 2nd house might prefer to spend his remaining money for the month in going to concerts than to keep some for his basic needs. Such behaviors can lead to bankruptcy, even though that might not be a tragedy when that happens, as the person usually does not have a lot to lose, and always starts from scratch again.

In extreme circumstances, the native can vow poverty, for his own religious, cultural or political beliefs. When Neptune in the 2nd house forms a trine with the Sun, the Moon, or other fame-bringing planets that are located in the 10th house, he can become a social paradigm, a well-known person for his conscious stance towards relinquishment of material goods. Another issue that can appear when Neptune resides in the second house is under-valuation of one’s work and charging for it a lot a less than the actual worth of the work done.

On the other hand, through such kind of artistic pursuits, the character of the person becomes highly spiritual and he evolves in a very natural way as a personality. His whole existence is illuminated by the finer response to vibrations that he receives. His spirit might be a lot clearer than the rest of the world, as emotions are a lot more valuable for him. He might easily become a being that spreads unconditional love, ignoring all forms of materialism that tend to divide people. That attitude might turn out good for them, as they might live very happily. Frequently, such kind of people will end up being parts of auto-organized communes where money has no place, and even if they do not choose a stable life in such groups they will definitely choose such camps as destinations for their vacation. Their simple way of life might even lead them to become self-sustained by creating a farm to produce the necessary food.

In some situations, when Mars is in conjunction with Neptune, or a “malefic” from the 12th house creates a square with it, the person might gain money through selling drugs. If you do it, stop doing it: a “malefic” in the 12th house can even signify imprisonment. Very frequently, this placement of the misty planet can give artistic jobs; they will not get much money from that unless Jupiter or another benefic is positively aspecting Neptune but can bring a lot of satisfaction. It can frequently give singers and musicians, but usually the unstable type that plays once in a while in bars or even on the streets.

Before getting involved in any type of business, natives with Neptune in the 2nd house should always consult someone who has a better vision about finances. Neptune does not help to catch the full picture of the project in the correct way, and solely depending on the native’s intuition can go pretty wrong. They should have an external observer who realistically reassesses the chances of success, in order not to fail in a project that otherwise would have a lot of possibilities to succeed. Also, issues like retirement, pension and savings should be thoroughly planned, as many times this Neptune placement brings procrastination and laziness in such issues, with unwanted results in the end.

A job that can bring quite a good income for such natives is selling antiques and paintings; if Neptune is positively aspected, it might even bring huge amounts of money but mostly in unexpected ways. Neptune in the 2nd house does not guarantee a steady income, in the same way that the Moon does not either. This feminine giant planet has its own mysterious ways of gifting its presents, which do not follow the stable rules of cause and effect.
In the end, any financial advice that we would give, would probably have no effect on the person who has this natal aspect. Simply because this whole area of his life is being perceived through different lenses, of a higher octave. Should we maybe observe them, and learn from them?

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Apparently my Neptune is in the 2nd house and this does not describe me at all. I track my expenses every day in a spreadsheet and started saving for retirement in my 20s. Never had a problem being swindled, typically very good at sussing that out, have protected my mom, dad, spouse, and neighbors from that even. While money isn’t a huge motivating factor (would rather have more time off than more money), I definitely care about my material gains.

I’m just kind of surprised because usually when I read about placements in my chart it’s accurate, but I don’t connect with hardly a single sentence on this page. I checked out my aspects and didn’t see anything there either. Are there “cusps” for planets in the houses? Or is it possible something else is overriding my Neptune?


Hi, I felt the same way about a few of my placements until I changed my chart layout from placidus to the equal house system. By doing this some planets may shift houses (not drasticly though, only like one or two). You might find that your neptune may shift from the 2nd house to 1st house or the 3rd house, giving you a more accurate reading. Or check the sign that is on the cusp of your 2nd house, you might find this aligns better. Hope this helped.

Ósk Ingadottir

This fits me and my Scorpio Neptune in 2nd house.
Yes I gave up a carrier in theatre to follow a cult. ( the cult took all my money)
( I didn’t know it was a cult until 20 years later. )
I thought I was improving my life, but….. oh dear. So now I’m single with two boys to take care of with no support from father or other family members.
I’m on the Internet to try to find practical ways to earn money with my Neptune- Venus conjunction in the house of earnings. Yes practical! I have Mars in Virgo lol.
Thanks for sharing


What’s your 12th house like?


I’ve Neptune in the 2nd house and I loathe money and looking at my bank account. I have a rough idea how much money I have but hate tracking it. I view money as an ethereal thing that we have less control over than we like to think. Life brings us sudden windfalls and unexpected expenses. It comes and it goes. We cant really control it.