Natal Neptune in the 6th House

When Neptune is placed in the sixth house of a natal chart, it indicates a troubled everyday reality. This placement is a difficult one, creating a rather careless person with many difficulties structuring his life. He should be very careful not to become a prey of mischievous individuals that choose victims in order to use them.

As the 6th house rules employment, Neptune can bring periods when the native does not care about being employed or working in unstable jobs without a formal contract. Indeed, such a person might not be the best choice for any employer; a person with this natal placement is usually unreliable and might prefer daydreaming instead of working. The liquid nature of Neptune is not the best for organizing any 6th house affairs; he will always be rather chaotic in his work, frequently late and complacent. Neptune is strongly connected with water and is the traditional ruler of the 12th house; this brings him jobs connected to the sea and other water sources, while also to asylums, institutions, jails, and hospitals. Of course, other career indicators should also support this passive planet to give such kind of jobs; otherwise, the native will be aimlessly changing his career direction.

In case that the native with Neptune in the 6th house has his own business and employees, these tend to be disloyal, frequently procrastinating and even stealing from him. In the best situation, when Neptune is not adversely aspected, they will be erratic and passive in their work. When the blue planet is challenged by “malefics” such as Mars though, they might be stealing from him, cheating concerning the quality of their work, lie about time they dedicate and generally try to use the native for their favor.

As Neptune rules substances, being positioned in the 6th house is rather dangerous for drug users. In case that Neptune is adversely aspected, even by one planet only, the native should totally abstain from anything that makes his mind blurred. Also, he should be careful with handling all types of chemicals, as he might be rather careless and harm himself by poisoning. There is no other natal placement of Neptune giving such a big danger of being poisoned. Even when Neptune is located near the person’s Ascendant, it gives possibilities to be poisoned by others; but here in the sixth house, it mostly indicates personal accidents due to mishandling and a lack of care.

Neptune in the 6th house may have effects on the person’s health. This placement can give mysterious diseases or bad doctors; it is a common phenomenon that when these people are sick, the illness will hide itself from the eyes of the medic. In addition, the doctors can be swindlers and charlatans; thus if you have this natal placement you should wisely choose the person who treats you and checks you up. Even a good doctor can have his days off, and Neptune is likely to make him daydream while examining you. On the other hand, many of the health problems connected with Neptune are the ones that are difficult to fully understand or discover. Allergies, hypochondria and many autoimmune diseases without an apparent cause can manifest themselves during the person’s life. Most health disorders that Neptune in the 6th house brings are not life-threatening but can be chronic and persistent, irritating the native’s nerves and being present in his everyday reality. This could even be something as simple as a causeless constant itching and the need to scratch the skin. But, if this persists for months and years and becomes an everyday motive, it is likely that it will disturb the person a lot.

If you have your Neptune in the 6th house, you should be very careful about your natural tendency of researching alternative medicine and other ways of treatment. Neptune here gives big possibilities of being swindled by self-called gurus, tricked with expensive natural herbs and extracts that actually do not help you and generally are used by professionals who look for targets among easy believers. Also, you should never self-diagnose your health affairs, and no; do not shop those special pills from Bangladesh that you saw on Google. If they are just ineffective, maybe losing some money is not a problem for you, but what if they are dangerous for your health because they have not passed any approval through research of their effects?
The best advice for someone who has this natal placement is to organize his daily affairs by making lists. There is a definite need for structuring his reality, as the Neptunian energy is too flexible and foggy. What is needed is some steady rules to support his everyday actions and responsibilities, otherwise his life will be a constant havoc that only another person would be able to change. Indeed, even this is an option; nevertheless this implies a total surrender to the other individual and the transfer of control to him, which is not always the best option.

Neptune in the 6th house, house responsible for serving others, will usually give a passive role to the native. This is an internal need, as the native’s character is of a very compassionate nature. This is something difficult to change but can be handled if the individual learns to say no and put borders between him and the world around him. Serving others is not a bad thing; nevertheless one must be wise to choose whom he will serve and not just allow everyone to take advantage of him. In case that this happens, we are talking about some kind of a spiritual prostitution, where anyone is allowed to use the native. Of course, this can be seen only when Neptune is really badly aspected, usually by 3 or even more planets. This condition though, may also indicate mental disorders of some kind.

When Neptune in the 6th house is only well-aspected, it can indicate a spiritual healer. He is meant to heal other people, and this can become a life goal. There is a possibility that such a person will not care about anything else, and will dedicate himself to serve humanity selflessly. Of course, such a life can be very hard; there will be a relinquishment of most other things and priorities. In case that someone is on the verge of choosing such a road, he should reconsider all the options, and definitely stay out of sects and spiritual groups. They are probably telling him that it is his path to become a guru, exactly as they “already are”. Yet, the most possible thing is that they will vampirize on his money, personal time and (not anymore) free will.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Umm – I do not appreciate this DOOM AND GLOOM analysis of Neptune in 6th! You totally missed the FACT that Neptune in the 6th for an artist is EXACTLY the perfect placement. Thank goodness I have this!!! I will note… Aspects and other chart placements matter . My10th house is also intercepted Pisces((28Aquarius on the MC)) and I have a 12th House Gemini Moon. Even with my Mars in 12 opposite my Neptune and my 4th house Mercury in Virgo in square – engaging all 3 in a T square with Mercury at the apex – I am SUPER productive artistically!!! I do make lists though (Mercury in Virgo) Even with Transiting Neptune activating a grand Square in my chart for nearly a year!!! I have had THE MOST PRODUCTIVE and career affirming year of my life!!! From this time last year to now I have won film awards, been commissioned by major NYC arts organizations and concert halls AND I’m initiating in social activism programs as well as prison arts programs!!! So I say to your doom and gloom… REIGN THAT BACK A BIT!!! This doom and gloom perspective is not helping those of us with Neptune in the 6th!!! We have to hear the balanced wider perspective. Telling us we should not be relied on by employers???!! Come on now – that’s irresponsible and just RIDICULOUS!!! To Anyone reading this with Neptune in 6th- you are spiritually attuned. YOU are a receiver. You ARE highly sensitive in terms of how you receive energy into your body and auric field. It’s true. You must be sure to take periods of isolation from others to cleanse your body of energetic toxins. Eat VERY clean unprocessed foods and detox and get colonics when you are not eating clean. Allow yourself… Read more »


what you say makes sense. thank you.


Disappointing analysis. Some of your other readings have been v.good but this Neptune one is just completely wrong. Neptune in 6th House is good for someone in Arts or Creativity business – specifically good for Visual Arts. When I worked in Fashion as a stylist, on set I would go into a trance to create ideas out of the blue, everyone would ask me after, how did you do that? I wouldn’t be able to explain, years later after learning Astrology, I realised it was my Neptune 6th house that took charge (and I am a Pisces Sun square Neptune). This placement is also good for the person on a Spiritual Mission. Lightworkers of all kinds have similar placement. The reason their day is chaotic is because they are meant to go with the flow of the Divine. I use lots of To DO lists, but ultimately I follow the Lunar Cycle and the Zodiac sign for the Moon on a particular day. I use this energy to stay productive. I have been doing this for years now and 100% works for my sanity and success. Of course, if in India or places where people try to take advantage of you by selling fake religion, be very wary. But if you are on a specific spiritual mission and following your own independent unique path, then this Neptune creates magic in your life. I also have ONLY been able to make money from Neptune type jobs (specifically for me Visual Arts jobs, e.g Arts, Styling, Filmmaking, Spiritual Healing, etc). Everything else just made me miserable or was difficult. When I use my Neptune for work as an Artist, my life falls into place. Also, I meditate every single morning without fail before I begin my day – that is my own… Read more »


Thanks for your comment NeptunGoldenGirl! I have neptun retrograde in sag. in 6th trine sun and saturn in leo and I also must say that nothing beside artistic envedours brought money to my life even though I tried other things! I also use moon cycles and am starting to meditate and I think this is huge help! my jupiter is in 12th house – my dreams are absolutely crazy and I learn filmmaking to use my ideas from there (I am a dj in my daily life and I work swith music etc. but I have strong interest in movies since a child and now is kicking hard) – also I am selfemployed as with this neptun it is very hard to saty employed – there was always dramas, some kind of cheating and 2 faces situations by my employers. Also I realized interestimng thing: when I awas a kid I had serious problem with Tyriod – i was supposed to have an operation and it was life tratening situation – but a bioenergothrapist who was very religious (neptun) healed me within 1 month! so I guess it is important to find docrors or healers who either are very religious or artistic types! otherwise can be a lot of misunderstandings – the best is to ask about the birthdate of your doc and make synastry chart and compare the charts. Greetings to all Neptuns in 6th house ppl!

Alex Reagon

Yeah, thank you for input. Reading that was kind of heart pounding and anxiety inducing. I have Neptune and Saturn placed in the 6th and … I guess it just made me more fearful. I’ve had a litany of health problems. By reading your comment, I felt a lot better. Thank you.


I’m just echoing what others have said. This analysis of Neptune in 6th is pretty dismal and not very accurate, in my experience. I like most of what you’ve written, but this I don’t know about. Unlike others who have posted, I don’t work in a creative field. I spent many years working in tech-related fields. Perhaps Neptune in 6th could seem unreliable because a lack of integrity or ethics in the people around us is intolerable and we will quickly leave a place that isn’t good for us? I admit I will bail out of a morally sinking ship without a moment of hesitation. I DO need a mostly positive environment and reputable colleagues to function well. So, are WE (those of us with Neptune in 6th) really the unreliable ones? I’m not so sure. I’ve been promoted up the chain of command in every job I’ve ever had, so I’m inclined to disagree with your analysis that we are responsibility-shirking, unreliable, scatter-brained daydreamers who are unworthy of employment. Additionally, I have maintained quite a few long-term relationships with my work colleagues and particularly my former bosses…not sure what that whole thieving, lying, passive and ineffective co-worker/employee thing is about… I seldom have problems with my health. When I do it’s usually treatable and I haven’t had many issues managing things in this area. I heal very quickly and don’t tend to focus much on my physical ailments. I should point out that Neptune is well within my 6th house and has a couple of tight squares and one tricky opposition. I’m also a Pisces sun. In my experience, Neptune can act as a healer and bestows some deep intuition and manifestation powers that are just beyond cool. Belief and attitude are important elements in this area. I will… Read more »