Natal Neptune in the 8th House

In case that a native has natal Neptune in the 8th house, he will be a strong receptor of spiritual currents. This is a double-edged knife; the positive side is that he can reach high levels of spirituality and unconditional love through his relationships, the negative is a rather wide spectrum of deception and self-deception.

The 8th house is responsible for loans and debts, and Neptune’s presence may create problems and disturbances. The native may be easily tricked into obtaining a loan that he cannot repay, or elsehow swindled by an institution or an individual. All kind of deception can appear, particularly if Neptune has hard aspects from Mercury, Mars or Pluto. In addition, this placement is rather unfortunate for inheritances, as it might even bring mischievous lawyers who will help other people gain the legacy over the natives.

This placement is also not good for dealing with governmental institutions; the native might not pay his taxes and be discovered or even continue receiving the pension of a deceased person, which in the end will eventually bring legal trouble. If Neptune is ill-aspected, the native will usually choose wrong people to relate with; his partners may be of a very secretive nature while also misuse the individual’s finances.

Neptune in the 8th house gives a rather strong talent in the occult; the gates of consciousness of such a person are wide open, nevertheless in a very passive way. Neptune acts as a sponge, receiving all floating information without filtering it. This can lead to delusions and fantasies, as the individual will not have the ability to see what is true and what is his imagination. There will be definitely a lot of weird or paranormal things happening in his life; this is beyond doubt. On the other hand, even normal phenomena will be perceived as something supernatural, confusing the native and leading to wrong perceptions of reality.

Another issue that can appear is him believing in any strange theory he reads, without searching its background and functionality. This will, in turn, make him an easy subject for charlatans and manipulators, who will offer their “knowledge and services” with his wallet as a target. 8th house Neptune people should also be very careful of sects or religious groups, as they can also be preying on their wealth.
The native who has Neptune in the 8th house should also be very careful not to get vampirized. The receptive nature of this mysterious planet makes the native an easy subject for hypnosis, while also vulnerable to all types of magic.

Sexually, Neptune in the 8th house can have a variety of functions. As the most passive planet, it will definitely require tenderness and emotions to function and is capable of complete unification through sex. It can lead to ecstatic experiences of the highest spiritual level, as the native will mostly unite through his soul and not his body.

On the other hand, the spiritual vibrations of Neptune might not even require carnal pleasures. The person with such a placement might pass a lot of periods of celibacy or indulge in platonic relationships, letting aside the pleasures of the body. The individual will develop a love of masquerade, frequently using it even in bed. Masks, costumes, and thematic lingerie will be rather prominent in his love life. Finally, the submissive nature of Neptune may make the person a masochist, taking pleasure from being “used”. He is capable of giving unconditional love, which can sometimes lead to drama and disaster, making the person feel as a martyr of love.

The 8th house rules death and Neptune’s presence will surround the person’s death with a fog of mystery. Such a placement is common in people who disappear without a trace, die without an apparent cause or from something very rare. If Neptune is in a water sign then the native might drown, or even choke on something liquid. If Neptune is adversely aspected by Mars or a malefic located in the 12th house, the native’s death may come through poisoning. The 12th house, in such a case, indicates being poisoned by a secret enemy.

With Neptune residing in the eighth house, be very careful to not poison yourself by mistake. Alcohol and drugs also fall into this category, and death can come from substance abuse. As the 8th house is all about secrets, these habits of the native might be hidden from the outer world, and his death will initially be a mystery for everyone.

With your natal Neptune in the 8th house, try to armor yourself from the outside influences. Yes, your gates towards the other realms are wide open, which is not usual for the rest of the world. No, you should not just let everyone and everything come inside. Learn to distinguish the friend from the predator, and you will be rather safe. Empower your Neptune with the help of more active planets, in order to build good defenses for the otherwise blurry borders of Neptune.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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I have north node, uranus and neptune all in 8th house..
I’d be ok but having neptune here is so unsettling

Stefanie-Faye Lee

I also have those placements!


How exactly would you “empower” your Neptune?