Natal Pluto conjunct the Ascendant

Pluto conjunct the Ascendant in a natal chart is a strong indicator of power. More specifically, the power over others. This force is not always perceived by the person who has it and exercises it; the whole procedure can be done subconsciously, especially if Pluto lays in the 12th house. If Pluto is in the 1st house, then this power can be consciously used, making the person influential even over the masses. Pluto is a slow-moving planet and its transformative nature makes the person a catalyst to other people’s lives; in other words, such a person will change you radically when close to you, for better or worse.

With Pluto being positively aspected, the results can be very beneficial; one can have great abilities to concentrate on a goal and to focus without distraction. There is a possibility of complete abstention from alcohol or other substances, due to the strong urge of self-control. Also, it gives a rather charismatic personality, able to convince and lead, many times involved in secrecy and strategic second plans though. There is a natural psychic ability, yet it often estranges the native and makes him an aloof loner. They can express deep loyalty, while they can also love to death.

In case that the aspects of Pluto to other natal planets are difficult (opposition, square and sometimes conjunction), the native tends to use its power for manipulation and control, which of course can have an adverse effect back on him. Strong obsessive behaviors can occur and a large part of his time and effort can be dedicated in seeking power over others, over people close to him in particular. These compulsive behaviors are especially strengthened when the Moon is present at a distance less than 5 degrees, which can also lead to hysteric outbreaks – especially if it is in a woman’s horoscope.

When Pluto conjunct the Ascendant and Mars too, provided there is an influence of other difficult planetary aspects, Pluto can make a person extremely violent; it usually signifies a difficult early childhood, with a lot of emotional scars. Physical abuse during early years projects back and feeds a circle of violence. This type of people can show extreme jealousy, which can even lead to abnormal fetishes, stalking, crimes of passion, and in the worst situations, rape. In case that Pluto is located in the 12th house, which is also the house of conviction, there are strong possibilities of imprisonment, and the subject could experience this type of violence cast upon himself, while when in the 1st house he usually is the one who emits it.

The presence of a planet on the Ascendant has a physical effect on the person: Pluto can give a slightly crooked nose – exactly as a Scorpio Ascendant has unless its effect is blunted by the presence of another celestial body. The most important body effect though is noticed in the subject’s eyes. Curiously, they usually are not black or dark brown, as someone would assume that the God of the Underworld would provide. They usually contain some mysterious shades of green, utterly mesmerizing and so intense that a Pluto on the Ascendant person can be easily recognized. Such kind of dark eyes pierce strongly and other people can feel violated by them. It is very difficult to lie to such a kind of person. Sexuality and sex drive can also be visible in the face and be difficult to hide.

Politics and positions in power or in governmental structures are a natural gaming board for the natives with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, and they can do very well in this field. Power struggles and strategy games are in their blood, and they have a natural instinct for choosing the right patterns and foreseeing the outcome of possible movements.

Pluto is a generational planet, meaning that a whole generation of even 20 years difference can have Pluto in the same sign. This allows the native with this Pluto position to dig into the collective environment easily, perceiving secrets and desires of the masses effortlessly. An adverse effect is that other people can sense these abilities, making them back away from this potentially dangerous encounter. Pluto rising individuals must learn to tame themselves and this enormous power, and to use it for constructive means.

In case that Pluto is in the 12th house, and not very close to the Ascendant, one can be totally unaware of his strengths and passions, which will be functioning subconsciously or even unconsciously. This can sometimes lead to self-victimization, fear of the unknown and self-undoing, while self-imprisonment and harsh isolation could also occur. The best way to deal with such kind of problems is to learn the art of detaching the ego from the desire of power and control, preferring to assist the empowerment of other people. Healing the lives of others will, in the end, have a huge impact on one’s own reality, and blunt the hidden destructive desires.

Pluto rising personalities function a lot better in the limelight; being the center of attention is definitely not their favorite condition. It is also very common for them to either repel other people or magnetically attract them at the first glance; the Plutonic person cannot just pass unnoticed.

Have in mind that all these attributes affect not only the people that were born with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, but also those who currently have Pluto transiting it. Of course, the eyes of a native will not change color, but the dark light of this planet will still shine in them. As Pluto transits are very slow, a person might find himself operating as a native with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant for quite a few years, which will be a very transformative period and will change him permanently. Pluto transits to the Eastern Point of the chart, will be analyzed deeper in a future article related to Pluto transits.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Very true – There is a natural psychic ability, yet it often estranges the native and makes him an aloof loner. They can express deep loyalty, while they can also love to death.

Mine is in Virgo


My Pluto in Virgo conjunct my ascendent and moon which square pluto, opposes my pisces sun and mercury.

I am definitely not fooled by anyone. I can see through people and their motives with powerful intuition. I am very loyal and have exceptional investigative skills which i use in my vocation. I do transfrom myself regularly whether looks or thinking, or ideologies. I feel I have died thousands of times and returned. What i hate about myself is my intense emotions and occasional suicidal thoughts.


I am a scorpio rising with pluto on conjunct lilth on the ascendant as well. My mars is in scorpio in the 1st house. My sun sqaures pluto and my moon sqaures pluto as well. I still don’t feel powerful…like the kind of power u r talking about..the magnetic pull and all…why? I m aware of my impact on others but i still want to be even more powerful…how? Secretly i m afraid of my own power.. i dont want to look into it..


So, I am trying to figure out how this applies to me. My ascendant is Scorpio, and Pluto is also located in my first house. Is that like a doubling down on those characteristics? I realize that the placement of the other celestial bodies has a significant impact to whether the imparted traits are emphasized or occulted, but the aforementioned placement screams “This is significant!” to me. On a side note, my sun sign is Leo; I’ve had an interest in astrology since early childhood, and I never could figure out why the typical newspaper descriptions of a Leo Sun never fit me, now I know.


Oh my god same! Leo sun, scorpio rising and Pluto in the first house as well! The older I get the more Scorpio I feel I still have that Leo ego but like I read once since I have Scorpio rising it’s kind of like look at me people but when they do I am like what the fuck you looking at! The thing about the eyes it’s so true mine are green I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve told me my eyes are very intense and how nervous they get when I look at them! Mostly men though! And the part about the creeps god soooo true I live in Paris and all weirdoos come to me!


Hello I just came to say I’m yalls triplet, Leo sun, Scorpio asc conjunct Pluto in 1st as well. 🖤👽🦁🦂


Same all the way, my mom is into the newspaper horoscopes and when she read mine I was like hmm maybe. I am going through a straining relationship, and didn’t really understand how it got that way. Even tho I did understand her she didn’t seem to understand that I understood. I then started looking to the stars and found I didn’t know as much as I thought about astrology, after reading my chart and cross it with hers we are doomed. And even tho I see it I still will try and kill myself doing so to make it work rather than move on. its that sunLeo pride, ascScoripo relentless, moonCancer endless feelings. She is sun Scorpio moon libra idk asc, but are Venus matches highly and tht leads to issues of jealousy on her part, I’m outgoing and engaging I can make people bend to my will even when trying really hard not to. Psychic powers abundant. But are deep pools of green, eyes, with a gaze people are enthralled by us. Just wish I wasn’t so forcefully reactivate with mental attacks when I’m in defensive pain


I have that too i feel like a scorpio i am a libra sun but never felt like a libra ever!


My ascendant is in Scorpio and my Pluto is in the first house. Mars trines pluto for me in Cancer which I guess means I’m not a violent person which I’m not, thank goodness. I can relate to the paragraph about not really being aware of your influence on people sometimes. I do notice that when there’s something I want or a person I’m interested in more than anything, I can’t stop thinking about it or them but I don’t really always understand how to go about getting them, or expressing myself. If I stop thinking about it so much and let go everything flows better. I guess that’s the lesson of Pluto? My moon is in Sagittarius, does that make me more easy going? My eyes totally are hazel, ha how about that.


Hey chris we are very similar! My eyes are hazel I too am a scorpio asc, have pluto in first house and moon in sag How do people act around you i am curious? I feel like an outcast people tend to stay far away from me:(