Natal Pluto in the 11th house

Natal Pluto in the 11th house is a very intense placement, which can lead to dominating the masses or exercising various types of control on groups of people. Nevertheless, it is a rather tricky aspect, because if Pluto is ill-aspected then being a part of organizations can have a destructive effect on the native.

Pluto present in the house of friends and acquaintances will bring powerful people, rich and occupying authority positions. They can be of a rather obsessive nature, and if Pluto is adversely aspected, their characters involve quite a lot of jealous and domineering traits. These friends may significantly aid the native in his career, especially if Pluto is located near the eleventh house cusp and thus also radiating into the 10th house. Their wealthy financial state signifies that they will frequently help the native economically, although he should be very wary to ask for such things if Pluto is adversely aspected.

The reason behind this is that once these friends have aided the individual, they start to consider him as some kind of belonging and trying to exercise power over him. They believe that their actions should at least grant them a constant gratitude in return, and will even try to manipulate or elsehow use the native at their will. Always be careful while being around such people and never seek help from them if your Pluto is in difficult aspects with Mars or Saturn. Such aspects to these “malefics” indicate that the powerful friends may have quite a lot of cruel characteristics hidden under the surface of their character. Do not indulge in power games with them, or be prepared to submit to them because they will not accept different outcomes than what they wish.

This Pluto placement can bring along the secrecy that the dark planet carries, and urge the native to join obscure organizations. He can become a member of secret societies which usually hold quite a lot of power or are orientated towards the occult. His experience inside such groups will be permanently transformative, for better or for worse – always depending on the aspects that natal Pluto receives. Usually, such groups provide no way out, so in case you have such a natal Pluto, it is a wise advice to reconsider joining. Again, the same rule applies; do not even attempt it if Pluto is in conjunction, opposition or squares Saturn or Mars.

On the other hand, when an individual has a perfectly aspected Pluto, he will have a very important position behind the scenes and maybe even become a leader in such a group. His abilities of research into the occult are sharpened when surrounded by common-minded people in his workings. The involvement with secret societies will make him rise in power; both social, financial and magical.

Pluto in the 11th house is great for politics, but mostly for shadowy positions inside the mechanism of the organization. The individual can reach tremendous levels of power without really being seen by the public; he can even be a lot stronger than the apparent leaders of the group. In some cases, he may be the one installing them as marionettes. Pluto in the 11th house makes someone a good tactician who can quickly understand the group dynamics, being able to exploit them for his own reasons.

Pluto in the 11th house can signify traumas concerning friendships in the early life of the native; hard aspects can even show a physical death of a good friend. Generally, Pluto indicates some kind of permanent loss of a friend, and this makes the native obsessed with the idea of controlling the presence of friends in his life. That early separation makes the native see friendships as a very serious matter, and he pays a lot of attention to the details of such relations. There can exist a constant fear of losing friends or being expelled from groups, which will definitely make the native’s feelings more intense. This, in turn, can lead to him dedicating a major amount of time into his group activities, while also make him prone to being manipulated through threats of being abandoned.

Another matter that an 11th house Pluto person should be careful of is disputes with friends due to sexual reasons. Due to the fact that Pluto and Scorpio are strongly responsible for the darkest sexual attractions, this placement can even trigger wars between friends about a third person, who is often regarded as a sexual trophy. Many times, both sides are more interested in prevailing over each other than obtaining the trophy itself. Be wise enough to understand that such games do not lead anywhere and usually are destructive even for the winner.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Time traveler

I have this position. My Pluto is a part of the Grand Water Trine (Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Scorpio) and makes soft aspects with Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Mars. Pluto squares my Moon in Aquarius (2nd house) and the minor aspects are sesqui-quadrate with Venus and semi-square MC. Your article is remarkable but I still don’t understand that square with Moon. Is that mean I should be careful of wasting too much money on friends?

Jesse Gomez

Yeah. Try to have healthy give and take attitude. If you give and they don’t give back, then stop giving until they do. Otherwise cut off your associations until they start being fair to you. This is the only way to find quality friends, not giving and giving.

I have this trining my mercury and inconjuncting my mars. It’s not easy. I’m mostly friendless, but I’m ok with that. I have “friends” that help me, but I keep them at a distance.


Can’t relate. The way to bypass that is not to have any friends. I only have acquaintances, problem solved.


meh idk if I can relate