Natal Pluto in the 12th house

With natal Pluto in the 12th house, the chart owner will definitely experience a very intense life. This placement is a rather complex one and is not the easiest one to “own” positively. On the other hand, the transformation that it grants may evolve the native to a totally conscious human being with deep wisdom concerning life, death, and existence.

Pluto usually signifies a trauma connected with the house where it is placed in, and when in the 12th house, it can indicate quite a lot of issues concerning the native’s subconscious. The twelfth house represents the last hours before birth, and Pluto’s presence may show a near-death experience of the infant native. There might be a lot of difficulties during labor, and the child might feel a lot of pain both before and during birth.

As the 12th house also rules secrets and hidden things, the individual with such a placement is strongly drawn towards them. He might be extremely curious in possessing answers for his questions and can become an exquisite researcher or investigator. People with such an aspect will literally drink information to satisfy their curiosity, but will rarely speak themselves about their own secrets.

And they might have a lot of them, especially connected with their sexuality. Pluto represents a quite raw, aggressive and obsessive part of the human sexuality; when placed in the twelfth house, it can bring a lot of sexual fantasies, especially of a violent nature. If Pluto is adversely aspected, the native may have experienced sexual assault or even rape, which he usually will try to hide from everyone. People with such a natal Pluto might actually subconsciously attract such types of events, as such fantasies can simultaneously bring them lust and fear.

Of course, in case that you have Pluto in the 12th house, the best way to handle such raw energies is to symbolically bring them to life with your significant other or a person you trust. In addition, an individual can develop strong masochistic tendencies if Pluto is adversely aspected by Saturn or Mars. Such aspects can be connected with deep psychological wounds from the childhood, and in case they are present in a natal chart the individual is advised to speak to a psychologist.

As the 12th house can even have an influence on one’s body (especially if a planet is near the Ascendant), Pluto in the 12th house can even become physically dangerous. The 12th house is an open gate, and an ill-aspected Pluto can indicate becoming a victim of black magic, and generally having powerful enemies. If you have such a placement, keep in mind that 12th house enemies are usually hidden from our eyes; the best way to understand a Plutonian enemy is to see who has a rather obsessive behavior towards us and reasons for being jealous and controlling. On the other hand, a well aspected Pluto here acts as a strong shield, which not only protects from hidden enemies but can also return them any attempts of causing malice.

The 12th house rules all types of restriction, whether it is in an institution or in one’s own mind. Pluto in the 12th house can bring intense isolation from the rest of the world, especially when a slow-moving planet is forming a transiting aspect towards Pluto. During such periods, the native’s psychic ability is being strengthened, and he can understand a lot of the mind’s functions. The natal chart owner has abilities of re-programming his subconscious, and Pluto here will definitely bring transformative experiences – usually concerning healing from traumas. The effects of such a healing will be permanent, yet the slow pace of Pluto indicates that a lot of time must be dedicated in order to fight one’s own demons.

Such a powerful planet in the 12th house shows a lot of behind the scenes activities, and to understand better how it functions one must observe which house cusp falls in Scorpio. In addition, aspects from Pluto to other natal planets will also indicate life areas where the native will operate secretly. In any case, Pluto placed here indicate high possibilities of secret sexual affairs.

The native will also have tendencies of repressing anger, rage, and wrath deep inside him. This placement indicates a lack of healthy externalization of these powers. Many times people with such placement will prefer to hide their real emotions; both due to fear of hurting others and of fearing to lose control. With this placement, an individual is obliged to find healthy ways to release such feelings. If he does not find, the Plutonian energy can erupt unexpectedly and very self-destructively.

In any case, Pluto in the 12th house may be one of the most difficult ones to handle. The dark traits of Pluto can even be hidden in the core of one’s existence, so tightly bonding with the general life perception that the only way is accepting them. The native with such a natal placement should invest a lot of effort into understanding his own self, especially the dark sides of his life and character. When he will see the big picture, and realize that even his darkness is a result of underground subconscious currents, he will finally find ways to accept it and embrace it.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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I feel the 12th House in Pluto bridges forth the subconscious for the activity of the psychic facilities. With knowing the self, we also deeply comprehend others, empathically, in which the emotions and intentions are others are easily read and felt. Other than, our darker nature can be bestowed to us as a gift, showing us how to manuever and manipulate it, rather than be submersed and drowned within its energies.


My moon and pluto in the 12th will be my death. The buried anger you describe is deep and real. I never get mad, it scares me. Intertwined with the core.


I have the aspect and my pluto is conjunt with ascendent and I tend to see the world as a hostile and dangerous place. Over the years the meditation of loving kindness helped the most. Pluto like to break the limits and structures as well as relationships. Can be overly critical to common values and still learning not trying to “smash” other’s illusion unless they have asked. Relax and enjoy the ordinary stuff like a ordinary human being, how hard can that be?