Natal Pluto in the 3rd house

When someone has Pluto, the transformative planet positioned in the 3rd house of his natal chart, his intellect is receiving the raw energy produced by the planet, manifesting intensely in all affairs connected with communication. This natal position might be difficult for the native’s childhood years; nevertheless, it will create an adult who has extremely strong powers of speech and written word.

Pluto is a planet that shows traumas created in the childhood, especially when there are tough squares, oppositions or conjunctions between Pluto and other planets. When it is located in the house of communication, the native had the feeling that he was not being listened to or that his speech was somehow being blocked. The frustration induced in being ignored by the surrounding adults usually creates in the child the need to reach their level of conversation. This leads to an obsession about receiving knowledge; indeed, the placement of Pluto in the natal chart acts like a “black hole” that needs to be urgently filled. The child can have spent tremendous amounts of time and effort towards research of information, perceiving that power resides in intelligence and trying to develop an adult-like speech and thought. This placement eventually creates an adult with very strong opinions, which is quite justified as the native knows his abilities and the process of developing them.

His words can be used as manipulative weapons, while such a native also has the ability to uncover information from others without revealing anything about himself. People with Pluto in the 3rd house are perfect for professions that need skills of interrogation; this includes police/military officers but also anything connected with marketing. They can even become good salespersons, as they have the ability to quickly discover customers’ weak spots through penetrative questions, create a need and then offer them the solution for that need. Another curious fact is that people with such a natal placement can get very deep into nuclear physics and other areas of science that analyze the microcosm.

Pluto in the 3rd house can create big fear of betrayal, and when hard aspects are present the native can develop a constant paranoia about this subject. Even when there is no real evidence, his hyper-analytical mind will search for dubious behaviors in people near him, creating possible scenarios about what can be hidden behind them. Of course, this reaction might be justified as the native can have survived betrayals in the past, but haven’t we all? Unfortunately, to such kind of individuals, the scars from betrayals might leave a permanent effect, raising defense walls towards future possible backstabbing. Nevertheless, living in a constant anxiety about future events that might not even happen is not the best option; the third house Pluto person is advised to learn to trust people even if this will sometimes result in another betrayal. It is the fear that should be abolished; Pluto is teaching us to transform ourselves from relinquishing anything that is not necessary. And fear is the biggest slavery.

The third house Plutonian native is very skeptical and suspicious regarding information that he hears or reads. His experience has taught him to question everything, even his own thoughts. It is usually difficult to trick him with lies, as his mind is very analytical; always searching for hidden levels of speech and controversial data. His speech is rather persuasive and can even reach oppressive levels. When Pluto is adversely aspected, the native has a tendency to push others in order to make his opinion received as correct. The native usually resists learning with the help of others; even at school, he does not cooperate with his teachers. He prefers to be self-taught, in order to filter and choose the pieces of information he receives. During his school years, when Pluto has difficult aspects to other planets, he can be quite nervous and can have some conflicts both with his teachers and other pupils. His teachers might have been overly pushy or otherwise trying to exercise authority on him. Third house Pluto does not recognize authority in education, and people with this placement are standing up against teacher oppression. In extreme situations, this can lead to quitting school, but usually just switching to another one where the surroundings are more harmonious.

Pluto in the 3rd house usually gives siblings with Plutonian or Scorpio characteristics; they can be authority figures, secretive people or somehow obsessed with money and/or sex. The siblings will possess a dark and mysterious aura, and have knowledge of very important secrets. If Pluto is adversely aspected, be very careful to not create crisis situations with your siblings. There is a big possibility that your behavior is to be blamed for any difficulties developing between you and them; it is Pluto radiating his destructive side. Taming Pluto is definitely not the easiest thing, as it is a generational planet directly controlling currents that reside far deeper than one’s conscious or subconscious mind. The best way to co-operate with a harsh Pluto is to transform yourself; this is exactly what he is asking for. A sacrifice of personal parts, which usually we do not need and are quite toxic even if we cherish them to the point of obsession. Through this personal clearance, we emerge wise and reborn.

Finally, people with Pluto in the 3rd house might develop really difficult relations with their neighbors, who could be of a very complex character, and when Pluto has squares, conjunctions or oppositions with “malefics” such as Mars, Saturn and Uranus, the native is advised not to allow neighbors or other people residing in their nearby environment to influence their lives. One recent paradigm that I examined was a native having a neighbor who was into black magic. There was no real conflict between them, as there was also no real interaction. Nevertheless, the native observed a lot of bad luck coming from this environment, and a very dark atmosphere residing in the whole building. The neighboring flat was a source of wicked currents, that were directly affecting the lives of the native and his family, even though no real problems existed between them and the black magician. Indeed, the native’s Pluto in the 3rd house had balanced aspects; this was probably softening the effects of the planet.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Right as the description starts to talk about how analytical I am, I noticed it calling me a male. I’m analyzing the authors writing more than he is! lol


This is just so accurate about me it hurts, especially the bit about school and not having respect for any of the teachers. School was pure hell for me, fortunately my Pluto (in Leo) is not negatively aspected, in fact it’s strengthened by sextiles and trines to Sun, Jupiter and Mars.

All of this made me too cocky by half, and I was always in trouble, and was excluded from school for a while.


I have Scorpio in the house 3
is the same?



Look at your chart.
Find the PLANET(!!) Pluto.
You will then see what sign is in Pluto. (For example Sagittarius) (on many websites you will also see in which house Pluto is, if thats the case you can skip the second step)

Look at your rising sign.
If your rising sign is in Scorpio. Then scorpio is in your first house. (If your rising sign is in Libra, then libra is in your first house. Your rising sign will always be your first house)
Your second house will be Sagittarius.
Since Sagittarius is in Pluto in your Chart this means that your Pluto is in the second house.