Natal Pluto in the 5th house

If Pluto is located in the fifth house of a natal chart, this indicates a very intense love life that can even be full of obsessions. A native with such a placement should be very careful with all the 5th house matters, such as gambling and having children; the 5th house interactions are for him deeply transformative experiences and should not be taken lightheartedly.

A native with such a placement should be very careful of gambling. Even a well aspected Pluto can give an obsession with lucky games, while an adversely aspected one is sure to bring severe financial losses and also problems in all the houses that contain planets aspecting Pluto. The obsessions that Pluto creates can be permanent, and the catastrophes that it can bring are definitely irreversible. Of course, this can bring a transformation towards something better, but are you sure that you want to lose every single piece of property just to start a new life from zero again?

When someone has Pluto in the 5th house, his love affairs are very passionate, deep and intense. When he becomes obsessed with someone, he will concentrate on this goal, and persistently push his life towards that direction. Usually, the native gets what he wants, but not without turbulences. It is the aspects upon Pluto, though, that define what happens after. Harsh squares and oppositions may indicate power games, jealousy, dramatic relationships and very secretive situations. Not to mention that even when the native obtains what he wants, Pluto will be hungry soon again and will desperately need a new obsession. Such individuals will frequently have extra-marital affairs, which usually are full of passion but also quite destructive. If you have this natal placement and notice adverse aspects, be careful; for when Pluto will unleash its dark and explosive powers during a challenging transit, everything might be revealed and destroy the status quo.

Pluto in the 5th house will give to a native a very intense and serious approach concerning having children. For them, parenthood is a very important responsibility, and their way of thinking will make them be very dominative towards their children. Such parents are constantly trying to intervene in their children’s life and dictate them what to do; this might be very pressuring to the child though, and make them develop a difficult character. If Pluto is adversely aspected by Mars or other “malefics”, the native might even physically abuse his children. This should be by all means prevented; if you see such aspects in your chart, please consider not making children. Pluto in this position can indicate a loss of a child. This is mostly metaphorical: for example, when the child comes of age, he will abandon his parents if the Plutonic pressure that they feel is overbearing. In case you have this placement and want to have a good relation with your offspring, consider finding ways of softening Pluto’s effects. Otherwise, the child’s departure will be inevitable and even permanent.

Natives with Pluto in the house of joy might also be obsessed with partying and having fun. Pluto in the 5th house might become a black hole for a big part of their income, as they will eagerly spend a lot of money on going out, drinking and other recreational activities. Pluto desires to be fed and is never satisfied. The curious thing is that recreation is not taken light-heartedly by such people. It is a priority and needs to enclose quantity and quality, so if they do not have a good time, this will manifest through nervousness or even anger.

In any case, if you have your Pluto in the 5th house, be really careful about its manifestations; possible dark energies can affect other people, especially people you love. As Pluto usually is connected with a childhood trauma, there are possibilities that the native’s childhood came to an abrupt end earlier than it should, and he quickly entered the world of responsibilities. The best way is to heal your fifth house issues, through being open and playful. This way, the domineering planet Pluto will operate more gently. If you discover obsessive behaviors, try to deal with them by offering remedies or symbolical healing, and your 5th house life will illuminate. After all, Pluto has the wonderful transformative function of death and rebirth. If you see yourself malfunctioning in the 5th house matters, kill your mental approach towards them. You will be reborn with a new philosophy and way of perceiving those matters, and finally you will reach joy.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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How dare you to say people not having children because of Pluto and Mars in 5th house. This is pretty much against the code of true Astrologer because it’s very unprofessional, judgemental and way out of line to publicly address this to your readers.


They are saying that people how display abusive and severe disciplinarian shouldn’t have kids, which is absolutely true.
Someone’s whim to have children doesn’t trump the psychological and physical damage their children would have to endure.


Some people don’t care about the shallowness of professionality and will give their opinions and perception despite social norms and etiquette.

Mr. Solitaire

Errmm….what is “symbolical healing” ?

I can relate strongly to the energies you describe here, however, it’s not like this 24/7, in fact peeps with this aspect can endure long periods of monotony and a somewhat boring daily grind….
We can even experience long painful periods of loneliness.
But Pluto is always there, waiting…. silently….. in the shadows…
; )
I recently experienced the 7 Pluto / Uranus squares in transit, with Pluto trine my natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 5th, while the transit also formed a T-square from MC to Sun on IC to Uranus on Asc.
yeah….maybe I won’t tell you about it some day…Jesus..

My Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 5th is the focal point of a ‘kite’ configuration, (inc. grand water trine) with this aspect opposing Saturn (r) in the 12th, forming a T-square with Jupiter in the 3rd, so gambling is a NO go for me, interestingly I learned early, as I had an alcoholic father with a gambling problem, he was often obsessed with some form of gambling and always chasing the next… ‘get rich quick scam’.
It is my feeling that there are strong elements of karma and fate within my chart.

Anyways, I liked the last paragraph of this article.
Though I’m still looking for my soulmate after 50 years and I’m still looking for my happiness in this life.

John Doe

I agree. Maybe our Plutonian energy is tempered out by our other planets? For example; I have Venus and Mars in Cancer,and I also have Mercury in Libra, so I’m much more of a homebody and sensitive than my 5th house wants me to be.

Although, I do have my faults, but who doesn’t


Yeah must be the case but with me sometimes I can feel the dark want to come out and take over. Venus gemini, Mars cancer, mercury leo. When party and angry me come out its wild, so I usually avoid triggers. Other than that you’d never think of me as a bitch unless I’m triggered.


I have Pluto Rx 29Lib 41 in my 5th house. Never experienced any romantic relationships and never had sex. No gambling and no partying.


your life seems a barrel of laughs


same i am 28 never been in a relationship/ no gambling live a quiete life actually


I have Pluto Rx in Libra in the 5th house. Pluto in Libra is in detriment thus not as strong and definitely weakened to have it’s true potential.
If negativity aspected it will other challenges. However, only by seeing chart as a whole plus if the person is operating from a higher or lower vibration can these things continue to manifest.

I have a tough Neptune square with a lot of spiritual efforts to integrate it I’ve been able to overcome it