Natal Pluto in the 7th house

Pluto is widely known as the most intense planet, and when positioned in the house of partnerships, it will definitely make the house matters be of a very dynamic nature. Natal Pluto in the 7th house indicates issues concerning control in the native’s partnerships; this is not necessarily bad though, as they will have tremendous transformative powers on him and will make him reborn under a new light.

With Pluto in the 7th house, the marriage partner can have a rather obsessive and controlling character, with jealousy and suspicion being a common trait. Such a spouse is likely to have a Scorpio/Pluto emphasis and possibly have natal Pluto in the first house of his natal chart. When getting into a marriage partnership with such an individual, the native’s life transforms drastically, for better or for worse. Of course, the type of transformation is strongly connected to natal aspects of other planets to Pluto and is heavily influenced by transits that occur.

Generally, keep in mind that people with such a placement treat all other individuals as a potential enemy and threat; they are highly suspicious themselves and will often attack for preventive reasons, this is their way of self-defense. Their constant fear and insecurity in front of others make them have an urge to establish themselves as an authority figure in their eyes; nevertheless, the types of people that they attract are of the same nature and will not just bow in front of them. So, they usually become the ones who are dominated, especially in their close relationships.

The usual pattern is that the spouse will have power over the native. Pluto in the 7th house gives a strong need of getting into deep relationships and the native is not satisfied with vanilla affairs. Often, the native will engage in theatrical or even dramatic situations and the marriage will be very demanding. Of course, this is a two-sided interaction and the one person mirrors the other. Natal Pluto in the 7th house implies that both sides try to exercise power on each other, and there can be a lot of actions containing feelings of revenge. Even small issues between the partners can generate retaliation, leading to a ping-pong of destructive actions.

With Pluto well-aspected, the marriage will permanently change both parts, yet in a good way. Such a placement, even if intense, will help them function well and dive deep into unification, helping them discovering relinquishment of their own personality and blending into a new whole, a couple that acts as one person. They will simply not be able to live without each other, and separating them will be harder than trying to break an atom to his compounds. This aspect might give a rather long relationship, which will only get challenged if some slow moving malefic planet forms a difficult transit aspect. Even then, the most likely thing is that the couple will overcome the difficulties and transcend to a new rebirth.

On the contrary, when Pluto in the 7th house has adverse aspects from malefics, there can be an extreme obsession from the partner’s side, which can even lead to verbal or physical abuse. Natives with Pluto forming conjunctions, squares or oppositions with Mars or Saturn should be very careful as their marriage can be destructive. Eventually, even this will transform them radically, but through very difficult experiences. Such type of difficult aspects will frequently bring divorces, nevertheless, they are followed by lawsuits and the marriage partner will continue creating all types of problems even when the couple breaks up. He will definitely not be willing to give up and lose the native, as he may even consider him as an object that he owns.

The 7th house rules one’s open enemies, and Pluto placed here indicates the presence of vicious ones. Be really careful if your Pluto is adversely aspected, as they can be of a very obscure nature and having really cruel traits. Of course, a native with such a placement is also pouring fuel in the fire of possible disputes, and the best remedy is to just keep away from people that have a very intense personality. The biggest problem is actually that the native enjoys such types of people and is drawn towards them. In any case, try not to create enemies as they might cause real problems in your life.

The same can apply to business partnerships. As the possible marriage partner, they are usually very domineering; choose wisely before establishing a partnership with someone. This might actually be good to avoid, because if the business turns to be a bad decision then what follows will be catastrophic. Such a business partner will drag you to court and will definitely become an enemy, trying to gain a victory against you and whatever he can financially do. Of course, even such an experience will be permanently transformative, but why to indulge in it if you are beforehand conscious of such a possibility?
If you have such a natal aspect, you should understand that cooperation with the other person is the only way to reach a harmony. In such a situation, you can both reach new levels of consciousness and transform yourselves in the best way. Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you are the only one who struggles to find common ground for cooperation, your attempts are rather doomed. If the partner is driven by unconscious Plutonian powers, there is nothing you can do to convince him to act consciously. An ill-functioning Pluto in a natal chart of another means strong traumas, especially in the childhood years, that might even be impossible to heal unless working on them. Thus, if you have a hard 7th house Pluto, always check the Pluto condition of the other person. If it is adversely aspected, keep away. Do not worry, there are many Plutonian people, you will find the right one to indulge in your power games; yet, in a safer type of relationship.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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the most perverted thing about what is called ‘relationship’ issues is the pollyanna and ethical assumption that they are all based on a mutual dynamic when that is not always the case. so when i read descriptions, it’s harrowing, perverted and insulting at the same time because some ‘relationships’ are forced on you as well as the other’s influence on you, even lifelong. i was abused and raped by my stepfather and also he claimed and stalked me for years. i never married and i never had good relations with other men because i couldn’t. it has caused me a lot of psychological trauma to have to deal with having no choice in who my partner was in all honesty as he is the one who formed the most intimate link with me by force and his forceful inflluence of shaping me as a person. it destoyed me except survival mode but the worst part is i never got to experience being with someone i personally liked or my own soulmate. as a child, i could tell he was jealous of that potential and it wasn’t that he actually wanted me or cared about me but he just saw another person he could pull down or take advantage of or take my dreams/wishes/light for his benefit. i was suicidal most of my life too. the most insulting, degrading, terrifying, soul destroying and harrowing experience is being forced to be with someone you dont’ like and especially sexually because that’s the most intimate medium for them to exploit you and get under your skin, and that’s access to your core and therefore your entire life and destiny unfolds from how they manipulate or twist or corrupt or mess with that.

Abhyjith Ashokan

This may sound illogical and extremely difficult for you to do, but if you actually manage to forgive your stepfather and tune out of that vibration and into something better like a radio station, the universe will stop making those experiences repeat and you can have the beautiful relationship you want without the trauma.

If you don’t forgive and keep resenting your stepfather, that’s telling the universe indirectly, “I want more such experiences” and that’s what you’ll get. If you forgive your stepfather full heartedly and move one, you’ll notice he will simply get out of your life naturally and there would be no troubles on his part.

The way you forgive would be to understand his depraved situation and sympathize, even though he did all those horrible things to you. After all, a rock need not worry if a pebble is thrown on it. Be that rock. Because your experiences and your survival of them indicate you can be as strong as a rock. Wish you the best.



Thank you for sharing the raw pain. The rage. My heart goes to you.

Cláudio dos Anjos

Nice post! 👍


I’m sorry. Bad aspected pluto in 7th means pluto opposition ascendant or MC too? pluto conjunct sun? (considered hard).