Natal Saturn in the 10th House

Natal Saturn in the 10th house is in domicile, as the house’s natural ruler is Capricorn. Having Saturn high in the heavens is quite a better placement than below the horizon, and especially if it is well-aspected or placed in the signs of Capricorn, Libra or Aquarius, it can even act as a benefic while in the 10th house.

Nevertheless, one should not expect to effortlessly activate the positive traits of the ringed planet. Saturn is all about seriousness, and when in the 10th house, it requires a very devoted approach to all career matters. His rewards, even if quite a lot of time and efforts are needed for them to appear, are long-lasting and can accompany the native until his last life moments. It has to be noted, that Saturn in the 10th house usually brings success in the second part of one’s life; meanwhile, his Saturn return in his late 20’s will be a very stressful and responsible period. The native may have no other life than his occupation, during the transit.

As the tenth house rules the native’s most dominant parent (usually the father), Saturn in the 10th house indicates that he is of a rather strict nature. He may be constantly absent due to work reasons, have a big age difference with the native and be very traditional. Saturn also brings a lot of pressure from this parent, who may also have very big expectations of what the native should do as a profession. This can create a lot of stress on the individual from his young years, as he constantly feels that he must provide evidence of success to his father in order to be accepted. If Saturn is adversely aspected by Mars or Pluto, the father can be abusive; at least verbally and psychologically.

Saturn placed here creates patterns of workaholism. The native learns from his youth to invest a lot of time in his job, and when challenges and difficulties appear, he chooses to dedicate even more time and power into making his goals a reality. This placement is great for professions that need organizing; Saturn is gifting an exceptional perception of how a system must work in order to be productive, and the native will have an iron fist upon all matters concerning his career. If he is working in his own business and has employees, he is ruling them quite despotically; this contributes largely to the work’s success but can make the native unpopular or disliked. People will consider him wise but also fear him; in case that Saturn is badly aspected, he may even have some cruel traits and behaviors towards co-workers; yet fear is known to also bring respect.

The 10th house rules fame and Saturn is definitely not giving the archetype of someone who shines in the eyes of the masses. An ill-aspected Saturn can bring negative fame, but negative advertisement is also a strong means of promotion. Nevertheless, the native usually has a reputation for being overly serious, a sheer professional who knows how to do hard business. Responsibility is his second name, and other people know that working with him is not a game to be taken light-heartedly.

As the tenth house rules the jobs in which the native identifies himself, a person with Saturn in the 10th house will usually not work for other employers. If he does not own his own business, he might be working for some organization or institution, while also have a governmental position. Saturn here may even indicate a career in politics; usually not as a front-man but in the core group that builds the strategy of a politician or a campaign. This placement may also signify dealing with the difficult matters of a corporation, such as firing people, controlling them or elsehow imposing pressure through a managerial position.

The best thing to do when we deal with Saturn is of course to cooperate. When you grant the planet what it wants, its placements and transits are of a pushy yet gentle pattern. It will respect efforts and will aid in reaping the grains of success. Yet, if you do not follow the discipline that the ringed planet imposes, a slap in the face is more than possible. The final outcome will be the same; you will act as it pushes you to do – so why not doing it from the beginning?

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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As for what is said here about fear, in that; “fear is known to bring respect,” I disagree, and I have friends who are psychologists who agree as well, that; “when someone fears someone, they will listen to them out of fear, and not out of respect.”

Miss ka

I think that the fear word here stands for being intimidating; therefore we always fear for what’s unpredictable and this can be a force as well as a weakness