Natal Saturn in the 11th House

An individual with his natal Saturn in the 11th house will be very careful and serious about his friendships. The barrier the planet imposes may sometimes alienate him from groups and companies; nevertheless, it can also act as a great filter for making the best choices concerning his friendships.
As many other astrological houses that are above the horizon, the 11th house is a rather good placement for one’s natal Saturn. The house is ruled by Aquarius and planet Uranus, yet we should not forget that before Uranus’ discovery, the ringed planet Saturn was considered as the sign ruler. Indeed, Saturn feels quite comfortable in Aquarius, and even functions in a rather open and liberated way, inheriting many of the sign’s traits.

In case that Saturn is well-aspected, the planet will actually manifest as a benefic planet, building long-lasting relationships with friends and groups that are becoming even better when they mature. Saturn’s good side indicates stability and support, and the native’s eleventh house will eventually become a basis on which he can always find shelter and safe-haven through difficulties.

Saturn can bring quite a lot of friends who are of an older nature than the chart owner. This usually indicates a wonderful relationship with one (or more) grandparents, which the individual was considering as real friends during his childhood. This pattern continues during his whole life, as he has learned to communicate on a higher level with older people. They perceive the native as one of them, even if he is still lacking in experience. Indeed, he can frequently follow a lot of the elders’ traits, and many times find through them shortcuts to wisdom that another person would need years to reach.

On the other hand, an adversely aspected Saturn can bring quite a lot of loneliness. The native may not trust his friends and generally abstain from group gatherings, while also have an automatic disdain towards being a member of organizations. He will like his loneliness and find comfort in it; large groups of people suffocate him and he builds an inner barrier towards such kind of events. Difficult aspects with Mars or Pluto may indicate traumas concerning friends in his childhood, which probably made the individual feel as a social outcast. Alternatively, he may have been pressured a lot by friends and feels that a friendship requires a lot of responsibilities; this may lead him to spend a lot of time on his own.

A person with Saturn in the 11th house does not open his gates easily to strangers. He prefers to hang out with people he has already trusted for a long time, and who have proven to be real friends. This characteristic may even lead to rejecting new acquaintances, which can be rather unfair if exercised towards everyone without even giving a chance.

When being a part of a group, such an individual will always preserve his individual traits and will never blend totally. Even in social circles that function with balance he prefers to be a lone wolf placed at the borders of the group than to lose his identity in the collective soul.

The 11th house rules goals and dreams, while also is the hidden house responsible for large wealth. Saturn placed in the 11th house does not necessarily mean failures in these matters; but definitely will delay them until the second part of one’s life. Of course, the aspects to natal Saturn have a very strong influence and adverse ones may make such achievements a quite difficult battle. Nevertheless, a well-aspected Saturn can bring a lot of fortune during the native’s old age, which can be also connected to good karma worked out through giving care and attention to old people. One could say that the grandfather’s blessings to the grandson will come into action at the right moment, and even grant a very pleasant last part of life to the individual.

Natal Saturn in the 11th house is probably the best placement for planning and organizing of a group of people. Saturn grants a strategic mind, being able to understand thoroughly the way a group is structured and how to choose correct patterns for building it. The native views groups as an architect would view a building to be constructed. A small disadvantage would be that such a native will be rather slow in developing the structure of the system, nevertheless this would enhance its stability and it would last longer. Curiously enough, the native himself would not like to be a part of it, even if he was the major contributor in its creation!

If you have Saturn in the 11th house, enhance it as much as you can through caring of the elder people around you. By giving love to people that most others forget, you can brighten up their lives and make their final stage a lot more pleasant. In return, Saturn will not forget about you- his gifts may take some time to come but are also long lasting.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Wow, this is terrific and right on. I am am 2 months from 2nd Saturn Return direct hit in January and just finished a book about my time with the elders at the end of their life. Great stuff.


The article has decribed my son’s traits to the spot. Always excellent and compact writing. Thank you

Rosa Banana

Such a good read! I loved it.