Natal Saturn in the 1st House

Saturn is widely known to be a malefic planet, so what happens when it is located in the house of one’s self? Relax, as things might not be so tragic – Saturn is also a great teacher, who often helps us evolve through difficulties. His nature bonds us and restricts us, but accepting the limitations he applies on us and learning to live with them becomes the liberation from the trouble that he brings.

Having Saturn in the 1st house makes the individual a rather serious person; Saturn is by no means the most enthusiastic planet of our Solar System. The native is cautious or even shy, prefers stability in his affairs and everyday reality and likes to focus in structuring his life. They are hard working, and many times life presses them to work from their early years, to grow and behave like adults too quickly. Their self-discipline is outstanding and they feel utterly responsible. Their sense of responsibility can go far away beyond what they really can have an effect on, many times making them feel guilty about things that should not be of their concerns.

Their young ages usually are depressive, especially if Saturn is debilitated by sign or by adverse aspects from other planets. During their childhood, they did not receive a lot of love from their surroundings, and happiness was something that elders usually frowned. People with Saturn in the 1st house are taught to be limited, not to express themselves openly and their self-confidence usually is low during their whole lives. Their parents transferred to them ideals of systematic work, goal achievements and usually were too harsh concerning criticism and failures. The child always felt like the ugly duckling, and most times Saturn in the 1st house does not grant beauty to the native’s body, which furthermore has an impact on the general confidence of the individual. Saturn in the first house tends to give a short body, and any difficult aspects from other planets can create various problems in the native’s appearance and body functions. Nevertheless, natives with Saturn in the 1st house can endure long in life and even reach deep old ages, death tends to forget them and they just (literally) shrink in size.

Their parents and family usually are very conservative, and many times religiously fanatics. They tend to keep old traditions of modesty, creating a strict behavioral shell for the native to move in. It is usually after the return of Saturn to its natal position (approximately at the 29th year of the native’s life) when he begins to open up to more liberal life philosophies and starts changing his attitude. The return of Saturn marks a turbulent period, which in the end liberates the individual and he starts a new life cycle, where achieving joy is a non-restricted goal. Childhood fears are starting to dissolve and the native creates a new perception of himself- the ugly duckling transforms into a totally different being. Also, children with such a placement can have suffered bullying in school, which makes them even more reserved when expressing their identity to the outer world.
Saturn is a planet strongly connected to Karma, and the difficulties it brings are usually debts from other lives that have to be paid before the soul is allowed to set sails towards new directions. The individual tends to accumulate a lot of wisdom from early years; the difficulties that Saturn in the 1st house brings make him a very experienced person, and he usually can become a mentor to others when of old age. If Saturn is aspecting planets in the 9th house, or has some special connection to Jupiter and/or Sagittarius, the accumulated knowledge of the native will be transferred to younger individuals and his Karmic road will be a blueprint for younger souls to learn. The native can have suffered a painful birth experience, having difficulties to come out from his mother’s womb. For the newborn, the first impressions of the outside world can be fearful and traumatic, the new surroundings might appear hostile and the first instinct to awake is self-defense.

As characters, people with Saturn in the 1st house tend to be workaholics; this is for them a way to battle pessimism and melancholy as they need to see their efforts materialize so that they understand there is a progress taking place in their lives. Another strange pattern that this planet grants is a different perception of time. Such kind of individuals are feeling time pass a lot more slowly, and during periods that transiting planets aspect their natal Saturn, they will even feel that time stands still. This explains furthermore the burdens that they experience; when difficult situations arise in their lives, they might seem lasting forever.

As the 1st house is opposite the 7th house, which is responsible for relationships and marriage, Saturn may bring delays or a quite older partner. These are sure to happen when some planet is located in the 7th house and forms an opposition to the 1st house Saturn. Nevertheless, when the individual enters a committed partnership, there is a lot of stability and it will either last long or even till the last days of the couple’s lives.

If natal Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra, he brings out his good traits in the life of the individual and most of the difficulties are blunted – of course, if there are no heavy aspects falling upon him from other “malefics”. These signs allow the planet to express itself like a kind teacher, and when the individual co-operates with it, he can achieve all his goals through hard work and self-discipline. In such situations, the native actually adores pressure and structure because it grants him feelings of both safety and personal evolution.

Even though having Saturn in the house of self is a challenging placement, the native should not get disappointed but rather try understanding what Saturn is demanding from him. When debts to Saturn are returned, he can be very generous – and his gifts usually last long. In case that your first-house Saturn is only positively aspected, then you can expect a lot of help from him as there are karmic debts towards you to be returned in this incarnation. A small piece of advice in general, for anyone facing Saturnian issues, is to serve and give love to old people. When respecting the elders and offering to them, Saturn softens and offers back to you the love and care you shine on people ruled by him.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Good article but life is a prison…I have Saturn in 1st house


Though my insecurities are speaking: I am slightly above average height and I am very handsome — but my self-esteem greatly needs work.


This messed with my head and made me feel ugly, which I’m not!


Me too! This messed with my insecurities a lot.

Parth Sehgal

I’m stunned by articles by Xaos. Articles are very true and looks so much related to the lal kitab 1952 book.