Natal Saturn in the 3rd House

Usually, the presence of Saturn in a house has a restrictive effect on the matters that the house rules. You should always keep in mind though that there is a huge difference between a well aspected Saturn and an adversely aspected one. Also, when natal Saturn is located in the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra or Scorpio he tends to abolish a lot of his negative traits, and can even become benefic if there is no harsh aspect to the other planets present in the chart.

Saturn is a slow moving planet and gives delays to issues of the house where it is located. The person who was born with Saturn in the 3rd house usually starts talking and communicating later than other kids, might have a rather slow and careful speech or be very shy to express his thoughts. His mind takes more time to process the information, and even if his intelligence is not lower than other people’s, the world frequently thinks he is of lower intelligence. There are possibilities of dyslexia or other speech defects, especially when Saturn is afflicting natal Mercury. Even if the native is of high intelligence, his immediate surroundings are making him feel inferior, which he passively accepts as a fact until he finds out the opposite by himself. The person can be just a late bloomer, having a slower tempo of development. On the other hand, Saturn creates a very stable basis from the knowledge acquired. What is being learned is integrated with a quite steady and organized system of thoughts, which in the long term can create a more functional brain than someone’s who absorbs information quickly but structures it chaotically.

Saturn in the 3rd house can even temporarily interrupt the native’s education; nevertheless, the presence of Saturn in a house makes the individual dedicate a lot of effort to the areas of life represented in it. The third house Saturn person will maybe struggle with his studies, will maybe need to invest twice the time that others do, but has a rather serious approach towards his goals. For him, success in studies might become a very important goal; it also represents fighting his own fears. The positive thing is that Saturn gives endurance and patience; these are the two best weapons for accomplishing such kind of tasks.

A person with Saturn in the 3rd house is a minimalist concerning his communications. His sentences are rather laconic, he will not phone or text someone first and will generally be quite cautious and reserved concerning what he says. This, sometimes, can be a great aspect for some types of professions, especially those that need the worker to keep a discreet stance. These people are great for handling secret information and papers, and for jobs where there must be minimum interaction between the employer and the employee.
As says a proverb:

Words are silver, silence is gold

This is exactly what can be said about such situations.

When Saturn resides in the 3rd house of a native, there can be a lot of issues with his siblings. Saturn can make the relations rather cold, as its gloomy nature does not allow the flow of feelings. When other “malefics” such as Mars or Pluto are involved with hard aspects, the native will have an abusive sibling who diminishes the native’s self confidence since their young ages. The parents are frequently favoring the other child, which furthermore represses the native’s self-esteem and gives feelings of abandonment.

If you have Saturn in the 3rd house, you should take extra care of your lungs. Individuals who have such a natal aspect are advised not to smoke, to live in houses without a lot of humidity and to check their lungs frequently. As the third house is responsible for short journeys and transportation, Saturn is creating blockades and fears in anything connected with that. The individual might be afraid to learn driving, or even after receiving his driving license, will feel uncomfortable in taking the initiative to drive. In addition, it might create minor problems in short trips, which will, in turn, create a subconscious negation towards making more journeys.

To conclude, if you have Saturn in the 3rd house you should always be careful of the melancholic tendencies that tend to creep in your head. These tendencies of depression are rather fixed from the young years, and the best way to battle them is by illuminating the gloomy atmosphere that Saturn creates in your 3rd house. This, of course, will come through opening up towards other people, through socializing and communicating. Start crafting things with your hands (a great 3rd house empowerment technique) and try to be less shy. Observe when a positive transit from Jupiter or Uranus will apply to your natal Saturn, and do not lose the opportunity to open yourself up! This can be done with any planet forming a trine or a sextile to Saturn, but these two are the best for this cause. Jupiter, the grand benefic positively expands all the issues of the house and can help you with injections of joy, while Uranus will bring unpredictable innovations in your approach to the 3rd house issues. In any case, throw a smile on your face; even if it is a fake one in the beginning. After a while, your mind will find a reason for it being real.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Perhaps a direct-moving Saturn is reluctant to movement and communication, although it can prove to be a very good builder in these areas. However, a retrograde Saturn in this house greatly accelerates the qualities of this house, just as any retrograde planet does with the governors of the houses and the signs they are in. So the effect of planets on the qualities of astrological houses varies greatly depending on the direction of motion of the planets. It’s like two planets are in direct connection. When one of them fails / weakens, as happens especially in the case of retrpogradation, but not only then, the qualities of the other planets with which the first one is connected are emphasized. In our case, Saturn is in touch with Mercury. So a strong Saturn would limit Mercurian qualities in favor of career, responsibility, sobriety, while a weak Saturn ignores them in favor of communication, vocabulary, computational abilities, cleverness, comprehension. Therefore, it is very important to consider the direction of the planet’s motion when we want to determine their effect on the houses and the zodiacs, respectively on their governors. Also, Saturn does not represent, melancholy, Neptune does it. Saturn would rather bring a note of pragmatism and accuracy in communication, computation, etc.


What Gheorghe said sounds pretty interesting. I have Saturn in 3rd house and the description from the article does not fit me very well. At leat not 100%. Indeed I am shy, not very outgoing, I’m rather loner than sociable and struggle with communication, because I usually have this strange feeling that whatever I say, people will not understand me at all; since my childhood I had been seen as “harsh”, very serious, not to say “bossy” and whatever I said, even with best intentions, was taken as a kind of offensive, despite I never ment to be. So now, as an adult, I tend to use too many words and gestures to make people sure I don’t mean anything bad. However, I learned to speak full phrases very fast (the fastest of all my cousins), I wrote first words before I was 3yo and until today I’m tallented when it comes to writing, creating novels, stories etc. On one hand I have trouble with daily contacts and small talks, but at the other hand I value word as a medium, the literature, speeches etc very much. Also, I’m quite manually gifted (i LOVE creating things with my own hands, I draw, paint, scuplt, knit, sew, play, repair and invent), but there’s not much of Saturnic stability and organization in what I do all rather passionate, “chaotic”. And yes – my Saturn is in retrogradation


That’s very interesting. My niece sounds the same way as you. I believe gender makes a difference.


My daughter has the replacement. She is 3yrs old, still doesn’t speak n I am extremely sad n worried about it. :(( I check her chart : her Saturn in 3H squares her Venus n Jupiter in 12H while it trines her Sun 11H. Her brother is not abusive, adoring her. However, they have ten years age difference. I would say it can be another case for Saturn being in the 3H


As someone with their Saturn in the 3rd house (and in retrograde), the content of this article is freaky accurate to my life experience! I had a speech delay when I was younger and I had to work with a speech therapist for years. I even had to start school a year late because my speech was so bad (I was almost placed in special ed as well). 😣 My older sister was frequently verbally abusive to me when we were kids (the result of some of her own problems that I didn’t understand at the time), and I was too shy to defend myself. There were many times in my childhood where I was verbally confronted and manipulated by friends and family, but I didn’t have the verbal strength to protect myself. I am also struggling to get my driver’s license because I have had some bad experiences with learning to drive and I’m losing the motivation to try (I’m 20 and I only have my permit). I can relate to the “slow-thinker” part, especially when I react slowly to jokes and people notice… now that I’m listing all of these things out, I realize just how much anxiety I’m putting myself through over all of this. 😥 Looks like I have some serious melancholic tendencies…


Hey there! I also have Saturn in my 3rd house, it is square my natal mercury, and Pluto and mars. I was bullied when I was in elementary school for being dumb – I wasn’t I just had difficulty expressing myself due to low self esteem and fear of being judged/criticized. I can definitely relate to what you’re going through and would like to chat to help where I can. Let me know!