Natal Saturn in the 4th House

Having Saturn in the house of one’s home is a rather difficult natal placement. The 4th house is traditionally ruled by Cancer and the Moon, and Saturn’s cold presence is adversely affecting all the emotional areas connected with one’s home, family and childhood. Even when Saturn is well-aspected, it will still bring coldness in the native’s family affairs even when his parents do not treat him in a bad way; they might just be very old, conservative and become a burden because he must take care of them.

Usually, Saturn in the 4th house brings an unhappy childhood. As the 4th house rules the native’s mother, she is frequently distant and cold. This placement gives possibilities of an old mother of a rather melancholic character, whose culture and approach towards life is rather serious. The native, while an infant, does not receive tenderness and feels unloved. When Mars or Pluto are present with hard aspects to the natal Saturn, or inside the 4th house forming a stellium, the native can even have suffered abuse from his mother or both parents. In any case, the native’s emotional needs were not fulfilled, making his home surroundings a rather restrictive place in his mind.

When Saturn in the 4th house is well-aspected, the person’s parents can be involved in a lot of responsibilities, being frequently absent from the child’s life. An older person, maybe grandmother or grandfather can be the one who raises the child and gives a lot less love than the young native needs in order to blossom. In some situations, this placement can create orphans that are being kept under the responsibility of an older parental figure. In other situations, the family might be struggling financially, which brings a general difficult and miserable atmosphere at home.

The native has a hard time expressing his own affection towards his family; the family might be rather conservative and frowning upon expressions of love, happiness, and joy. Usually, there can be a motive passing through generations- the grandparents and the grand-grandparents were also strict and unloving to their own children. The native with Saturn in the 4th house should be very careful not to continue this pattern towards his own offsprings.

During a Saturn return, which happens around the 28th-30th year of the native, he might be stuck for a year or two in taking care of an older person of his family. This might be a very difficult period, as the older person might have severe health problems and it definitely restricts the native’s life. The period feels like being in a jail, as there is not a lot of time left for recreational activities and can bring a lot of melancholy. If you have such a placement, you are strongly advised to carry this burden of taking care of the old person, as it is a karmic debt. In case that you do not do that, then your second Saturn return in your 58-60 years will be rather harsh; it might even signify a prolonged period of a difficult old age for you.
The difficulties concerning the native’s family situations are frequently influencing him not to create a family of his own. Family can be regarded as something overly restrictive, and the person will definitely consider escaping this life direction at least.

Have in mind that this aspect and the result it brings are even sometimes an outcome of the native’s subjective view on things. His own perception influences the way he sees his family, and even if his family does love him, he feels the opposite. There might be tendencies of loneliness and as a child, he feels that his parents do not understand him. Many times, this can be caused by a big difference in age between him and his parents. The parents might be trying to show him love in an old fashioned way, while the native observes how other parents treat their children and considers he is lacking such type of affection.

In addition, Saturn in the 4th house can bring delays and disappointments in everything that is connected with properties. In case that the native receives a property as an inheritance, he might be having trouble to get it and use it, while also this building might be very old and need renovation, making his usage uncertain. Also, selling a property can manifest problematically; there might be little interests from buyers or the condition of the buildings will be something that repels them. On the other hand, if Saturn is very positively aspected by Venus or/and Jupiter, it can bring a very important old building as a heritage. There is still a possibility of it being dysfunctional, but at least it can be something of historical or even financial value.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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michaela morgan

this is brilliant!! absolutely my exact experience. i studied astrology forty years ago, but i never ever heard anything that so exquisitely described my 4th house saturn as this. this is so affirming so validating i feel like crying. thank you thank you thank you


Sorry for the poor English I am French . This is an exact reflect of my childhood I have Pluto R and Saturn R in my 4th house/ Leo .( Sun Sagittarius and moon and AC /Taurus ) My father (Scorpio) GAVE me, as a baby of 6 months, to his mother ,then after ,to my maternal grand – parents,,aunts and others family members , (,My mother of 21yo was totally submissive (Cancer) and inexistant) They took me back in the family at 7 yo and my (new ) sister was 3yo . When I was 13yo ,my mother ran away with another man and I have never seen her again . My father SENT me again , by plane like a parcel , to my grand-parents ‘and later again to his mother of 70 ‘.When I was 17 they decided his mother and him , what job I had to do and placed me in a nurses school board abroad , without my consent they stopped my high school cursus, I had to work .(My father was an executive he was not in need of money) My father hated me ,I don’t know why ,I was rejected and ill treated by him . My sister was the good one and myself the bad girl ,stupid , ugly ,jealous etc… (I was too tall ,I have too much of Hair , I have too teeth ! and too big feet ! ) My paternal grandmother was very nasty , depreciative and abusive . I have had a very chaotic life ,changing of schools ,countries and families without possibilities of keeping friends or making projects . My paternal aunt ruined my teenager love ,abusing me too .It ‘s too long to describe but I feel like having had a life of… Read more »


every minute you are alive is a triumph


Hi, I’m really new to astrology, so earlier I was reading that Moon in the 4th is a good placement, but what if I have both Moon and Saturn in the 4th house?


u die