Natal Saturn in the 5th House

Being located in the 5th house is a rather difficult position for Saturn. Even when it is well-aspected, its presence in the house of joy will restrain the native from the small amusements of life, giving a rather serious approach to his life.

The gloomy and cold nature of Saturn is definitely not the best to have in the house of pleasure. While most people party, a native with such an aspect might be shy to join fun activities or even consider them as something not interesting. He may have a very serious character concerning fun activities, and during his childhood, the elder members of the family were frowning upon joy. They might be considering playing, laughing and passing a good time as a sin; thus the native can grow up in surroundings that do not allow happiness to flourish.

The native with Saturn in the 5th house will have a hard time being spontaneous, as his reactions have structured patterns. The best advice is to relax and try to enjoy yourself, even if it is difficult to adapt to such situations. Such a native might even consider the noise of a party as being repulsive, preferring more solitary ways of entertainment. In addition, a person with Saturn in the 5th house is not dating a lot, and his relationships are mostly based on issues of stability. His views on dating are rather conservative, and when they find someone with the same kind of views, they tie with him and try to build something more solid than just fooling around. The best love partners for such kind of people are individuals who also have Saturn in their 5th house.

As the fifth house is responsible for one’s children, Saturn’s presence tends to obstruct having one. The native can have low fertility or be totally unable to have children, but this is not necessarily the rule either. The native himself might not want children, and Saturn can create a conscious choice of not procreating. Saturn can bring a child in the native’s old years, and usually, the relationship with such a child is problematic due to the generational difference. People with such a placement might want to reconsider their stance towards having children, as an adversely aspected Saturn might bring misfortunes with their offspring.

Saturn in the 5th house urges the native to be in environments where there is no need for creativity. They like having a routine, programming and planning their future, while also the way they feel joy. There might be solitary hobbies like collecting and constructing things. Also, such people will hardly ever gamble in their lives. They neither find any kind of joy in it, nor like to win or lose money. Their ethics might even consider gambling a despicable sin. On the other hand, this placement can give a lot of wisdom, as the native invests a lot of time in himself instead of having fun. Becoming serious from his early ages, he can become a good professional if his natal Saturn is also connected to the 10th or the 6th house. In both cases, this comes together with becoming a workaholic.

The native might have received little love during his childhood, and feel unappreciated. This pattern taught him to also show little love and affection towards other. His relationships will definitely not have going out and making out in public: these things are kept for the indoors. As the person does not celebrate a lot with others, this fact, in turn, does not increase his popularity. The native is definitely not the first to be invited by others on a Friday night out. Nevertheless, he will indulge in other activities of recreation with his near and dear people. These would be of a different style, more adult-ish and serious. Common hobbies with others should have a practical purpose, so that he enjoys them. Also, such a native does not enjoy giving or receiving presents, considering this movement as fake and lame. Even if he does, he will stubbornly pretend that all this is foolish and that people should focus on more important things.

The best ways to soften such a Saturn is not to be overly critical as the native’s parents were, and try to adapt themselves to situations where they can relax and feel joy. The world must be perceived in a more easy way; worrying is not the only important thing in life. Natives with a 5th house Saturn must raise their self-confidence through group activities, and harmonize the differences that separate them from the masses. Also, a great benefit that Saturn in the 5th house has, is the chance of creating something artistic that will survive in time. Such people can become great architects or builders, and if Saturn is positively aspected, their creations might stand long after the native departs from this world. If you have such an aspect, don’t be afraid to love! It is actually what you yearn for the most, and maybe it terrifies you. Accept the love and joy given by others, and reflect it back!

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