Natal Saturn in the 6th House

The 6th house is closely connected with everything that includes one’s labor, personal effort, and work; mostly not as a professional direction and career, but rather of offering your services to someone else. People who have Saturn placed in the house can be workaholics, as its presence makes the 6th house issues play an important role in the native’s life.

Saturn in the 6th house gives quite demanding work surroundings to the native, without this meaning that they do not like it. Nevertheless, it is time-consuming and a lot of effort is being invested. When Saturn is well-aspected by other bodies, working a lot is a conscious decision, often involving family businesses that pass from father to child, becoming a tradition. Of course, such works also are demanding, as they usually are connected with creating handmade items or otherwise offering a lot of personal time in productivity. Saturn in the 6th house generally gives a very serious approach to whatever concerns professional affairs, not allowing experimentations.

When Saturn has difficult aspects, the native will not only dedicate a lot of time towards his career, but also face difficulties in reaching his goals. Saturn does not allow quick growth in the job, often offering delays, disappointments and the feeling of being paid less than what one’s work really deserves.

The sixth house is also responsible for one’s health. Saturn there is not the best indicator and can bring chronic problems. These can appear to even be psychosomatic, and work can have a strong effect on their appearance. A common pattern which can appear in such a native’s life is that job difficulties and health problems strike at the same periods of time. This can be observed when transiting malefic planets make squares, oppositions or conjunctions with his natal Saturn. Of course, in case that Saturn or the transiting planets are in good natal placements and have no difficult aspects, the difficulties are diminished. Nevertheless, such transits still will be periods of general turbulence, dissatisfaction, and pressure. A well-aspected Saturn frequently gives a long-enduring body, that has a lot more power than other natives in overcoming its struggles. In addition, it gives the ability to work until the native’s late years. It is frequent for them to choose not to retire, even when they have the chance to.

Whoever has Saturn in the 6th house, is often involved in serving other people. The house is ruling service and servants, and usually, involves a lot of routine in his workplace. Another possibility is working for some elder person, who has a rather cold and difficult character. Nurses are common to have Saturn among other planets occupying the 6th house. As we already mentioned, the 6th house is also responsible for health, and this makes the house prominent in people that are working in the health department. Saturn might complicate issues that concern one’s career, but he can also give a lot of stability in it. When a slow-moving trine appears towards it, it might trigger a life-lasting employment. Saturn’s stability is a double-headed knife though. A difficult square transit could also bring a long period of unemployment; in such a situation, the native should observe when the tight square angle starts to loosen.

6th house Saturnians usually have strong work ethics, which sometimes actually is the factor not allowing them to progress higher in the employment system. They are dedicated to what they do, conservative and responsible. Their self-denial and tendency to offer can even reach volunteering jobs. This is more frequent when Chiron asteroid is present in the house, leading the native to accept altruistic roles in the society; such a person would have, as a life goal, to offer his healing services towards others.

The 6th house is also known to govern all small animals. A person with Saturn in the 6th house could have a rather cold attitude towards dogs, cats and other little fluffy friends. The curious thing is that if such a native has problems with his job or health, animals are his solution. By paying more attention to them, giving time and blending with their personalities, he is softening the Saturnian harshness, which can project back in his reality as a gradual stabilization of his other problems. So, the best advice for such a native is to spend time with them. Learn from their attitude, allow them to show you their unconditional love and give it back. It is even logical; small happy moments daily with an animal can cure stress and give a more optimistic approach to the everyday reality. This can create in its turn a wider pattern of self-healing, of forgetting difficult work situations and reaching again more harmonic routines.

When someone is born with Saturn in the 6th house, he should often be careful to not getting married before his 30 years. The reason behind this is quite simple: Saturn travels a full circle of the zodiac for about 29 years. When someone reaches his 30’s Saturn is entering his 7th house, after having made its natal return to his birth point. The 7th house is responsible for marriage, and in case someone is already married by the time that he crosses the Descendant, there is a high possibility of passing two difficult years during its transit. The ideal would be to wait for him to reach near the 8th house cusp and then consider uniting with another person. Also, someone who has not still experienced his Saturn Return (when it passes on the same degree as natal Saturn), should be careful of health issues during that period. It can signify a very stressful year or two. Arthritic-related issues could appear, and the bones usually are a sensitive part of their body.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Caleb Ryen Rainge

Transiting Neptune on my MC (exactly) formed a square with my natal 6th House Saturn in Sag. I was unemployed for the duration of the Neptune stationing on my MC. As the square is tightening, but the MC conjunction is ending I’m starting work again . I’m in the service industry (resautrants), but have a sustainable schedule and health care from an employer for the first time.

Xante carroll

Thank you so much for this information. Can you advise me what sort of ‘lesson’ do i need to learn with saturn conjunct chiron in the 6th in pisces opposing pluto uranus conjunction? I am an artist focused on environmental and social inequities.
Thank you, Xante


one time he says saturn often give delays and issues in native job life and other time he says give stability you astrologers are so full of doubts should not advice people


That’s because no planets are all good or all bad. There are two sides in everything.
In case of Saturn: Saturn often gives delays, limitations, etc, yet in doing so, it forces the native to learn from the issues given by Saturn. As long as the native won’t understand or master their own Saturn’s lessons, then they will be confronted to the same delays, limitations, etc, again.
Saturn’s lessons are determined by its position in sign and house in the native’s chart, and are defined by the natal aspects to Saturn also.

Thalia Haommoah

This is general. Get a reading, and it will seem more clear cut.