Natal Sun in Aquarius

When a person has his natal Sun in Aquarius, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and has planet Uranus as its ruling celestial body. Before Uranus was discovered, Saturn was being considered as its ruler, and still remains as a co-ruler. The period of Aquarius starts on the 20th of January and lasts until the 18th of February. Slight differences in the exact hours can occur because we should not forget that every fourth year has one day more than the others.

The Sun is the brightest object in the sky, the life-giving star of our Solar System, and also the most important celestial body in astrology. Also called Sol, the Sun is impersonated by the ancient Greek god Helios. Life on earth is literally empowered by the Sun’s energy, with it having an effect on all the biorhythms of live organisms. Astrologically, its influences are so important that most people only know the sign where their Sun is placed in, referring to it just as “their sign”.

The Sun rules our vitality and self-perception, making any house it is placed in the epicenter of our life. It has a strong masculine energy, and in the natal chart depicts our father. In addition, it can also show relations with the male gender or generally people who become a father figure for us. In addition, the Sun is strongly connected with activity and self-confidence and rules our personality and ego. When it is located in Aquarius, Uranian energies are blending with the ones of the Sun. Thus, there is a flow of rebellious and innovative energy that makes the Sun’s attributes quite pioneering. Sun in Aquarius people are considered to be the weirdos of the zodiac, and definitely some steps ahead from the rest of the signs. They like to stand out of the mass and differ, and will frequently go to extremes. Their pioneering approach towards reality makes other people consider them strange, but after a while, their behaviors will even become a trend that others tend to follow. They are one of the most independent signs, as they do not like any type of control on them.

Uranus and Aquarius are the natural rulers of the 11th house, so their effects on a person are rather similar to natal Sun in the eleventh house. Aquarius sign people enjoy socializing with friends and belonging to groups and organizations. They have an inner need to merge with other people for promoting a common cause, so you will frequently find them volunteering in non-profit organizations. The 11th house also rules dreams and wishes, and thus Aquarians are the sign that will dream big – and frequently make their craziest dreams reality. As a sign, they are not afraid to take some risks, which somehow raises their possibilities to achieve what is considered impossible.

Aquarius is the most revolutionary sign, and natives who have their Sun in Aquarius will usually be non-conformists. They are visionaries of a better world with new social systems, where equality and humanism blend with innovative technology. Aquarians may easily become political or social activists, as their rebellious character likes to fight for their ideas. Due to the fact that technology is ruled by Uranus and Aquarius, individuals of this sign will be the first to buy new electronic devices, while also to try out new ways of communication. Curiously enough, Sun in Aquarius people will frequently jump towards another cause or idea, without having completed promoting the previous one. It is rather frequent for them to show chaotic patterns of behavior, and they generally tend to make sudden changes in their lives. Their sign is probably the least predictable one, and they often are guided by their intuition. Their erratic behavior usually is led by deeper unconscious levels in their mind; some of the biggest and critical changes in their lives just come out of the blue.

As we already mentioned, Sun in Aquarius natives like to differ from the rest. They will embrace change rather easily, and will even provoke with their liberal traits when surrounded by conservative people. Aquarians will more easily try a crazy color and style on their hair, wear weird clothes and generally look like a fly in a cup of milk. Sometimes, they even enjoy making others feel uncomfortable, by breaking stereotypes that the community enforces to its members. Even when they adopt a certain style though, it will easily evolve or change to something new; Sun in Aquarius people need constant changes and are rejuvenated when they break their own habits and patterns.

The same applies to the approach that Aquarius Sun people have concerning relationships. The individuals of this sign will more easily experiment with new types of relations. Their unconventional character may lead them to try open relationships, polyamory or generally bonds that are not defined by certain rules. For them, it is important that relationships equal to liberation through emotions, and not to restrictions through everyday routines. Also, Sun in Aquarius people are somewhat more prominent towards different types of sexualities than the common stereotype of male vs female. Their mind tends to be more gender-fluid or even genderless – which in turn can have a similar effect on their sexuality. In any case, Aquarius sign is generally rather open to experimentations concerning all love matters. On the other hand, the permanent need of Sun in Aquarius natives for freedom and unconventionality may make their relationships very unstable, bringing sudden break-ups and upheavals.

Individuals that have Aquarius as their sign can become great social workers, as it is their natural field to help those in need. They have great abilities for teamwork and can react well in crisis situations, as even unpredictable events do not disrupt the flow of their thoughts. Another career area where they can excel is technology and science, where their genius insights can even make them good inventors or innovators. The absurd traits that they carry may be very good for a career in arts, especially those types which give them a lot of freedom to create what they want and not follow orders of other people and trends. As we already mentioned, activities as political activism can even become something like a job for them, especially if they are combined with fund raising for special causes. In addition, Aquarians can be easily occupied in anything that is connected with New Age Spirituality, including all types of dubious jobs that come along it.

In medical astrology, Aquarius and Uranus are strongly connected to the circulatory system, the neural activity, the aura, while also the ankles. These are also the body parts that can more easily suffer during difficult transits to the native’s natal Sun. In case that someone has adverse natal aspects to it, they can even experience chronic problems.
The Sun in our charts rules our own father. Thus, in case it is in Aquarius, it will give an Aquarian type of father. There is a high possibility that the father is occupied in one of the Aquarian-type professions, mentioned above. He is usually a freedom-loving person, who may have been a very liberal archetype. Especially if the native’s Sun is well aspected, he will perceive his father as a modern parent who demolished the usual borders of the parent/child relationship. His father can frequently have his Sun in Aquarius as well. Alternatively, his father may have a lot of planets in Aquarius, or his Uranus strong by placement and aspects. An adversely aspected Sun may indicate that the father has a very weird character, or possibly living a chaotic life. Another pattern that appears frequently with bad aspects, is the father having problems with his nervous system or his mental health.

We should always keep in our mind that no Aquarius is the same as another. The biggest mistake is to think that only by knowing our Sun sign, we can use astrology. In case you are an Aquarius, care to find out at which degree of Aquarius your Sun resides. By creating a natal chart, you can also find out in which house it resides.
Also, examine the aspects that the Sun forms with other planets in your natal chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that the Sun has in your horoscope. After all, the Sun is the core of your existence, and definitely signifies an important part of our lifepath.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Hi, It’s my understanding that Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn – so there could be two types of aquarius. Saturn like or Uranus like. ??


I have a sun and moon conjunction in Aquarius along with Cancer rising (ruled by the Moon), so I call myself a double Aquarian and a strong Lunarian. Aquarius sun people can be liberal, innovative and open-minded, but their lives (esp in my case in the 8th house) aren’t generally good. The symbol of the water carrier is a jug flooding a dry land, but it can also mean a jug draining hopes away. +


I want to add I tend to have many Aquarians, Sagittarians, Taureans and Cancerians in my family tree, circle of friends and the like. Like my own family: a Taurus mother and brother, a Sagittarius father and half-sister from his 1st marriage, an Aquarius aunt and my grandfather, my nephew born in the cusp Aquarius line (Jan 18, 2000 in capricorn), my uncle born in the cusp of Taurus (May 23, 1953 in Gemini), a Sagittarius grandmother, a Cancer stepmother and great-grandmother (born 1905-died 1999) and a former girlfriend who was a Cancer, then I had an Aquarius girlfriend as well and finally, my brother’s ex-girlfriend (not my nephew’s Mom) was a Sagittarius. Astrology explains patterns in family history and who we tend to associate or relate with the most. +


And last post for the night: Tomorrow is my stepniece’s Scorpio near Sagittarius cusp birthday. I know a Feb 22nd birthday cusping Aquarius but in Pisces, a May 21st birthday cusping Taurus (Gemini), and 2 Cancers I know born on July 1st and 22nd cusping Leo (my opposite sign from Aquarius)…and my prom date in high school was born 2 weeks before me (Jan 31, 1980- full moon in Leo), which turns distant from an Aquarius sun/moon person. +