Natal Sun in Aries

When a person has his natal Sun in Aries, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and has fiery Mars as its ruling planet. The period of Aries starts exactly at the time of the Spring equinox, which usually happens on the 21st of March and lasts until the 20th of April. Slight differences in the exact hours can occur because the exact mathematic equinox fluctuates a little bit each year.

The Sun is the brightest object in the sky, the life-giving star of our Solar System, and also the most important celestial body in astrology. Also called Sol, the Sun is impersonated by the ancient Greek goddess Helios. Life on earth is literally empowered by the Sun’s energy, with it having some effects on all the biorhythms of live organisms. Astrologically, its influences are so important that most people only know the sign where their Sun is placed in, referring to it just as “their sign”.

The Sun rules our vitality and self-perception, making any house it is placed in the epicenter of our life. It has a strong masculine energy, and in the natal chart depicts our father. In addition, it can also show relations with the male gender or generally people who become a father figure for us. The Sun is also strongly connected with activity and self-confidence and rules our personality and ego. When it is located in Aries, the masculine energies of Mars blend with the ones of the Sun, giving even more energy to the native. Thus, Aries people will be statistically more athletic and active yet also more prone towards anger and impatience. Aries will make someone a fighter, both literally and metaphorically. People who have their Sun in Aries will be rather self-confident, yet also stubborn and narrow-minded.

Sun in Aries people like to lead, and will frequently find themselves in pioneering positions. Aries individuals will make a decision quicker than other people. At the same time, this hastiness might easier lead to errors. Aries Sun people are impulsive and have a sharp temper. They can easily make things that they will regret later, just because their reactions are set on fire by the Martian energy. They like to be dominant among other people, and will not hesitate to fight for power with other individuals that also crave for the same.

Whoever has natal Sun in Aries tends to be enthusiastic and will prefer a quick tempo of life. Aries Sun people are a little bit more prone to accidents, especially of the head. Mars and Aries rule people with uniform, and thus having your Sun in Aries can more easily give you such a path. Becoming a doctor, an athlete, a military or a police officer is slightly more possible than the average.

The Sun in our charts rules our own father. Thus, in case it is in Aries, it will give a Martian type of father. There is a high possibility that the father occupies one of these professions. In addition, as Mars is connected with all types of machinery, other occupations are mechanics and machine operators. Also, the father of an Aries individual usually is quick-tempered, and in case that the Sun is adversely aspected, he can even be an aggressive person. With good aspects to the Sun, the native regards his father as a strong paradigm of leadership, a role model Alpha Male. Thus, such a chart owner will fight to become like his father, or even stronger than him. This is also connected with the competitive character of Aries people, that always need to feel that they are the first.

Naturally, Aries people are the ones that mostly pay attention to their body. Physical activity can even become an obsession to them, and combined with competitiveness, it is the factor that leads them to become athletes. Sun in Aries people tend to have a healthy body until their later years and do not get old quickly. Yet, they are susceptible to inflammatory diseases, high fever, surgeries and everything else that Mars and Aries rule. Headaches and other problems with their head can also occur, as it is the body part ruled by Aries.

They usually are quite ambitious and can be very selfish. Aries and Mars rule the 1st house, so having the Sun blending with their energies empowers one’s ego and self-perception. We shouldn’t forget that the Sun also represents the ego, so such a combination makes a person even more arrogant than the average. In addition, Sun in Aries people will need more independence than others and will feel awkward when they need to follow instead of lead. Individuals with their natal Sun in Aries enjoy winning prizes and experiencing ceremonies of announcements about their successes.

We should always keep in our mind that no Aries is the same as another. The biggest mistake is to think that, only by knowing our Sun sign, we can use astrology. In case you are an Aries, care to find out at which degree of Aries your Sun resides. By creating a natal chart, you can also find out in which house it resides.
Also, examine the aspects that the Sun forms with other planets in your natal chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that the Sun has in your horoscope. After all, the Sun is the core of your existence, and definitely signifies an important part of our life path.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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