Natal Sun in Capricorn

When a person has his natal Sun in Capricorn, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and has planet Saturn as its ruling celestial body. The period of Capricorn approximately starts on the 22nd of December and lasts until the 19th of January. Slight differences in the exact hours can occur because we should not forget that every fourth year has one day more than the others.

The Sun is the brightest object in the sky, the life-giving star of our Solar System, and also the most important celestial body in astrology. Also called Sol, the Sun is impersonated by the ancient Greek god Helios. Life on earth is literally empowered by the Sun’s energy, with it having an effect on all the biorhythms of live organisms. Astrologically, its influences are so important that most people only know the sign where their Sun is placed in, referring to it just as “their sign”.

The Sun rules our vitality and self-perception, making any house it is placed in the epicenter of our life. It has a strong masculine energy, and in the natal chart depicts our father. In addition, it can also show relations with the male gender or generally people who become a father figure for us. Moreover, the Sun is strongly connected with activity and self-confidence and rules our personality and ego. When it is located in Capricorn, Saturn’s rays are blending with the ones of the Sun. Saturn is considered the most serious planet, responsible for organization, stability, and discipline. Thus, Capricorn people tend to be more realists and down to earth than most other signs. They love responsibility and progress through labor, while also enjoy harvesting the results of their own efforts. Sun in Capricorn people are very practical in their lives and their professionalism usually brings success in career. Yet, such a serious approach towards their duties usually reduces the fun parts of life. Capricorns are far from being party animals and will prefer a structured reality rather than a chaotic one.

Saturn and Capricorn are the natural rulers of the 10th house, so their effects on a person are rather similar to natal Sun in the tenth house. Capricorn sign people are drawn towards establishing a good career path, through which they will be recognized and even admired. The 10th house rules one’s profession, and especially those types of occupations where a person is not a simple employee. The tenth house is all about one’s public image, and how the others perceive it. In addition, it is strongly connected to mentoring others- which is quite natural because the next step after creating a public image, is spreading this archetype towards the ones that observe it. Eventually, some will follow it. Thus, Sun in Capricorn people usually become strong role models for other individuals. This may bring even more responsibility on their shoulders; Capricorns must be very careful about what stereotype they pass to others. Of course, their seriousness is undoubtedly a great tool to understand the steps that they should make in case they appear in situations that they have to mentor others.

As we already mentioned, planning and organizing are some of the main traits that a Sun in Capricorn person bears. Indeed, as Saturn is the planet ruling the concept of structure, there can be no better tactician than a Capricorn. Saturn also rules restrictions, order, and control. A Capricorn individual will exercise these characteristics firstly on his own self. He will control his daily reality by setting daily patterns to follow, and will frequently choose to wake up earlier than others. It is difficult to find a Capricorn who does not have an organized life, and they tend to keep their immediate surroundings in order too. Their home, their belongings, while also their time will never be untidy – everything has its place. Capricorns like rules, and after creating and imposing their rules to their own selves, they will frequently continue towards others. This can sometimes lead to problems, especially when they try to structure the realities of chaotic people, or of other individuals that like order – but their own and not externally imposed. Sun in Capricorn natives usually are stubborn and determined, and will frequently enter power games. Their internal need to spread their own rules will most definitely be confronted by similar-minded people who search the same. In addition, great resistance can appear from people who prefer unstable and erratic realities.

Individuals with their natal Sun in Capricorn can be very patient. When this is combined with determination and self-discipline, they can literally reach any goal. For them, long term plans usually prove better than short or mid-term ones. A Capricorn may need more time to succeed, but when he does, it will last for long. Their lives have slow-evolving patterns, and we could say that most Capricorns usually have a concrete life goal to which they will channel their energy for quite a long time. Many Capricorns know their future profession even when they are children, and start planning the first steps from then.

Sun in Capricorn people like authority, and they usually have had some very strong authority figure in their family, who showed them discipline. This could have been a grandparent because Saturn rules people of old age or a very dominant parent. Sometimes, when the Sun is adversely aspected, this parental discipline might have been too harsh. In case a Capricorn has experienced such types of negative authority, he should be careful to not reproduce vicious patterns when he comes of age. On the other hand, this trait can make Capricorns enter governmental organizations, politics, or achieve other types of positions that grant them control over the simple masses. It is quite natural for them to be fond of ruling, and will do it with system and determination.

The sign of Capricorn belongs to the element of earth, together with Taurus and Virgo. Earth people usually are a little bit more materialistic than others and prefer to use their logic rather than sentiment and emotion. Curiously enough, the sign of Capricorn is strongly connected to the occult, which definitely is a little bit beyond common logic. The first reason is that Saturn is the most karmic planet, connected to previous lives. Thus, the sign is bearing its occult energies, which can many times manifest in the native’s reality. The second reason is that Saturn rules the structure of material, and thus also its transformation. Alchemy and magic are at least partly ruled by Saturn and Capricorn – at least at their symbolic level. We should not forget that Capricorn is also strongly connected with the archetype of the goat, god Pan and eventually the Devil as described in Christianity. The reasons behind it are hidden deep in time and in our collective unconscious, but the echoes of these manifestations can be still observed in the folklore traditions of many nations. Keep in your mind that any negative traits attributed to the goat-like deities are probably connected with the negative characteristics of Capricorn and Saturn (excessive control, restriction, torture, punishment, and pain). The positive traits can mostly be observed in the archetype of Greek God Pan, a strongly positive power of fertility and nature, protector of the herds and shepherds, who was helping those who showed physical labor in their natural surroundings.

Individuals that have Capricorn as their sign can become great in nearly all types of work. Their persistence and determination open a great spectrum of possible careers. Yet, there are some where they can excel more easily. Those are, of course, the ones that involve planning and structuring. Sun in Capricorn people can create a perfect image of the whole concept in their mind, see the big picture towards it, and they will later march through developing details. Thus, it is not a surprise that they can become great computer programmers, or generally get involved in any project that has gradual development. Naturally, all types of works connected with building are their realm too. From being architects and engineers to simple masons, they can be great in giving form to structures. These traits can also make them succeed in all careers connected with shaping nature, such as farming, gardening and other forms of physical labor. As we already mentioned, positions in governmental services are also great for them – especially those which are connected to managing and planning, and not so much having to do with service to individuals of the public. You would more easily spot a Capricorn being in a back office of a governmental building than serving as a cashier. The best job that Capricorns can do, is, of course, organizing others. This includes teaching them how to organize themselves. That is why Capricorns can also become good tutors. Their patience is of great help for such an occupation, even if they tend to be rather strict towards their students.

People with their natal Sun in Capricorn usually are the most stable in their relationships. They can be a little bit reserved in the beginning, and even suspicious about others. Also, they can be quite possessive, as controlling and restricting is a vital trait of their sign. They might be having a rather serious approach towards their relationships from the beginning. For them, strong bonds are better than loose ones, as they do not like risk taking and possibilities of sudden changes. On the other hand, this less serious approach may make them lose people who are adventurous and cannot feel imprisoned.

Saturn and Capricorn rule our bones, teeth, and joints. These are also the body parts that can more easily suffer during difficult transits to the native’s natal Sun. In case that someone has adverse natal aspects to it, they can even experience chronic problems. The Sun in our charts rules our own father. Thus, in case it is in Capricorn, it will give a Capricornian type of father. There is a high possibility that the father is occupied in one of the Capricorn professions, mentioned above. He usually is an authoritative figure. Especially if the native’s Sun is well aspected, he will perceive his father as a person who is respected by others, a wise elder. His father can frequently have his Sun in Capricorn as well. Alternatively, his father may have a lot of planets in Capricorn, or his Saturn strong by placement and aspects. An adversely aspected Sun may indicate that the father is too controlling and serious, inducing fear to the ones below him. Also, he might be sentimentally cold to the child, not giving him enough tenderness and care. Another pattern that appears frequently with bad aspects, is the father being very strict and even punishing the child a lot, which is connected with the restrictive traits of Saturn.

We should always keep in our mind that no Capricorn is the same as another. The biggest mistake is to think that only by knowing our Sun sign, we can use astrology. In case you are a Capricorn, care to find out at which degree of Capricorn your Sun resides. By creating a natal chart, you can also find out in which house it resides.
Also, examine the aspects that the Sun forms with other planets in your natal chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that the Sun has in your horoscope. After all, the Sun is the core of your existence, and definitely signifies an important part of our lifepath.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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