Natal Sun in the 10th House

With the Sun placed in the house of career, this life area will be heavily emphasized in the native’s reality. The natal Sun in the 10th house is considered to be one of the best Sun placements, and in special occasions can bring fame, glory and great success.

This Sun placement indicates a successful and dominating father, who becomes a role model for the native while he is a child. The father is frequently a public figure or elsehow have authority, and the child observes him being respected by other people. This admiration sets similar goals for the native when he grows up; he has the urge to experience the same attitude from the world towards him, and will strive to create himself a successful career. His self-confidence is strongly connected with how other people view him, and he will put his job as a first priority in his life. The native’s aim will not only be to establish a good career; his job is more of a stepping stone towards becoming a paradigm for the community. It is the acceptance from masses that he desires the most.

A native with the Sun in the 10th house will enjoy public speaking, and generally appearing in front of other people. He has good leadership abilities, and this natal placement can make someone a strong politician or spokesperson. He likes to be the boss, and the Sun is definitely inflating his ego. If the Sun is adversely aspected, the selfishness and egoism that develops will frequently make the person fall from his position, while also can indicate scandals and public disgrace. With good aspects, the good fame is maintained during his life.

The Sun in the 10th house can also create actors, and if in conjunction with the Midheaven, then might indicate fame. A definite treat that it gives is the ambition to climb up the professional ladder, and the native will adjust himself to some image that will help him get accepted. The Sun here will make him invest in clothes and other things that will help his image shine more.

The native should be rather careful not to start identifying his own self with the image that he shows towards the others. In such situations, his personal life can get in trouble and his dear people get estranged, because he will be imposing his career image towards them. This image will be quite different from what they are used to see in him, and they might feel he is a totally different person, sometimes judging him for being fake. Indeed, if the native has some planets in the 4th house, there might occur oppositions with his natal Sun in the 10th house, creating dilemmas and tensions between his profession and his family.

When a native has this placement, his career might be structured with the help of his father. This natal aspect is typical for people who receive a ready job with already existing clients, and thus will frequently make a native become an advocate, a doctor or anything that can grant a list of clients from his father. In addition, it can bring clients from other strong authority figures; the native will have friends who are in power positions and will constantly recommend him to their surroundings.

Generally, when a person has his Sun in the 10th house, he will not like working for some other employers. He wants to hold his fate in his hands, and very seldom would someone with such an aspect agree to do a job as a simple employee. Nevertheless, such people are usually offsprings of rich families and there will be no strong need to work in order to survive. The person with this Sun placement will take his time to study and to become strong enough before entering the job world.

This is overall a wonderful placement of the Sun, and our bright star illuminates the house of Saturn and Capricorn, shading light in their cold surroundings. People who have it should be considered lucky, both because they will usually experience a rather wealthy life and because their goal will not be surviving but prospering. The only thing to guard of if you have this placement is your own self and your pride. Pride is not a bad thing and can motivate us a lot, but making our ego the very center of our existence will eventually bring the Hybris and the Nemesis, and we will learn our lesson. The more one keeps his nose down during success, the less he will keep his face down during failure.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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What happens when sun is afflicted by Saturn ?


Less erogant, less energetic


Any ideas about an unaspected sun in 10 house?


It could means, when another planet activate this sun, no other planet or area got things happened, only the sun and the area it inside, and the person wit this placement may feel less influenced by other planet


Ok, i’m a female born under these placements. Does this automatically mean i have a high influence from my MOTHER, or still, applying to male and female son/daughter getting influences from the FATHER figure? This confuses me and can be a vital block in my horoscope…please be more specific with sexes.