Natal Sun in the 3rd House

Having the Sun in the 3rd house means being born a little bit after the middle of the night, and when the Sun is placed here it is blending its energy with the characteristics of Mercury and Gemini. This is a very good natal placement and will definitely give a vivid everyday routine, making the small things of life exciting.

As the 3rd house is ruling intelligence, the presence of the sky’s brightest object is empowering all affairs ruled by the house. These areas are becoming the basis of the native’s existence, a very important part of their life and development. A child born with this natal placement will be an early bloomer regarding his intellectual skills. He will start talking early and be rather talkative and hyper-energetic. The immediate surroundings are for him an amazing place to discover, and his natural curiosity will drive him to learn quickly through action and observation.

As the child grows and goes to school, he will probably excel in his studies even if the Sun is poorly aspected. The child regards knowledge as something he can be proud of and does not hesitate to show off his abilities, sometimes making it a smart-aleck. Such people love books and continue to self-educate during their whole life. Nevertheless, this placement does not necessarily indicate higher education; if his 9th house does not contain planets or is otherwise strong he will prefer to acquire knowledge on his own without getting involved in a school of thoughts. This placement is very good for teachers, journalists, advertisers, and writers, but does not create university professors or academics.

The native who has the Sun in the 3rd house will probably have at least one sibling and it will be a male. In any case, the siblings take the character of his father and are heavily emphasized in his life. When the Sun is located in the third house, and especially near the beginning of the 4th house, the chart owner is a rather domestic person who desires a family. As the fourth house cusp (also called nadir of the natal chart or Imum Coeli, IC ) is the roots and the family, the individual regards family affairs as the most important thing in life. This is his inner stability, and his dream is to continue with creating his own offsprings. This natal placement empowers relations with cousins and if the Sun is well aspected it can hold the whole kin together; there will be frequent events where a lot of relatives see each other and experience a wonderful atmosphere.

The Sun in the 3rd house makes communication rather important, and the native will be quite involved in speaking with people from his immediate surroundings. This placement creates a person who likes to take the initiative and get to know his neighbors, creating a positive atmosphere for everyone who lives nearby. There is a possibility of organizing events in the neighborhood or even taking part in groups that promote the development of the area.

As the third house is ruling short journeys, the native will constantly visit nearby places. This will even become a part of his weekly routine, and he will develop a tight bonding to certain areas that are not very far from his residence. They will be an important part of his inspiration, while by observing which house cusp lays inside the sign of Leo we can see which other area of his life will be affected by these journeys. The Sun in the 3rd house will definitely bring a lot of happiness through these trips, and the native will always return shinier. This is a good placement for issues connected with transportation and his travels will be rather safe; except of course if the Sun is adversely afflicted by Mars or Uranus. From the young ages, the native develops a strong bonding with transportation vehicles; this placement creates the child that knows all types of cars and dreams of becoming an adult and owning one. Indeed, he will later fulfill his dreams and acquire the desired vehicle. There can be a strong emotional bond with it, and the native will give a lot of love and care to his car. This placement creates the person that will frequently wash it in his back yard, and the car becomes a source of pride and self-esteem.

As with most planets in the third house, there is a tendency to gossip; this should be generally avoided, but take some extra care if you see that your natal Sun has negative aspects, especially with planets located in the 12th house. There is nothing wrong with natural curiosity, this can be a wonderful power pushing you towards learning about all the fields of life; on the other hand when planets from the 12th house square your Sun you can create enemies by accidentally or deliberately revealing their secret information. And don’t forget, the 12th house rules your secrets too, so if you want them kept inside that box, then do not open others’ boxes!

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Patsy Martin

I have a very strong 3rd house and can’t relate to half the things astrologers say . Take for instance I have sun and mars there plus venus on cusp of third house (the very end of second house)
I have always not liked relating to neighbors, resent the fact I have to rely on public transport. I do write reviews online for Musicians, prefer teaching myself and I am knowledgeable. I love to use my mind and prefer to make friends with foreigners rather than locals. I do have Neptune in my 9th house and Jupiter in my 7th house, my ascendant is Aquarius. Jupiter squares my 3rd house sun . I must add I hate getting into taxis and buses and I can’t wait to own a car . Forgot to add I didn’t enjoy being in a school environment and DID have important involvement with my brothers and sisters. I have a gift with words and can find beautiful things to write about entertainers I have seen live.

Lucrezia Yu

Same here!!! I have Sun, Mercury, Uranus AND Neptune all in 3rd house. I don’t mind public transport though. I’m an only child and basically have no family to speak of, and I moved around a lot so I never got the sense of family, home and community that comes with living in a neighbourhood or schools. But that has more to do with all of my Neptune-related aspects, so that’s all I needed to look at to deduce what I didn’t relate with. The rest is extremely relatable.


My sister has a third house sun…all of her siblings.. are female ;). We’re not like our father either lol.


I appreciate the information although I don’t agree with the use of the word he, him, his in the description. I’m a woman and I think if we’re describing and referencing individual characteristics, male or female, the term used should be neutral.