Natal Sun in the 4th House

With the Sun in the 4th house of the natal chart, an individual considers his family affairs like a basis during all his life. The native’s biggest dream is to create a big family, own a big house and become the respected leader among them, connecting all of his kin under his presence. Such a placement creates a person who loves traditions and will somehow invest efforts in preserving them.

As the fourth house is responsible for roots, the home and the family where the individual is born, having the brightest object in the sky in this house illuminates all affairs that it rules. This placement tends to bring prosperity in the latter parts of one’s life, as he chooses to progress slowly yet steadily. A native with the Sun in the 4th house will plan long-term, and this will definitely bring him success through small steps. He will not spend a lot of money in having fun but rather keep what he earns for his family and for the future days.

Having the Sun in the house of your roots may mean being a descendant of an aristocratic or well-known family. This aspect gives pride for your roots and plays an important role in your self-esteem. There can be some legacy coming from his ancestors; even some objects that are passing through the generations, of which he will also be very proud and will display them at home for the public.

The fourth house rules the less dominant parent or the parent who stays at home. Usually, the astrologers claim that it rules the mother. The presence of the Sun in the 4th house makes either the mother very dominant or the father frequently present at home during the native’s childhood. If the Sun is in a harsh aspect with Pluto, the father might have died during the native’s early years or elsehow abandoned the family. This aspect makes the mother inherit the role of the father in raising the native. Generally, the childhood years are remembered as a bright period; this will furthermore make him strive towards creating a family of his own and offering a balanced surrounding for his children to grow.

The Sun in the 4th house makes the native very interested in the tradition of his family, of his birthplace or of his nation. He will invest a lot of time and effort in learning about them and in trying to preserve them. This could be anything from traditional handcrafts, dances, music or arts. Such people are not only saving traditions but also reviving them. In many occasions, they can gain a lot of wealth connected to what they try to save from oblivion; this will mostly happen when their 2nd house cusp lies in Leo, if their natal Sun sextile a benefic planet in the 2nd house or if it forms a positive natal aspect with the ruling planet of the 2nd house.

When the Sun is located in the 4th house, it creates an interest in the real estate, in agriculture and anything connected with land. The native will have a lot of success if he chooses such careers, especially if his natal Sun is positively aspected with planets connected with the 10th house. There are high possibilities for him to receive land and houses from his ancestors and to become rich in selling them. Another possibility is that the native receives a ready business that his ancestors have been running for a long time. This could be a traditional restaurant, a small factory which produces a small trademark product or drinks, or anything else that has included the soul of the family for long years.

For such kind of individuals, a solid foundation to live is an important priority. They need to feel kings of their castles and to create a nest for their offsprings, to be both able to protect them but also to rule over them. If you have your Sun adversely aspected by “malefics”, be careful not to be over-dominant towards your family. You might be thinking that you offer them stability, but cutting the wings of your youngsters might induce traumas, probably of the same type that your parents transmitted to you. Break this pattern now, otherwise this will continue as a tradition in your family!

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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The Pluto/absent father part is spot on!

Mr Solitaire

I don’t know.
If only all that good stuff was true for me -:
Sun Cancer 4th House, conjunct IC, trine Saturn, trine Neptune and sextile Pluto, Venus/Mercury conjunct in Leo 4th house, sextile Mars and Taurus on 2nd House cusp.

All grandparents have passed and zero inheritance from them, father is a poor pensioner with zero financial or asset wealth, mum owns her own home but half of any sale would go to her ex-partner, then after taxes/fees etc I’d probably be lucky to receive enough to take a short holiday or buy a new bicycle.

Every effort or path I’ve taken to lift myself out of rental poverty has come to naught.

What’s the story, astrology?


What’s your Moon doing as ruler of your sun in fourth and I/c?


My parents lost all their assets, they are old and sick and I have to provide for them. Never able to keep a good job and moving out frequently due to expensive rent. Sounds like the sun in my 4th doesn’t match your wounderful description…