Natal Sun in the 6th House

When the Sun is placed in the 6th house of a natal chart, it has a very strong effect on the native’s perception of employment. In addition, as the 6th house rules the body’s condition, the presence of our bright Star will make health matters an important part of the native’s life.

Having the natal Sun in the 6th house might be a tricky placement, especially concerning one’s health. Even though the Sun illuminates the house’s matters, giving a rather good vitality and an abundance of energy, difficult aspects to the Sun might complicate one’s health. The Sun is rather vulnerable when in the sixth house; when well aspected it can act as a great shield, on the contrary, adverse aspects can create an Achilles foot to the native. The Sun in the 6th house is directly tied to one’s health, and adverse aspects from all “malefics” find an open gate to manifest. Such a natal Sun will often create a doctor, a medic or a healer; nevertheless, the Sun can make their profession a personal matter of pride and egoism, rather than a selfless service towards the society.

Curiously enough, the 6th house is connected with one’s clothes; the Sun will frequently bring over-spending concerning clothes and a very chic style of dressing. The native will be proud of what he wears, even reaching fetishism towards the desired style objects. The clothes will not represent his economic class, rather a higher one, and can lead to false pride.
The Sun in the 6th house makes the native a workaholic, usually excellent in his job. His dedication to what he does might have a bad effect on his health as he will tend to overdue with working. On the other hand, it is very difficult to convince such a person to relax and lower the pace of working, as his occupation is linked to the feeling of personal pride, making his self-esteem a priority. The worst nightmare for such a native would be not to be able to work for some reason; he would feel like if he lost the ground under his feet. He would strive to recover as fast as possible, just to return to his work and feel safe in his favorite surroundings again. There is no bigger satisfaction to such a native than getting praised for what he accomplishes at work.

The Sun in the 6th house makes the native identify his existence through what he does for a living. He will strive to find a job that he likes, and career doors will usually open easily for him. Such an individual does not like criticism and anything else that can hurt his ego, or even worse his feelings about his work. When he is under-appreciated, he will frequently suffer and the bad flow of energy can even directly affect his health, while also kill his motivation to continue working.

A wonderful remedy for 6th house natives are pets. Usually, a person with such a natal placement will have one, with whom the relationship will be even more important than with his family or other people. This small animal is a personal healer for the native and can be a big help, especially during times when his work or health are challenged. Individuals having their Sun placed here are advised to connect with small animals as much as they can, and if they do not have a pet, then to obtain one. Indeed, this natal placement of the Sun can even create veterinaries or other types of professions that have to do with caring about animals.

One thing the native should be careful of is his strong urge to be a perfectionist. As the 6th house is traditionally ruled by Mercury, this Sun placement will make him invest large amounts of energy into details. This might allow him to excel in some things he does, but the overall task of pure perfection is rather unattainable. The wisest advice such a native can follow is to learn to distinguish the golden point of when to stop. Creating a perfect product or offering a state-of-the-arts service can be great, but there is a point where investing more time and dedication will not any longer have a radical effect on the quality. Learn to understand when to chill down and relax; no-one will blame you for such details that only you can see.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Lauren,if you don’t like it ,write your own article,be glad you are offered such an information. It’s not “extremely” offensive,you are extremely. Maybe it’s written like this because the Sun is masculine.


I have this placement and this described me beautifully. I’ve always found dogs and cats (small-sized) to not just be too adorable but also make me feel calm. I am definitely interested in health-related issues too. I’ve been wondering if my Sun is in the sign of Taurus in the 6th house what occupation/career it could entail? Thank you for your amazing posts!

Lauren Redgrave

Why is this written with only “him” and “his”? It is extremely offensive.